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a smorgasbord of nothings..

life is full of things. u have things that u have to do. things that help u do ur work. things that let u let off some steam. things that u have to cook. things that u eat. things that make u go hmm (!)

a lot of things that u already have. some things u want but u ain't got it yet. some things aren't really things and to put it as such would amount to insult(hing) and sometimes it may be disappoint(hing) but that's the thing, u have to just wait it out and see it thru.

now that is a load of crap if i have ever seen one.

its already half way thru the fast(hing) month (aah enuff with the thing already!!) for some, the month represents an opportunity for one to get in touch with religion. for others its just an easy way to lose some weight. the senorita is finding ways to go home early and think about what she wants to cook for 'berbuka'. she been wanting to get that microwave for a while now, at first she thought of redeeming her citibank points but the one on offer wasn't the one she wanted. then luck has it she got a microwave from work. but we only used it twice before finally she decided on getting this one. now i love seeing the sexy senorita get all excited. hehe. she went through the manual and the supplied recipe book and the next grocery shopping trip that we went to she was already eyeing ingredients for our future meals. since its a microwave oven, she's also excited about baking and stuff. hehe maybe we'll get lucky and we'll be having more than a cake in the oven eh. a bun ke..

speaking of buns ni a colleague of mine just gave birth to a baby boy. best aah cuti. just when the planning cycle is about to kick off. hehe takpe. its her first. there's this one lady in another department. a planner too who if i'm not mistaken la kan has successfully timed her pregnancy so as to coincide with the peak of the planning cycle. hehe so buat kerja cepat-cepat. siap and then terus gi cuti tak leh orang kaco. hehe now that's an idea la kan.

so going to and coming home from work, i always seek to get a good spot on the train preferably seated, if not somewhere i can stand without being much of an encumbrance to anyone la kan. dok bersandar so that i can whip up my psp and try to get my arsenal team to not be relegated in winning eleven's master league. i've moved to professional setting now and it gets frustrating for a bit seeing the com weaving its way thru ur players and then get's up to score. try nak tackle mesti tak lepas. hehe the lack an extra pair of shoulder buttons on the psp means that i couldn't be as fancy in my play. hehe. practice main bola ni bukan ape. it seems that ade orang nak challenge kita lawan la katakan. hehe. on the plus side, playing the psp during commuting ni really is a boredom killer. plus mata tak la wondering sangat here and there. hehe. yeah right. kalau dah dok tersembul depan mata tu how la. but that's also the downside of it la. u don't really have the time to properly sit down and finish a level let alone the whole game.

pink psp
he shoots he scores..

take metal gear portable ops. i'm still stuck at battling ursula in the metal gear. reminiscent of metal gear solid. where snake had to battle metal gear in the hangar. baling chaff, switch to rpg. shoot run. this one is a bit tricky since the controls are different. malas la nak nengok guide kan. ada lagi some games yg just begging to be finished. hehe. takpe. kita bide our time eh. banyak ooh game nak main. hehe. and now that i found this guy on lelong who sells downloaded games on the cheap, the possibility is endless.

another thing that i love about the psp is the wireless capability. i mean yeah you can browse the net and all. rss and what not. the real functionality comes in the online gaming bit. yeah u can play with ur friends wirelessly but the real thrill comes in fragging some poor dude via the infrastructure mode. basically multiplayer gaming la ni. the potential is there. now u still need to have access to a wireless connection point. now imagine if one day sony decides to tweak the psp so that u'll have a psphone. slim it down some more. and u definitely have something that can probably give that iphone a run for its money. hehe. a 3g enabled phone with gaming possibilities. add in some network support in terms of downloading music and videos online, u have a really decent multimedia powerhouse in ur hands. hehe i'd get one of those. hehe. yeah right eh.

but not all the time was spent playing games la kan. the gorgeous senorita dah dok pester bila nak amik dvd prison break season 2 dekat rumah my mom. we finished watching it last weekend and she's frustrated a bit with the tergantung nature of the ending. to comfort her i agreed to watch all the bourne movies. now its a well known fact that i'm not that big a matt damon fan. yeah sure he can act. good will hunting, hmm, ape lagi? i think i might be influenced by watching team america. that stone and parker dudes portrayed matt as a real bimbo punye kinda actor. i'm digressing. anyways after watching it all, i must say that i have a new found respect for matt damon. hehe MAATT DAAAMON. hehe action packed and so cool la. compared to bond, bourne is way more intense. hehe. i love the first movie when he started to remember bits and pieces of what he used to be. hehe the senorita musti gelak punye. hehe how la i can like a matt damon movie.. how laaa. guess he just have a lot more than previous bad acting la in his arsenal.

speaking of the arsenal, i am thrilled with the way they started the season. hehe now i can say that i only watched the first game of the season live. the rest i just follow via internet updates and from reading the news. top of the league. top of the rich list. wenger committed to a new contract. cesc fabregas can't stop scoring. the young gunners showing they ain't no pushovers in the league cup against newcastle. hehe what more can u ask for. the surprise news came from outside the gunners camp tho. jose mourinho. off to greener pastures? hehe with the amount he reportedly is getting as severance pay, i'm sure he can afford to relax for a bit before jumping into some other managerial hot seat in the continent. takpe yang penting arsenal just keep playing their game. hopefully the stability on the field would not be affected by the hostilities off it. mintaknya dapat la nengok arsenal v west ham when we all go buka posa kat rumah my mom nanti come saturday. hehe.

dah la tu. over and out
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