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dances with monkeys..

so i'm contemplating ditching my palm for a new smartphone. been doing my homework and i pretty much have narrowed it down to just the one choice. the p1i from sony ericsson. why symbian? well i sure as hell won't go winmob. plus winmob 3g devices are still out of my price range. not that i'd go for it in the first place. well unless i can get it like dirt cheap or something. but even then i'd really be considering it as a last option. i don't think i have anything against the os. in fact my first pda was a wince machine. a philips whatchamacallit. yeah the nino 200. hehe thought it was cool. so outdated. its still around i think i saw my brother played around with it at the house.

now the only reason that i'm still contemplating and not on my way to sungai wang to find this much sought after p1i is, of all the things that i would probably be able to do with this wonderful smartphone, i can already do with my palm and phone combo. granted the aesthetics is pleasing. and i've always been a SE fan. hardware wise. i've used the T610, K700i, K600i and now the K800i. i've always preferred them to nokia. i know others may disagree but that's just me. and i've used nokia before. 5110, 8210, 8310. at the upper end of the scale SE and nokia both prefer symbian to winmob or palm. difference being nokia is pretty much series 60 base and SE with the UIQ. i guess it all boils down to preference and how much ur willing to fork out for ur smartphone.

but it still doesn't answer the whole question of what can't i do with what i have now? palm is a bit lagging when it comes to bringing new hardware. to be honest i still prefer that 2 device combo. a reliable pda u can work on, with bigger screen and a host of connectivity options and a decent enough phone. but waiting for a new pda from palm takes forever. now that they are supposedly more focus on the treo smartphone line. but even that also needs a lot of catching up when compared to what others are coming up with. the treo design whilst looking fresh 4 years ago pales in comparisons with the new breed of winmob devices from HTC and the likes.

the reason i haven't moved to a treo is the lack of 3g support in their models. the only one that supports 3g is the 750v and it runs winmob!

so i'm looking at just to have a feel of how much a p1i cost. the AP set you can get from as low as RM 1779. i asked the sony people downstairs and they don't even have a clue of when the phone would officially be on sale. kelakar.

lets see. if i want to surf the net i can use opera mini on my phone. i've installed the mod version so u can surf horizontally on my k800i, amongst other things la kan. i can also use my pda to connect via bluetooth or use the wifi card. for multimedia, i have coreplayer, kinoma and pocket tunes. i also have mobitv to watch streaming tv on my palm. nak listen to internet radio also can. youtube videos pun buleh. email ade gmail via versamail and also the mail client on my phone. okayla tak leh nak get push mail but i can access my corporate mail on my pda oso. so that takes care of that. video games? pergh jangan cakap la berlanar. i have ljp so i can play the classic snes, nes, gameboy, gamegear, megadrive games. and on my phone hehe i know where to get all the latest games. "free" and yg bayar pun ade. since my phone also doubles up as my digital camera, i can store the pics on my pda to view it on a much bigger screen. and that's just the recreational functions aje.

the keyboard that i got from the gorgeous senorita makes it easy for me to type email and the occasional long blog entries on the go on my palm. when i'm on the lrt i find emailing my updates via my phone sufficient enough. i can work on my office files quite okay on my palm already.

the smartphone idea doesn't seem so smart plak kan.
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