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all you need is..

I was on my way home. Waiting at the lrt station for the bus. Decided to send an sms to the sexy senorita telling her that i'll be there in a bit. Almost immediately i got an sms from her telling me that i'm going to love what she had prepared for dinner. Turns out we both sent an sms at the same time. Hehe talk about some kinda mental connection eh?

So when i got back the senorita was hard at work in the kitchen, now fast becoming her favouritest place in the house. Gave her a big hug and surprise-surprise she cooked up ayammasaklemakciliapi. Hehe to her credit it taste way better than what i concocted the last time.

So what is her secret ingredient that makes all her cooking taste good?

Hehe you guessed it. All u need is love.

In the name of educating..

I'm always on the look out for ways and means to make learning fun. The objectives of learning is for me a two part thing. One is focusing on the content, the subject matter, and the other is on enhancing the experience. How you stimulate thinking and behavior. Granted the latter is more difficult to measure in terms of success. Example, lets say you've devised a plan to teach the kids about maths. Now this supposedly fun lesson plan would encourage the kids to be more participative. To engage their peers. To have the confidence to share with the class. Now lets say after all that, the kids still can't master their sums tables, does that mean that the lesson plan failed?

I argued this when i wasn't scoring in the economics subjects back go uni. For me the experience that i got from learning the subject pretty much made up for the fact that i didn't get an A for it.

I guess we're not prepared to accept that we should not always focus on the results but we must als…


the following is a sponsored post..

ya'll probably know about the payperpost badge on my blog here. now one of it is a payperpost direct link which means that you can just approach me directly to blog about anything. well i've got my first ppp direct offer and this one couldn't be more easy. this dude just wants me to put a link of his site on my list of links. something about Mac Poker. ah well it's easy money right?

the weekend lounge act..

well i think i've managed to expose the sexy senorita to the arts of lazying on weekends. i borrowed the heroes dvd set and we pretty much gotten through the bulk of the episodes last weekend. now the gorgeous senorita isn't one who lazes about. she barely has time to relax and do nothing with all that work and chores and what not. so i'm more than surprised when we just sat and watched the telly for a few hours straight.

she's like going on how she hated the story, because of the plot and what not, kenapa hiro tak tikam aje sylar, kenapa nathan nak cakap lagi when peter was about to go nuclear. hehe but she's also all excited about finishing the whole series. suh masukkan the next dvd. i find it especially nice la, cuddled up against her, the most comfortablest seat in the house la kan kalau nak nengok movie. i like.

well the series finale was great. i mean it's a pity nathan had to sacrifice himself to save the world (that is new york) and his brother. but i…

Click click bang bang..

Some blogger started a rumour on his blog that the gunners were on the verge of shining this argentine striker palacio. Suprisingly the tabloids picked up on the story and ran with an exclusive in their back pages. Gunners fans were buzzing.

Turns out it was fake. The dude did it to prove a point. That you can't really believe any transfer rumour until it is announced on the clubs official website.

I don't know much about this palacio dude. But looking at arsene wenger's transfer policy, we won't know much about his real targets until the deal is done. Eduardo came out of nowhere. Same with sagna. So i guess we should just trust wenger coz he knows.

Looking at the team currently you have to wonder if they are capable of gunning after man u and chelsea. Liverpool and spurs are also showing their intent with their signings.

I guess with henry gone, the young guns just have to fulfil their potential now. Van persie looks ripe to shine. And maybe this year we get to see wha…


If you really think about it, words are the most potent and powerful of things. But that's pretty much me talking outta my arse la kan. Its a given right? Words are the things you say. Promises broken. Resolutions unresolved. A simple compliment to brighten up one's day. A sarcastic remark to put someone down. Of course words are powerful. But i guess it all depends on when u decide to wield that power. Sometimes u don't even realise it because words have that tendency to be quick. Faster than the speed of thought. Well yeah, coz why else would you have all those awkward 'foot in mouth' situations everytime u blurted something u really shouldn't have.

I guess u just have to decide for urself. When to say something and when just to shut the fuck up.

everything changes..

life isn't static. if ur the same today as you were tomorrow than u might as well be dead. well the dead get more decomposed by the day and that represent changing as well ain't it?

how has life change for u?

cuba lagi farzana


i'm fiddling around with draft blogger at the moment. ya i know u can paste video using you tube and what not but i'm a sucker for testing new stuff ni. this is my niece farzana responding to my mom calling her name.

home sweet home..

so yesterday we all went and watched transformers. it was a family outing with uncle Ahmad (hehe uncle)tagging along. bought the tickets on line which was very convenient. no need for queuing. had lunch at burger king. they were having this transformer promotion and i think Ahmad and myself were more excited than the resident little kid. the gorgeous senorita seemed indifferent at the time. i thought it was because she could not appreciate the significant impact the transformers series had on little boys everywhere.

i tell you i was excited. hehe and Ahmad was like giddy semacam. the little munchkin must be wondering what the fuss was all about. senorita geleng kepala tengok 2 budak besar mengalahkan budak kecik. i queued for popcorn and got in before the movie started. bila dengar suara optimus prime narrate the opening bits tu i was like woaaah. hehe.

then movie was great! but then again i'm biased la kan. i think it moved away from the storyline of the original animated movie. bu…

save with online coupons..

the following is a sponsored post..

now we all love shopping. in fact right now in malaysia its 'megasale' time. so everyone is getting bargains left right and center. but you don't actually have to wait until there's a sale to save money when you are shopping.

you can start saving by using online coupon codes. well personally i've done a bit of online shopping myself but my purchases are mostly ebooks and softwares for my palm. at coupon chief you pretty much have a selection of coupons from various stores that you can choose from.

now i know most of these offers don't really apply here in good ol malaysia but hey its a good idea that should probably catch on. look at the offers they have for gap. hehe i wonder if the gap shop opening right here in klcc would have online shopping. now that would be something eh.

Weekend livin..

Treasure the moments that u spend with your loved ones.. U never know what will happen.The senorita was involved in an accident last friday. The calm manner in which she told me about it on the phone hid the fact that the accident could have been much more serious than u wud think. When she explained everything once i got home, i was stunned jugak. I couldn't bear the thought of life without her. Not when i've only experience the joy of being truly in love.I hugged her extra tight that night. Infact i'm making it a point of hugging her extra tight every night from now on.The weekend was pretty much spent cleaning and kemasing the house. All the wedding prezzies and the extra tiles from the kitchen needed to be put away. A funny thing happened when i was drilling some holes in the kitchen for our spice rack. The gorgeous senorita wanted me to drill it in a place near the power socket. I asked if she could please switch off the mains coz i was afraid that i'd get electre…