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The fallen..

I recently remembered that i had copied some franz ferdinand onto my phone. Lately i've been listening to linkin park on my daily commute to work. The new album is something different la from your usual linkin park fix. Anyways now i'm hooked on franz ferdinand plak. Its what you can call fun music. You can't help but to tap your feet and sway your head to the funky riffs. He he and i don't really case if i look stoopid doing it.

The gorgeous senorita cooked her first dinner in her brand spanking new kitchen. That was on tuesday. What more could a man ask for kan. A big hug waiting for ya when you get home. A big kiss and warm milo some more. Best ooo..

time flies when ur having a blast..

its already saturday. has it already been 7 days already? hehe when ur enjoying urself u really don't want things to end. check out time is at noon tomorrow. hmm bosan.. hehe but i guess its also good to go back home. nak nengok kitchen molek ke tak. nak jumpe my brother yang dah balik from russia whether dia ingat tak nak bawak balik ahem ahem dari netherland. and tak lupa juga melpaskan rindu dengan keluarga terutama sekali si little munchkin yg tersayang. yang have been a very good boy.. hopefully sepanjang mama and papa takde..

so where were we? aah the gorgeous senorita and i really maximized our sun time at the beach. she's tanned and i'm like gelap semacam. hehe. we rented a motorbike and the people delivered it to our hotel that wednesday morning. and get this the plate number is.. hehe something something 69. woot woot. waddya make of that eh? we took the motorbike to lamai beach, all the way to bo phut, nathong. but the trusty motorbike seems to be devoid of any f…

from samui..

a quick update from koh samui..

hehe heheh hehe hehe..

well we touched down at samui airport around 8.05 local time. it was a smooth journey. the guy that was supposed to pick us up from the airport was waiting as we cleared immigration. the hotel was about 10 km away. the chaba samui resort. we checked in and as expected the hotel welcomed us honeymooners with rose petals on the bed and a cake. the room was decent enough. we were upgraded to the ocean wing but u can't really see the ocean, nope not from our balcony tho. but it is within walking distance.

on monday we were treated to a half day's tour of the island. our guide chaiyouk took us around in a van - just the two of us! now that's what u call a private tour eh. we went to most of the major tourist spots on samui. took the opportunity to go on an elephant trecking tour. it's not comfortable at all. imagine what it may have felt for the elephant.

the gorgeous senorita has stipulated that she will only eat thai food…

The wait..

I wasn't in much of a mood at work. Finished what i needed to do and set my 'out of the office assistant' to notify people emailing that i'd be away. There were still something pending but i've delegated as best as i could. No one's gonna ruin this holiday.

The little munchkin seems okay about the whole thing. Kasi chan mama ngan papa jalan ;). He'll be staying with his grandparents. Kena la be a good boy.

I'm really looking forward to this holiday. It had been a hectic couple of weeks for the gorgeous senorita and she really deserves the break. Mental note: must take opportunity to reward sexy senorita by becoming her cabana boy cum personal masseuse (is that even the right spelling?) for a few days. I'm feeling mighty worn out myself mind you.

The whole adjusting to this new life ain't all that bad. I'm starting to find comfort in routines and monotony. Got that sense of stability that one always yearns in one's life. But i guess i don…

Wait for it.. Yeah its time for the crunch..

It had been a busy couple of days for me. We just had the 12th asia oil and gas conference and i volunteered to do some rapporteuring. Its a glorified name for scribing. It was a good conference in all. Many an interesting moments. And now its back to the grind. The gorgeous senorita was also in klcc. Infact she'll be here for a few more days looking after her company's interest in the oga exhibits. I'll be on leave tomorrow tho, some baby sitting duty and we need to go to the pejabat agama for our papers.

So looking forward to some time out. 4 days to go.

snap back to reality..

woop there goes gravity.

the harsh realities of life sometimes sting u like a (insert expletive here).the seemingly impeccable state of someone's relationship might not be all rosy as what u wud think. because what lies beneath is anyone's guess.

imagine the chore of having to present a front to the world. to act as if everything is okay. to pretend that.. er bb?? ..

saya sayang senorita..
saya sayang senorita..
saya sayang senorita..
repeat 50x

sorry that's my declaring my undying love to the love of my life bit for the day.. and nope there's no pretending in that department.. i am digressing.

where were we?

ah okay. the whole tenang dari luar tetapi jiwa bergelojak di dalam. lately i have been inundated with a lot of information about the lives surrounding some close friends and acquaintances. how relationships are in crises. marriages ending in divorce. how people are being taken advantage off. how partners lose respect. the whole thing tend to kinda put some cautious sense …

jalan-jalan jalan-jalan..

the morning started fairly early with me waking up next to the most gorjeshest woman in the whole world. hehe. then it was time to go to the swimming pool coz i told the little munchkin that papa would teman him swim. and ya'll know that i can't swim for shizzy. so just berendam macam badak berendam sambil nengok anak kita lagi terer berenang. really have to do something about that kan. again cakap saja tiada guna..

afterwards we got ready for our day out. the gorjesh senorita (nak senorita jugak) dropped us off at the lrt. she had to do some catching up with some friends and it was just us boys.

it was klcc. hehe tak boring ke klcc aje eh? the school holidays meant that most of the public places in kl is packed. we had rotiboy and apple juice for breakfast before deciding what to do next. well when ur in klcc, there's basically a few options la kan. the little munchkin suggested we go aquaria but he said that it wasn't much fun without mama. nanti amik gambar tak best…

bila takde kerja..

kita tukar template..

bila la nak pandai design template sendiri ni. hehe. cakap aje tak guna la kan, kalau amik initiative to learn ke lain la. hehe.

so i'm not working today. we all got replacement leave for the agong's birthday. melangut kat rumah la ni. mandi pun belum (too much info). not much to do in the apartment. nak pasang tv tak bleh lagi. the kitchen is still being done up. rata-rata the house is a bit dusty.

talking about tv, there's a couple of new seasons of my favourite shows are starting again. i missed supernatural on axn the other day. last season ended in a cliff hanger when the family winchester, moments after escaping a fiery demon, got ran over by a truck. heh. i refrained from going to the net to find out what happened next. saja nak nengok on tv la kan. but since i missed it on axn i had to do something la kan. either go get the dvd or download aje la the episode. which i did. what a start to the new season. macam prison break plak ada principal char…