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tis the season to be jolly..

nope its not christmas. the premier league is back! the gorgeous senorita had to go to johor for a business trip. it was only a day trip so i figured i could go back to lembah keramat and catch the first half of arsenal v fulham before picking her up at kl sentral. the little munchkin had his tae kwon do grading test in the morning so i dropped the senorita off at taman bahagia before going to the school for the test.

seeing the kids doing their tae kwon do routine sure brings back some memories. hehe i only managed to get up to yellow/green myself. time nak buat the moves tu, hehe cuak gak. anyways the little munchkin had a go and although he did make some mistakes here and there (salah tangan etc) he did well la over all. there was this other kid who was like all awkward and stuff. sian him.

afterwards, we drop by kfc - usually the little munchkin will have his fix of mcd after tae kwon do. the sexy senorita already prepared some nasi goreng for us before she left - bangun awal oo nak masak semua. takut laki and anak takde menda nak makan. so i had my nasi goreng with fried chicken. so tlm nak plak pergi swimming pool. dah jadi routine. but since it was almost raining that idea was shot la kan. i asked la if he wants to go to rumah nek wan - well he calls my mom nek wan. coz my mom bahasa kan diri dia dengan my nephews as wan mummy.

so lepas dah mandi semua we drove to lembah keramat. when we arrived my mom was layaning little farzana. who is getting cuter by the day. nabil and aidil were at the zoo with their parents and my brother asyiq - who has been tagging along everywhere nowadays. tlm was excited la with the baby. hehe he loves kids oso. siap dah buat mental calculation dah bila dia nak dapat adik. apparently some teacher at school said that mak bapak dapat adik lepas pergi honeymoon. hmph the things they learn at school eh.

tlm dok sebuk melayan farzana. my brother khalil dok pop in dvd evan almighty. hehe tak keluar wayang lagi dah ada dvd eh? kelakar citer dia. adakah akidah saya terpesong?? hmm dun think so.

the fun started when nabil and aidil came home la kan. the little munchkin terus jadi macam big brother plak. jadi ring leader bawak bebudak tu main here and there. aidil dengan tak padan kecik nye hehe ajak wrestling la itu la. main lego la. siap mandi sama-sama semua. hehe kids.

then around 7 pm the match pun kicked off. my mom asked the little munchkin which team he supported. buleh ke dia cakap man u? man u? wtf? hehe the sexy senorita tak tengok bola pun. i sokong arsenal camna plak anak sorang ni buleh sokong man u. hehe tah laa. so start la the indoctrination of a young arsenal fan ni.

it wasn't a good start la kan for the gunners. barely after a minute si lehman sudah kasi hadiah percuma debut goal kat david healy. sepak bola kena lutut. lutut sendiri plak tu. hehe. the gunners were on the offensive most of the time. had a few penalty claims dismissed. could have gone 2 - 0 down but lehman made amends. when half time came, it started to look the same old story la for the gunners. all the chances but takde orang nak step up and take a shot.

the little munchkin dapat la nengok bapak dia jadi penyokong bola fanatik kejap. terjerit-jerit bila miss chances. my mom the chelsea fan dok cocok tlm, asking him to tell his dad that its only a game.. heheh... sabar jela.

second half fulham became more defensive. wenger brought on walcott and then bendtner. i think bendtner's introduction changed the game a bit sebab it gave the gunners another dimension. but it took a surging run by kolo toure jugak to unlock the fulham defense. toure was tripped in the box and finally the ref gave a penalty. van persie's shot almost tear the roof of the net. hehe. i was almost satisfied with a point already.

then came the winner, fabregas' pass found hleb who controlled well and slotted it past the otherwise excellent warner in goal. hehe 2 - 1 to the gunners.

eh wait tadi kata nak tengok first half aje because i'm supposed to pick up the senorita kan? hehe well thanks to some unforeseen bad weather, her flight got delayed so hehe dapat la saya nengok the first game of the season sampai habis. hehe.

overall i'm satisfied with the win - maybe next time we can be more straightforward about it la. tak payah too fancy in front of goal. ada chance shoot aje laa. hehe. by the end of the game when i was driving off to pick up the senorita at kl sentral. tlm cakap,

"papa tlm sokong arsenal sekarang and man u.. "

hehe ape-ape aje laaah
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