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Counting down..

While we're on the subject the fans at stadium shah alam is waiting for a long awaited malaysian win in the pestabola merdeka.I guess the future of malaysian football lies in the hands or rather the feet of the under 23s. Yeay. 3 - 1 to malaysia.
=====The last few days the roads in kl were pretty much bogged down with closures in preparation for the grand merdeka celebration. This time of the year especially has greater significance to me. 2 years ago in the midst of much fanfare and merryment, i took a chance in asking the gorgeous senorita out for our first proper date. You know, sometimes u remember a lot of useless things. I'm struggling to remember what i had that night. Was it mussels? I bet the senorita would know in an instant. Or maybe not. Small matter kot. But the thing that i'd remember the most out of that night was how seeing her made me feel. There are moments in your life where u just have that feeling where everything is possible. That night was one of them…

Blast off..

So last weekend i took the little munchkin with me to the volunteering program that i had at that one school in wangsa maju. Figured it would be a good exposure for tlm since he'll be interacting with kids his age and what not. Plus he did help me with preparing the materials for the sessions.

So that saturday morning we made our way to the school. A quick pit stop at my parents to get some books and then we were off. Most of the volunteers were already there. Love it that the new bunch of faci's were so enthusiastic. He he generasi pelapis.

We had a minimal turnout in terms of the kids so we combine the 3 classes into just one. But we split them up into groups of 4 for the first activity. We got a bunch of manila cards and made up a giant board game thingy. Some of the boxes had tasks and challenges that the kids needed to do in order to proceed. Spelling, maths problems, charades, science quiz and the do the dance box. Tlm was in the standard 4 group, the gransazers. He was lu…

dances with monkeys..

so i'm contemplating ditching my palm for a new smartphone. been doing my homework and i pretty much have narrowed it down to just the one choice. the p1i from sony ericsson. why symbian? well i sure as hell won't go winmob. plus winmob 3g devices are still out of my price range. not that i'd go for it in the first place. well unless i can get it like dirt cheap or something. but even then i'd really be considering it as a last option. i don't think i have anything against the os. in fact my first pda was a wince machine. a philips whatchamacallit. yeah the nino 200. hehe thought it was cool. so outdated. its still around i think i saw my brother played around with it at the house.

now the only reason that i'm still contemplating and not on my way to sungai wang to find this much sought after p1i is, of all the things that i would probably be able to do with this wonderful smartphone, i can already do with my palm and phone combo. granted the aesthetics is pleas…

Blah di blah..

I'm in the mood to write about relationships. Why you might ask? Well i guess you can pretty much blame it on too much sex. Well sex in the city la at least. The senorita borrowed seasons 1, 2 and 3 from her best friend and we started to watch it together. Well this was mainly because she never did had time to watch it before. I never found it interesting enough to watch before. Well i remembered watching a few episodes at eju's but that's pretty much it. I'm sure everyone who have watched it can probably relate to the relationship issues brought up in one way or the other. Anyways it got me thinking. I feel that my life has finally settled at a place where things are great. I have a wonderful (sexy, gorgeous, all the superlatives u can come up with) wife, a kid whom i adore and things are just great. The past is the past and i'm thankful for everything.I guess you could say that i'm lucky. The things that fell into place bringing me to this moment. So u start …

Oh so selfish me..

So i was queueing to enter the station. They weren't letting anyone in, the machine turnstiles were blocked. So this guy goes on cutting the que. Cakap sorry aa bang nak gi masjid jamek kejap aje. I told him to queue up la. Wtf all the rest of us were queueing. At first he kinda like ignored me. I was in no mood to be all tak kesah.

Now this is the part where you probably expect me to throw a hissy fit and make a scene.

No such luck. In my most unconvincing garang tone i said.

Yo dude if you wanna cut queue don't fucking do it in front of me.

He went to cut the queue at the back plak.


My oh my. Its the first time that i'm not coming home to a big warm hug from the lovely no gorgeous senorita. She's currently on a business trip to johor and later to singapore. So I'll only be seeing her on thursday.

Did somebody say whoop ti doo?

Unfortunately, i don't feel that way la. Having been spoiled rotten by the senorita with her cooking and hot milo and great . . company, i have to say that I'll probably spend the time all moping missing her bla d blah. Coz seriously, i'm missing her since this morning when i sent her to kl sentral. The gtalking is of little help.

The little munchkin will be at his grandparents, its tuesday night raw time. So lagi la lonesome.

Uhuk uhuk uhuk bb come back safe eh.

pressure washers anyone?

the following is a sponsored post..

we live in a DIY age. we take pride in being able to do all the fix ups ourselves. mounting wall cabinets. changing lamps and fixtures. as long as we have the right tools for the job we pretty much can do anything we want.

at, they specialize in transforming ur very own garage into a one stop center for all your DIY needs. with over 1000 products for garages, you'll be spoilt for choice.

now take this pressure washer for example. imagine all the handy things you can do with one of this babies. washing your car would be a whole lot fun. well you know how we guys love power. hehe the power on this things would probably clean off all those mud stuck on your SUV when you take it off road.

you probably can clean moss off walls, or peel off old paint before starting to paint anew. heck you can do a lot. and with its easy no hassle maintenance you won't go wrong. so go check these guys out.

tis the season to be jolly..

nope its not christmas. the premier league is back! the gorgeous senorita had to go to johor for a business trip. it was only a day trip so i figured i could go back to lembah keramat and catch the first half of arsenal v fulham before picking her up at kl sentral. the little munchkin had his tae kwon do grading test in the morning so i dropped the senorita off at taman bahagia before going to the school for the test.

seeing the kids doing their tae kwon do routine sure brings back some memories. hehe i only managed to get up to yellow/green myself. time nak buat the moves tu, hehe cuak gak. anyways the little munchkin had a go and although he did make some mistakes here and there (salah tangan etc) he did well la over all. there was this other kid who was like all awkward and stuff. sian him.

afterwards, we drop by kfc - usually the little munchkin will have his fix of mcd after tae kwon do. the sexy senorita already prepared some nasi goreng for us before she left - bangun awal oo na…

7 of 31..

when i was going through my divorce the last time, i find myself with a lot of time on my hands. two things kept me from just idling away twiddling my thumbs. one was treasure hunting with the flyin monkees and the other one was that volunteering stint at Rumah Ilham. i wanna talk about the latter.

my friend naz was the one who introduced me to the kids of Ilham. some of her friends were doing a stint of volunteering at this orphanage in taman tun. initially they would come during the kids prep time and just be there to guide them if they needed any help. then the program evolved into this whole IEP - Ilham English Program. where u have some fun activities with the kids to encourage the usage of english and to help build their confidence and what not. when i came in i thought the whole thing was waay cool. i love kids and the fact that i can spend some time not thinking about how life sucked at the time was great.

the volunteers were all like minded individuals who had a lot of ideas on…

stand back.. old man passing through..

so yesterday my friend magic, had rounded up a few of our ex mrsm guys for a round of futsal. since it was firday night and futsal seemed like the in thing nowadays, he couldn't get booking at ur normal futsal haunts in kl or pj. so he got us a booking at this place in shah alam. ifs kat seksyen 15.

now ya'll know how shah alam is like in my shit list of cities. no offense to all ya shah alamites but that's just how i feel about it. what's with the gazillions roundabouts and poorly lit signboards? what's that all about eh? anyways in anticipation of me getting lost i decided to go out from the house around 8:30 ish for the futsal thingy which was supposed to be held at 9 pm.

relying from the sms instructions and by calling magic on the phone, i still manage to get lost. its the city i tell you!! so i called up magic and he told me to just wait in front of hong leong bank, which i happened to just come across whilst figuring out my way. while i was waiting i thought i…

6 of 31..

You know sometimes when entering and exiting the lrt turnstiles you tag your touch and go card and it refuses to open so you touch and touch it again while the people at the back starts to complain. Well you can avoid this by a) letting the person in front of you clear through first before tagging your card or b) when the gate refuses to open, walk to the front a bit and then it will open.


so i took yesterday off to go to shah alam. need to pick up the kad nikah thingy. hehe supposedly it'll make it easier for myself and the sexy senorita to go canoodling in low lit areas in our parked cars. i can just imagine the following scenario..

car parked in some seedy taman. the mirrors all misty ala kate winslett and leonardo dicaprio in titanic. suddenly a group of serban clad clerics come rushing in with video cam in hand zooming in. knocks on the window. "ni dah kahwin ke belum?"

hehe then i'll probably smile so smugly and say.. ni haa.. this is my card.. hehe. as if eh..

after getting that done. promptly decided that i'll just head over to my parent's place kat lembah keramat. my nephews were there and since my brother ijai was also on leave, he suggested we head on to my place and bring the two tykes over for a swim. bebudak tu suka semacam aje la kan. well kids and swimming pool ni. seronok aje laa.

so me, my brothers ijai and asyiq plus nabil and a…

everything and anything snowboards..

the following is a sponsored post..

i've always thought that snowboarding is pretty cool. u got to have balance, poise and quick feet to be able to navigate your way down a slope. or even to do some of them crazy tricks down a half pipe.

the main thing that interests me the most is the way cool gear that you get wear and use when u snowboard. the cool clothes, the cool boards. you'd be surprised how all that began from just some dude tying two skis together and invented the first snowboard.

nowadays, the choices and variations are endless. at you'll find everything and anything snowboard related. snowboard gear and merchandise from a number of brands are all easily available for you to buy. they also have great deals on snowboard bindings.

just look at all the brands that they have Academy, Adio, Airblaster, Airhole, Anarchy, Angel, Anon, APO, Arbor, Arnette, Bataleon, Bent Metal, Billabong, Boardparadise, Burton, Capita, Celsius, Celtek, Circa, Coal, Cobian, C…

5 of 31..

When it comes to queueing up for the lrt during peak periods, no matter how everyone seems to be following the que in an orderly manner, there's always that one or two who feels that its their given right to just disregard everyone else and just bust through.


I guess to them its just a trivial thing. Who cares right? Well what's the worse that you can get? Being scolded? So what. Tebal muka aje.

Courtesy is there to be taken advantage off. This one time. This pregnant lady was standing in front of the designated areas. This dude was motioning to this man who was sitting down, asking him to give up his seat. The man just stared and buat muka don't give a fuck. Tak kesah. The lady next to him yg offered her seat. Heh. I was like. Woah. But that's courtesy for ya. But at least the dude was clear about it. Not la like some people yg pretend to sleep or something like that.

Tah la.

4 of 31..

If you really think about it la, for all our talk of 'mendaulatkan' the malay language, we still prefer to converse in lets say english when it comes to most cases.

Talking dirty in malay sounds so crude. Terus kasi turn off punye. :p


relationships are just a funny thing. sometimes you just go through ur whole life meeting countless people without finding that special someone to share ur life with. But sometimes ur lucky enough to be able to to find the one. As i'm sure that's what reza and ayu must be feeling at the moment. But luck can only get u so far.

From that point on we really need to work hard to ensure that the relationship flourishes. I know everyone will be telling you that you need to have give and take, tolerance and what not. Heed this advice because its true.

Good communication will go a long way.

blah d blah d blah..

My friend reza had his wedding reception saturday night. He asked me if i could say a few words la. They had the do at this Kampung Pengantin off Jalan Ampang. So here's to the lovely couple, all the best and good luck.

selamat pengantin baru..

So i got back from singapore to a delightful surprise. Well not really a surprise since i actually video called the gorgeous senorita th…

3 of 31..

I'm on the kl cat. Going to singapore for this reception the company is having for our customers over there. First time i'm going. I guess the boss figured i needed some exposure. Being i planner before, i don't actually travel much. Well hopefully this will be a new and rewarding experience for me.

The gorgeous senorita was all sedih because for the first time her husband will be leaving her alone for the night. To wallow in her sorrow, she's booked a trip to the spa with her best friend. I'm sure she won't even remember that i'm gone :p. Ala I'll be back tomorrow.

So travelling abroad you can't help but to compare la kan. How things are. Why this country is better at this and why that country is worse at that. Its only natural la kan. Human nature, we just love to compare. Sometimes when you put on a tourist hat you tend to be more appreciative of the country your in, oblivious to the fact that sometimes things way be even better back home. But t…

2 of 31..

Do you remember the exact moment that you felt totally liberated? Bebas? Merdeka? I guess as students before we get that feeling at the end of any major exams. Some feel it much earlier than others. Budak accounts spm 96 merdeka lagi awal from their bio counterparts back in mrsm pc. Tempted gak nak buat party in front of the exam hall time diorang amik that last paper. Mak bapak merdeka time all the kids have grown up and left the house kot. As business planner, i get that feeling once the business planning cycle is over and we are pretty much done with our submissions. But i guess the similarity with all that is that sense of relief, as if a huge burden was lifted from your shoulders.

I guess we believe that freedom is a right that everyone is entitled to. A given. But back in the days when nothing is given, you have to pretty much fight for that right to be free. Hence you put more value on it. You poured your sweat and your blood. Sacrificing a bunch of things sometimes even live…

1 of 31..

Well we're in that time of the year again. The time when everyone gets all patriotic and pretty much feel obliged to write something more profound and meaningful. I've always had a soft spot for august. Met the gorgeous senorita in august. My mom's birthday is in august. Well those amongst other things la kan. A few of my friends got married in august. I think muz and ej also got married in august.

Well with august you get into the whole merdeka mood. Looking back, after 50 years of independence, how far have we gotten? To answer that we pretty much have to define what are our measurement criteria. In terms of social economic development? Advancements in competitive sports? Our nation's influence on regional or even global politics? We can look at it from a multitude of standpoints. How far have we got?

I guess we are here now. What we're doing here and why we're doing it may be debatable. But we are here. We have the advantage of learning from experiences pass…