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jalan-jalan jalan-jalan..

the morning started fairly early with me waking up next to the most gorjeshest woman in the whole world. hehe. then it was time to go to the swimming pool coz i told the little munchkin that papa would teman him swim. and ya'll know that i can't swim for shizzy. so just berendam macam badak berendam sambil nengok anak kita lagi terer berenang. really have to do something about that kan. again cakap saja tiada guna..

afterwards we got ready for our day out. the gorjesh senorita (nak senorita jugak) dropped us off at the lrt. she had to do some catching up with some friends and it was just us boys.

it was klcc. hehe tak boring ke klcc aje eh? the school holidays meant that most of the public places in kl is packed. we had rotiboy and apple juice for breakfast before deciding what to do next. well when ur in klcc, there's basically a few options la kan. the little munchkin suggested we go aquaria but he said that it wasn't much fun without mama. nanti amik gambar tak best. nak nengok wayang the queue was long. so we decided it was petrosains la.

now not much has change since the last time we've been there. well okay la the 3d movie has 2 more new feature and tlm was a little more receptive to watching the exhibits and what not. they were having this transformers publicity thingamabob where u need to get a form stamped when u visit an exhibit where u then get to redeem it for some transformers goodies at the end of day. nuthin much la. tlm had fun playing the go cart simulator. there was a bunch of things to do la kan in petrosains. fun and learning la kan.

afterwards it was a quick lunch at mcd. tlm is collecting the shrek 3 toys and these buggers are irritatingly cool la. hehe. toys with soundbytes from the movie which we haven't watch lagi btw. right now he's got shrek, fiona, donkey, puss in boots, baby ogre and dronkey. dulu kalau nak kumpul toy happy meal ni punyela susah. rajin dia ngumpul. hehe rajin atuk nenek papa mama belikan eh hehe.

lepas lunch we met up dengan tgs (tlm tgs hehe i'm going crazy with acronyms here). my sister was having an aqiqah for baby farzana. pergi la melawat kejap. dah getting bigger la that girl. tlm was showing everyone how to really eat chicken. i wasn't that hungry so i layan my two nephews nabil and aidil. as tgs said it was our first family related event thingy that we went since the wedding. i tot it went okay la kan.

anyways i just realised that star movies were showing the whole star wars series back to back. how wicked was that. hehe yeah right macam tak leh buat with dvds eh. so that was it. happy bday agong. and have a nice rest of the weekend everyone..
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