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from samui..

a quick update from koh samui..

hehe heheh hehe hehe..

well we touched down at samui airport around 8.05 local time. it was a smooth journey. the guy that was supposed to pick us up from the airport was waiting as we cleared immigration. the hotel was about 10 km away. the chaba samui resort. we checked in and as expected the hotel welcomed us honeymooners with rose petals on the bed and a cake. the room was decent enough. we were upgraded to the ocean wing but u can't really see the ocean, nope not from our balcony tho. but it is within walking distance.

on monday we were treated to a half day's tour of the island. our guide chaiyouk took us around in a van - just the two of us! now that's what u call a private tour eh. we went to most of the major tourist spots on samui. took the opportunity to go on an elephant trecking tour. it's not comfortable at all. imagine what it may have felt for the elephant.

the gorgeous senorita has stipulated that she will only eat thai food. so tom yam till u drop la ni. but we went to this one indian restaurant who surprisingly had halal food. so i had myself some chicken briyani. which was good. and the tom yam there ain't half as bad. ironic. good tom yam at an indian eatery.

then this morning we went on a snorkeling trip to koh tau and koh nangyuan. i gulped on some seawater the first time i went in. the gorgeous senorita - who was hot ala halle berry in that james bond movie - didn't need any help swimming. i utilized a safety jacket coz as we all know i can't swim for shizzy. the corals, fishes were beautiful. its really amazing. rasa tenang aje berenang dengan ikan-ikan. we went there via speedboat. the outward trip was okay, but the return trip.. god i tell ya.. sheesh. i was scared. the waves were crashing and we bobbed and bounced on the open seas. the weather took a change for the worse and i was pretty much hanging on for dear life. some people can just look calm and collected. the beach was a sight to behold.

anyways, we just had our dinner. the sexy senorita is beside me checking up on urgent work matters. will update later on the rest of the holiday..
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