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more money direct..

the following is a sponsored post..

its been a while since i did one of these but i guess this really can't wait. now payperpost has been spawning up a number of competitors. well when u have an innovative product others tend to follow. but the guys (and gals) at ppp are quickly setting themselves apart from the rest.

introducing PPP direct.

yes. PPP direct.

what it is essentially is an opportunity for bloggers and advertisers to interact directly and negotiate an acceptable price for their paid posts. unlike other competing services who charges exhorbitant rates in their services - PPP direct cuts off the middleman's take so that u can keep more of what u earn.

there will be more opportunities available for you as advertisers will contact you directly by clicking on your badge. the payperpost team has built in a full fledged negotiation and transaction system into the whole thing so that bloggers and advertisers can sort out the payment details amongst themselves - more control do…

The days do seem more brighter these days..

I write whilst it was raining outside. We're fresh from returning the wedding du das to the boutique. The reception at my place went on without a hitch. It did rain earlier on but it helped in making the day a bit cooler la kot. Tak la panas sangat. Most of my friends who i invited came. Some which i amanahkan orang to invite also came. Apologies if i left out anyone tau. Tak sengaja.

The official nikah papers would only be ready in another week's time. So today was spent running errands, paying off the caterer and doing some shopping for the house. The gorgeous senorita needed to update her blog and while she's going about doing that i guess i'll just update mine as well.

Will start work again tomorrow. So dreading that fact. He he honeymoon period over even before we actually go on our honeymoon. But at least we're done with the wedding preparation so now we can look forward to the whole married life together. Hehe last sunday was our one week anniversary. Hehe we …

The 1st day of the rest of your lives..

Well things are moving on swimmingly. We're getting into the groove of things. Living together as a family in a new place, some adjustments need to be made la i guess. The best part that i love is this intense loving feeling that i feel whenever we're close together. I never realise that it can be this strong. This is what a marriage is supposed to be like la kan.

The little munchkin is also making a good transition into the new environment. He's been a very good boy. With the work being done to the apartment, we can't turn on the tv and there's not much else for him to do so he turns to bed relatively earlier. Unlike the parents la kan. There's still a lot of bits and bobs than need to be done. Hearing him call me papa is something la. I guess that would be one of my most challenging role yet la kot. Having the senorita along certainly helps la. I'm so amazed in her strength la. How she kept things together by her own. I hope i can bring something better t…

fill in the blanks..

here's another reason why people download music of the net. fishing censors. i just bought the new linkin park album. minutes to midnight and i found out that all the f words have been blurted out and also removed from the inline booklet. what the fish? and u pay RM 45.90 for an incomplete work. what the fish? i mean okay fine if u wanna have an edited version for general airplay but come on la, fishing taking them out of the retail version? what the fish? if i wanna listen to it suka hati la kan? just slap a parental advisory explicit lyrics tak bleh ka? plus the lyrics bukan nye lucah pun. just swear words aje. what the fish.

fishing censors..

i remembered back in the uk when limp bizkit's chocolate starfish album came out, there was two versions sold. edited and explicit. u give people the choice la. fishers. fishing bengang la ni. fish fish fish. and then kalau dah edit please la put an indication on the cover cakap ni album sudah fishing edit for fishing coarse language. fi…


i took the day off last friday to invite my aunts and uncles in seremban and also temerloh. drove with my mom. so tiring la to be driving for long periods. tapi best gak dapat spend some quality time with ur mom kan. reached home around midnight. letih semacam.

that saturday ahmad had something planned. since i'm getting married in a week's time, he wanted to do some stuff that we never did before la. nope sadly there were no naked women involved. the two of us went to this secluded place near kemensah where we rode some awesome atv's or quadbikes. since it was a first for ahmad we decided on the introductory half hour trail cutting across some challenging obstacles. best giler. hehe. the machines cost around 12- 15 k a piece and to ride it on the road u would need to register it as 'tractors'. i took to it like a pro la kan. dah biasa bawak motor. si ahmad struggled jugak a bit at first but once u've got the hang of it hehe merempit laa on 4 wheels. there's…

What the...

Okay so i'm like watching natasha 2 on telly right. Don't ask why la but is it just me or do you guys find the story line a bit tiring? I mean you actually get physically tired from watching it. Letih. No wonder i don't watch that much free telly.

Which brings us to the whole astro hiking up their fees bit. Some smart minister has been saying that if you can't put up with it just don't subscribe. Stop just watch free tv aje la. Hmm yeah that's the whole plan anyways. You get people all hooked on astro and then slowly raise the fees what you gonna do eh. Tak mampu can stop la langgan. Tak de orang nak question lansung ke the whole monopolistic grip astro has over the pay tv market?

I know some may argue that for a capital intensive set up like astro it would be more efficient to have just one big player. But look at how much control the set up have. Okay there is competition you say. But do you actually know anyone subscribing to that other service. My what'…

40,000 leagues under the sea..

sometime last night someone was the 40,000th visitor to this blog.


hmm now why didn't i think of that..

In my own callous disregard, I’ve often find myself hurting people with my selfish actions. Not with intent mind u, no, but I guess that can't be accepted as an excuse. I didn't intend to fall asleep at the wheel - on its own is something that u can possibly forgive - causing the death of a bus load of people - the chances of forgiveness instantly fleeting?

What do you say to that?

The severity of the actions is conditional, somewhat subjective. But do we judge it based on the outcome? Or do we take everything at face value regardless of what the outcome is?


Time sure flies, and not necessarily when ur having fun eh. 2 weeks to go before the big day. The wedding preparation is in full swing. Still sending out invites for the ‘kenduri’ on my end. The gorgeous senorita understandably a bit stressed out with the whole thing. Having set a deadline on when she expects things to be done, it really bugs her a lot when ur running behind schedule. I have to admit that I’m part…