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so i took yesterday off to go to shah alam. need to pick up the kad nikah thingy. hehe supposedly it'll make it easier for myself and the sexy senorita to go canoodling in low lit areas in our parked cars. i can just imagine the following scenario..

car parked in some seedy taman. the mirrors all misty ala kate winslett and leonardo dicaprio in titanic. suddenly a group of serban clad clerics come rushing in with video cam in hand zooming in. knocks on the window. "ni dah kahwin ke belum?"

hehe then i'll probably smile so smugly and say.. ni haa.. this is my card.. hehe. as if eh..

after getting that done. promptly decided that i'll just head over to my parent's place kat lembah keramat. my nephews were there and since my brother ijai was also on leave, he suggested we head on to my place and bring the two tykes over for a swim. bebudak tu suka semacam aje la kan. well kids and swimming pool ni. seronok aje laa.

so me, my brothers ijai and asyiq plus nabil and aidil all went la to my place. sampai aje kat situ bebudak 2 ekor tu was like can't wait to get in. the pool for the kiddies tu not la that big. bila campur tiga budak besar and the two budak kecik tu terus laa rasa sesak. aidil was going nuts with the slide. nabil macam takut takut sket. hehe i got a video of aidil doing his stunts. had ourselves mcd for sustenance. budak-budak tu nak ayam pegang. hehe. mandi lama la jugak sampai nak dekat pukul 5.30 baru nak balik mau dekat 2 hours berendam. tangan pun naik kecut.

i also had a go at them slides. bumped my ass coz the water so cetek.

now today kaki dah macam sengal. dunno la if last night's bedroom gymnastic session yang contributed towards it or the slide bumping fracas. if it was the former memang la patut they say that u really have to warm up first la before anything. and not only in terms of foreplay or anything like that. hehe kena buat stretching dulu macam nak main bola.. hehehe
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