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23.. 22.. 21..

my sister jannah has successfully gotten me hook on prison break. she brought the whole first season on her laptop. over the last few days i've managed to watch it all. the show is still showing on astro. i think channel 8 also ran the series before. copied the avi files onto my palm and wallah the t5 instantly becomes a personal movie player. thanks to tcpmp (the core pocket media player), a program u use to be able to download free for ur pda. now it has gone commercial under the name Coreplayer. haven't gotten round to trying that one as yet.

anyways, having not jumped on the prison break bandwagon before, i must admit that i love it. so much so, that i can't wait to go through the second season. hehe nak kena tunggu ade semua episode baru la best. buang masa sehari suntuk just to watch it. hmm i downloaded the first episode just because i wanted to know what happened after scofield and his crew missed their flight to freedom. agak shocking jugak the ending. but then again there lies the 'tarikan' of the series la, the twists and plot turns. senang-senang aja matikan character yang u think is important.

not that i watch much telly anyways. well there's monday's the shield, tuesdays there's wwe raw, don't have time for tv on wednesdays, thursdays and fridays. hmm. i think screen time is mostly dvds aje. it's been a while also since i last caught a movie at the cinema. nasib baik takde sangat cerita yang i wanna catch. there's gonna be a few in the coming months la kot. spiderman3, pirates3, transformers, hehe gonna have a lot of leave come may, maybe can curik-curik tengok movie dengan senorita sambil sebok nak kawin ni nanti.

i guess we can never have enough time to do everything we want. hence the importance of prioritizing. human cloning not feasible. hehe multiplicity. or macam citer the prestige. yeah. senang. boleh satisfy all the demands upon u. yeah right.

i'm thinking of going back to pahang to send out the invites to the relatives on my mom's side. have to figure when to go to negeri sembilan for my dad's side plak. i'm currently going thru the list of friends, some i've already done, some pending. i'm not as organized as the gorgeous senorita, she's like getting things done in the middle of going to aceh and what not. but i guess that takes a toll also la in other areas.

less than a month to go. heh, if there's a good time to get cold feet, now would be it. at least ade some time jugak to tukar the planned kenduri into one big bagi orang makan free kinda thing. not that i would have that problem. i've always been resolute whenever i've made my mind up. which is not such a good thing jugak sometimes. u shud always allow urself some room for doubt. hehe to keep u on ur toes. to not just accept aje crap. nuff said about that la.

anyways, those taking the opportunity to go for a long holiday next week do have fun. catch ya later..
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