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stand back.. old man passing through..

so yesterday my friend magic, had rounded up a few of our ex mrsm guys for a round of futsal. since it was firday night and futsal seemed like the in thing nowadays, he couldn't get booking at ur normal futsal haunts in kl or pj. so he got us a booking at this place in shah alam. ifs kat seksyen 15.

now ya'll know how shah alam is like in my shit list of cities. no offense to all ya shah alamites but that's just how i feel about it. what's with the gazillions roundabouts and poorly lit signboards? what's that all about eh? anyways in anticipation of me getting lost i decided to go out from the house around 8:30 ish for the futsal thingy which was supposed to be held at 9 pm.

relying from the sms instructions and by calling magic on the phone, i still manage to get lost. its the city i tell you!! so i called up magic and he told me to just wait in front of hong leong bank, which i happened to just come across whilst figuring out my way. while i was waiting i thought i saw a familiar face. true enough it was another budak maktab. si haikal all the way from kuantan for the small meet up. kapten haikal la kot sekarang. baru kawin so selamat pengantin baru la i guess.

a few minutes later magic arrived and we all went to this IFS ni. i think i got my directions mixed up sebab nampak macam senang aje nak gi. ah well. so there was initially the 8 of us. magic, haikal, bang cik, shahrul, burn, jeri, mukhriz and myself. rafis came a bit later. there were a few absentees from the list that confirmed to come. so main la 4 against 4. gol tiang.

i was never good at footie, fortunately i wasn't totally crap as to not know how to kick a ball or anything like that. now these guys however are good la kan. hehe well relatively la. semua main bola time maktab dulu. anyways, we had a good kickabout. after a while main 2 touch footie. its been a while since i had a good work out. main sejam aje tapi i'm like pancit by the end. so kena exercise more la after this. kena pick up on muz punye offer for badminton.

by the time i got home, all tired like an old man, the little munchkin was already asleep. the senorita was still up waiting for me to have dinner. now how laa i am not sooo in love with this woman. a good meal waiting after a good work out. heheh. jangan jeles eh..

this morning the little munchkin had to go to this thing his school had. because i lost a round of 1..2.. juz, i had to go send him to school. have to pick him up in a bit. the senorita is in between working up lunch and working literally. some people in the office giving her unnecessary crap. sian dia. weekend pun nak kena kacau. dah la have to go outstation plak tomorrow. lagi nak give her a hard time. sheesh. i particularly hate dealing with unnecessary crap ni. hehe she won't be bitching about this pun so i'll do the bitching for her.. hmph.

last but not least.. the premier league is kicking off today. woot woot. my focus will be on arsenal v fulham on sunday. that lawrie sanchez had a good time rubbing of the gunner's chances this season, all this even before the ball has been kicked. hehe i'd love to see the look on his face when arsene's new look gunners shoot a few goals passed those guys. thank god for the EPL. hehe

update: we both just realised that waay back when i listed my criteria in my dream woman, i put there can cook. hehe now i'm not sure about the rest of ya but i find it really amazing how she gets all worked up in the kitchen. siap can mix and match tukar itu ini to come up with some new recipe. waah hehe. well of course la kan i'm biased la.
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