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can't cook, won't cook..

some men cook. others cook really well. i guess tv is partly responsible for the increasing expectation for the man to be able to cook. going through six season of sex in the city, all the men cook. seriously. i mean yeah they wine and dine but at some point there would be a scene where the man cooks. breakfast. dinner. u name it they did it.

now i use to tell the senorita that all that is fiction. hehe but my biggest problem is that my dad cooks and he does it really well. so how? hehe now dah ada some expectations plak. hehe. go and learn from your dad. hehe since when has it become an acceptable expectation for a man to know how to cook? has there been a subconscious movement, a change towards a 'manmustcook' nation?

i know ya'll probably point out that most of the chefs working in restaurants and what not are men. but hey they get paid to do it so that doesn't count. for a guy to just naturally love to cook? hmm is it just me who's behind in this?

a quick show o…

a smorgasbord of nothings..

life is full of things. u have things that u have to do. things that help u do ur work. things that let u let off some steam. things that u have to cook. things that u eat. things that make u go hmm (!)

a lot of things that u already have. some things u want but u ain't got it yet. some things aren't really things and to put it as such would amount to insult(hing) and sometimes it may be disappoint(hing) but that's the thing, u have to just wait it out and see it thru.

now that is a load of crap if i have ever seen one.

its already half way thru the fast(hing) month (aah enuff with the thing already!!) for some, the month represents an opportunity for one to get in touch with religion. for others its just an easy way to lose some weight. the senorita is finding ways to go home early and think about what she wants to cook for 'berbuka'. she been wanting to get that microwave for a while now, at first she thought of redeeming her citibank points but the one on offer was…

tool chest galore..

the following is a sponsored post..

well now no self-respecting diy guy could do without a proper place to keep all their tools. i am such a guy. currently all my tools are piled up miscelaneously in one of the drawers in the cupboard in our guest room. the drill, screw drivers, screws. bits and bobs. everything is in there.

now if i were to get something to put it all in, i'd probably consider this tool chest from those fine folks at they have a range of tool chest to suite your every need. you can choose from the various colors available and the size that can fit your taste.

would this make a perfect gift for the man of the house? why of course! now ladies this will definitely save you the hassle of picking up after your man when he's done with that project of his eh.

ting tang walla walla bing bang..

i remembered saving 20 ringgit to get a brick game machine at the local pasar malam at the time. played the thing to death. hehe played it till the highscore was stuck at 99999 something. i've always loved video games.

i use to go by this shop that has that galaga arcade machine after school. played on that for a bit too. this sundry shop near my mom's had like this nuts dispenser, where when u put 20 cents in u can have a go at playing western bar. hehe buleh stay kat situ berjam. this one time before the advent of all this cyber cafes and online gaming. there was this shop at taman permata which let u play on them micro genius machines. satu masa tu my brother and i snucked out of the house to have a go. hehe my dad came over and drag the both of us home. hehe tak ingat sama ade kena grounded or not.

so i've always been into games. my first games console was a gameboy. hehe i got that one during my a levels. it was a cure for boredom. kelakar. 18 year old kid main gameboy.…

The return of game boy and gadget girl..

So i'm writing this update in envy. Why you might ask? Well i'm currently typing from the gorgeous senorita's newest 'toy'. Yesterday while we were out at sunway piramid, the senorita had a company event, so the little munchkin and myself were checking out the area they are pretty much renovating so the parking was a bit of a mess but at least it's improving.Tlm and i were browsing the tech area. He wanted to go ice skating but i figured we would go there another time. We ended up bowling instead. Okay gak si kecik tu menolak bola. Hehe. Had lunch and then we waited for the senorita to finish with her do. She needed to buy some stuff first so we went shopping first. Now the senorita needed to get a car charger for her nokia hp. We went to the nokia booth and her eyes caught the nokia e90. She asked to try it, it was only a mock model. But she fell in love with the keyboard. Alas the shop was outta stock.So we went to the digital center. Came across this one sho…