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home sweet home..

so yesterday we all went and watched transformers. it was a family outing with uncle Ahmad (hehe uncle)tagging along. bought the tickets on line which was very convenient. no need for queuing. had lunch at burger king. they were having this transformer promotion and i think Ahmad and myself were more excited than the resident little kid. the gorgeous senorita seemed indifferent at the time. i thought it was because she could not appreciate the significant impact the transformers series had on little boys everywhere.

i tell you i was excited. hehe and Ahmad was like giddy semacam. the little munchkin must be wondering what the fuss was all about. senorita geleng kepala tengok 2 budak besar mengalahkan budak kecik. i queued for popcorn and got in before the movie started. bila dengar suara optimus prime narrate the opening bits tu i was like woaaah. hehe.


then movie was great! but then again i'm biased la kan. i think it moved away from the storyline of the original animated movie. but the whole battle of good against evil - the autobots versus the decepticons was captured la kan. this seemed more like a chapter rather than a complete saga. u only see a glimpse of how evil megatron can be. there's no soundwave the trustee lieutenant. starscream didn't try to wrestle the decepticon leadership from megatron. but those are only little gripes. i enjoyed it. even if the ending was a bit of a letdown. there's still room for sequels in this whole franchise. maybe they can do a full cg'd animation of transformers. history of cybertron. or maybe even just spruce up the original movie. Hehe okay la strike that. The original movie is a classic as it is.

After the movie the senorita was all praise. She enjoyed it. I was like waay hey. The little geek in her making a surprise appearance. Hehe.

Afterwards we went to have some pics developed. Gambar honeymoon and some wedding pictures from eju's and naz's cameras. Then the day turned awry. Whilst waiting to pay for some items at watsons, the senorita got her wallet knicked. Bummer. It seems that these have been happening quite a bit at one utama. The security guy wasn't that surprised when we reported th incident. To me the fact that they ran out of forms was telling me something la kan. Tah la. Bosan gak bila hilang wallet ni. Kena call banks, nak buat police report la itu la ni la. Since it was late the senorita thought it better to just buat report esok aje. Penat. Bengang plak tu. So we went home aje to cook dinner.

Which brings us to the real reason my best friend Ahmad came along. Well he purportedly cooks a mean nasik tomato and with little cajoling i convinced him to cook dinner la. There was this one time when we were in the UK and i came over to warwick to see him. He made this funky tasting shrimp tom yam thingy that tasted funny. But that was way back in the first year. He since had a lot of practice la kan. Tapi since it was already late. Ahmad compromised la with kurma ayam and stir fried beans.

The senorita was disappointed sebab takde nasik tomato :p tapi kurma was sedap all the same. Eju dropped by for dinner. Muz travelling. So satu lagi plus point untuk my single (and available) friend ni. He can cook! So come on all you girls out there, hehe you know what to do eh. Just after we finished dinner, my friend reza and his fiance ayu came by to drop their invites. Sorang lagi kawan nak kawin. Good la. Ahmad and eju dapat la merasa milo senorita. Hehe.

Then tengah dok melepak pasang dvd kawin and what not tiba-tiba one utama security called cakap diorang dah jumpa the senorita's wallet. Sans the cash la kan, but at least tak payah go thru the hassle of buat polis report buat ic baru bayar denda what not la kan. Credit cards aje la kena tunggu they send the replacement. But better than nothing la kan. The guests left close to midnight. But overall our new place's first official 'entertaining guests bit' was a successful.

Sunday came and after dropping off the little munchkin for his tae kwon do, we had to quickly go to one utama to get the pictures and do some shopping. Nuthin much pun ingat nak ban aje dah one utama one because of the incident and also coz parking sucks. Tapi tah la. Gambar turned out nice. So all those photo frames we got for our wedding dah berisi dah. The place is looking more like a home. Picked up the little munchkin and we had our mcd treat. Tlm gets mcd every sunday. So papa dia pun tumpang sekaki. Hehe. After that gi swimming. Okay that's attempted swimming la for me. Best gak dok chill aje dekat pool. Hehe i love la this new place. Everything's within reach. Giant dekat nak go groceries shopping. Mcd 24 hours. Tempat makan lain pun banyak. Hehe. Did i say that this is the life?
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