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Weekend livin..

Treasure the moments that u spend with your loved ones.. U never know what will happen.

The senorita was involved in an accident last friday. The calm manner in which she told me about it on the phone hid the fact that the accident could have been much more serious than u wud think. When she explained everything once i got home, i was stunned jugak. I couldn't bear the thought of life without her. Not when i've only experience the joy of being truly in love.

I hugged her extra tight that night. Infact i'm making it a point of hugging her extra tight every night from now on.

The weekend was pretty much spent cleaning and kemasing the house. All the wedding prezzies and the extra tiles from the kitchen needed to be put away. A funny thing happened when i was drilling some holes in the kitchen for our spice rack. The gorgeous senorita wanted me to drill it in a place near the power socket. I asked if she could please switch off the mains coz i was afraid that i'd get electrecuted if i drilled on some cables or something. She looked at me funny. Macam nak gelak. I ask la why? Do u want me to find out the hard way if there's like electric thingamabobs behind the wall? By this time dia dah gelak. I still didn't get why. Hehe then i laughed as well la kan. Kalau dah switch off the mains, how was i supposed to drill la kan? Ha ha, rasa bodoh sat.

The kitchen pun kira dah digunakan full flow. Saturday night i gatal wanna cook. Called up my mom, tanya camna nak buat ayam masak lemak cili api. All the ingredients semua dah set. Siap gi giant sat beli serai ngan asam keping skit. Tumbuk chili kunyit semua. Then masak. Since senorita is health conscious, tak pakai santan pakai skimmed milk aja. Macam masa kat uk plak, time susah nak dapat santan. Anyways, rasa punya rasa - pedas semacam. Adjust sket letak gula, garam.. Rasa macam ada yg tak kena. Tapi tak tau ape. Aleh-aleh bila dah masak. Tengok serai tak letak. Duh. Letak jugak la serai. Senorita kata okay aje - she's probably being nice la kan. The little munchkin plak tak makan pedas. Hehe sian dia. Takpe, practice makes perfect la kot. Nanti try something else plak.

Anyways tadi for dinner makan spaghetti. And the senorita is spoiling me with a mug of hot milo after dinner. Dok minum depan tv. Aah this is the life eh..

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