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time flies when ur having a blast..

its already saturday. has it already been 7 days already? hehe when ur enjoying urself u really don't want things to end. check out time is at noon tomorrow. hmm bosan.. hehe but i guess its also good to go back home. nak nengok kitchen molek ke tak. nak jumpe my brother yang dah balik from russia whether dia ingat tak nak bawak balik ahem ahem dari netherland. and tak lupa juga melpaskan rindu dengan keluarga terutama sekali si little munchkin yg tersayang. yang have been a very good boy.. hopefully sepanjang mama and papa takde..

so where were we? aah the gorgeous senorita and i really maximized our sun time at the beach. she's tanned and i'm like gelap semacam. hehe. we rented a motorbike and the people delivered it to our hotel that wednesday morning. and get this the plate number is.. hehe something something 69. woot woot. waddya make of that eh? we took the motorbike to lamai beach, all the way to bo phut, nathong. but the trusty motorbike seems to be devoid of any front suspension. sakit gak bun bun. dah la dah memang sakit from the bumpy boat ride.

which is why the complimentary thai massage at the hotel was a welcome relief. for one hour we were treated to some kneading and massaging but it lacked a bit of umph. macam dah watered down version sebab takde krup krap. hehe. thats why we decided to go to this classic thai massage place and got ourselves a 2 hour treat. pergh. hehe best.

lunch and dinner had been predominantly thai. tom yam gung. deep fried squid. but we also found a liking to the local subway branch. heheh foot long sandwhiches all the way baby. surprisingly i haven't tried subway kat kl. hehe must put that in my to do list.

i just found out on the news that thierry henry is off to barcelona. tsk tsk. sob sob. lets just hope they'll use the money to strengthen the squad laa. hehe dah la i bought some arsenal supporters shirt for myself and the little munchkin ni. siap dengan name and number lagi. hehe nanti buleh ajor dia nengok bola. heheh another arsenal fan in the making.

friday night we had a romantic dinner at the hotel. the gorgeous senorita was stunning in her green top. i was handsomely (uekhh) dressed in black shirt, dockers khaki and my trusty blue crocs. hehe so tak kena. the hotel was facing some electricity problems. ade black out so they were running on generators for a bit. so the guy yang usually menyanyi pun takde. when we were nearly finish baru la dia nyanyi balik. a man with his electric guitar. hehe. the weather took a turn for the worse and it started to rain heavy.

so there we are. it hasn't stop raining even now. lucky la we are already on our way back. sian plak kat orang yang baru nak datang. hehe ah well thats life la kan. so not looking forward to work. whatcha gonna do.
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