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i took the day off last friday to invite my aunts and uncles in seremban and also temerloh. drove with my mom. so tiring la to be driving for long periods. tapi best gak dapat spend some quality time with ur mom kan. reached home around midnight. letih semacam.

that saturday ahmad had something planned. since i'm getting married in a week's time, he wanted to do some stuff that we never did before la. nope sadly there were no naked women involved. the two of us went to this secluded place near kemensah where we rode some awesome atv's or quadbikes. since it was a first for ahmad we decided on the introductory half hour trail cutting across some challenging obstacles. best giler. hehe. the machines cost around 12- 15 k a piece and to ride it on the road u would need to register it as 'tractors'. i took to it like a pro la kan. dah biasa bawak motor. si ahmad struggled jugak a bit at first but once u've got the hang of it hehe merempit laa on 4 wheels. there's the option where u cud ride the bike to this nice waterfall place a buit further up. maybe we can try that for next time.

First item on the list..
vroom.. vroom..

Item 2 ticked

after the quadbiking it was off to kl tower for a bit of extreme park thingamabob. unbeknowsnt to us the vertical ride where they shoot u up how many feet above had moved to sunway. so tinggal la the flying fox bit aje. alang-alang tu try aje la kan. the best part of the thing was when u were jumping down. that split second when u free fall tu - pergh, my stomach was in knots. okay aku gayat. so whatcha gonna do. tapi thrill jugak la kan. after the jump, we went to my apartment coz the senorita was expecting the toilet guy door to come over. we bought lunch and promptly met up with the senorita. ahmad was the apartments first official guest. family not included - altho technically he is family - hmm so ah whatever. anyways, while we were there, i managed to fix the toilet and we drilled the wall to put up this nice mirror the gorjes senorita got at ikea. the senorita then had a facial so me and ahmad went to swimming pool for a dip.

i can't swim for shit. hehe but i can hold my breath underwater for a couple of minutes if that ever comes handy la kan. we were joined by the little munchkin who came by with a friend. now that boy can swim. hehe that's enough motivation for me to learn also init. a couple of hours at the pool, and we are done. we sent the munchkin home and we waited for the senorita to come back.

the senorita and i had to go pick up our baju pengantin so ahmad went back to his office before picking me up again for the 'stag' nite. again no naked women was involved in this instance. we went to heritage row - had dinner - muz and his brother ikram came and we sat and talked and generally cuci mata aje la. to be honest with u there were a lot of nice looking women out there but i only have eyes for just the one. not for the lack of cajoling and convincing la kan. tak berahi aa. hehe.

i had a long talk with ahmad about life and relationships and what not. i tell ya. the dude has a lot to offer. maybe its just down to luck aje yang dia tak jumpe lagi the person for him. luck sangat memainkan peranan yang penting dalam sesuatu perhubungan. well luck initiated it la i guess but the rest is down to hard work.

sunday came, the senorita wanted to have a birthday do for the little munchkin. we got a cake and sang him happy birthday. the senorita got him a nice pair of croc sandals. she got one for herself also. hehe i've wanted to get those for ages. i got him this 'how to' drawing book - drawing comic super heroes and villains. he loves to draw and he clearly has natural talent in that department. seems to love it. bagus ler. hehe.

the senorita has slowly started moving her stuff to the apartment. we're talking about a lot of stuff so she needs a head start. i can fit all my belongings in a single bag so takde masalah di situ. in less than a week's time, we will begin a new journey together. a new chapter of our lives. nervous jugak. giddy with anticipation also. hehe..
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