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23.. 22.. 21..

my sister jannah has successfully gotten me hook on prison break. she brought the whole first season on her laptop. over the last few days i've managed to watch it all. the show is still showing on astro. i think channel 8 also ran the series before. copied the avi files onto my palm and wallah the t5 instantly becomes a personal movie player. thanks to tcpmp (the core pocket media player), a program u use to be able to download free for ur pda. now it has gone commercial under the name Coreplayer. haven't gotten round to trying that one as yet.

anyways, having not jumped on the prison break bandwagon before, i must admit that i love it. so much so, that i can't wait to go through the second season. hehe nak kena tunggu ade semua episode baru la best. buang masa sehari suntuk just to watch it. hmm i downloaded the first episode just because i wanted to know what happened after scofield and his crew missed their flight to freedom. agak shocking jugak the ending. but then aga…

taken out of the game..

due to my persistent lack of sleep i'm currently suspected to be down with some conjunctivitis. now suspect is the operative word here because i think that i haven't came into contact with anyone who has got the infection and i'm sure that everything can be explained by my lack of sleep these past few days. but not taking any chances, i went to see the doctor anyways and she gave me some meds and told me to come again if things get any worse. hopefully tak la kan.

i remembered the last time i had an eye infection which was back in highschool. it sucks, u get all sticky eyed and the discomfort that it caused pergh tak best to the max. which is what bugs me a bit la now - if confirm kena sakit mata - dah lama tak kena. and then kena quarantine plak. kalau macam sakit lain buleh la dok ngada ade orang nak jaga, or macam kalau denggi buleh jugak kurus. sakit mata just sucks.. period. hopefully tak teruk ler..

now the only thing my mind is the thought of having the senorita'…

This coffee is the shit..

The longest i've stayed awake to do anything other than video games marathon was for 48 hours. We had an assignment due for submission on monday and i haven't begun to type anything. Zilch, zero, nada. Of course you're given copious amounts of time but the procrastinator extraordinaire just have to leave things till the last minute.

The first 12 hours is peanuts. The second 12 hours requires some caffeinated intervention. By the third 12 hours your eyes starts to really get heavy. Usually you start to talk to yourself past this stage.

But its fun. He he chasing deadlines is thrilling. Quality of work might deteriorate but the whole working under pressure is the shit. Not gonna repeat the exploit anytime soon tho.

Hey acat, who that? Its me.. Red-eyed acat. Who you? Er hmm...

hmm.. hmm.. hmm .. hmm

the senorita got stranded in medan cause she missed her connecting flight home. i'm sure as i write here she continues to curse airasia. hehe wasting time onny. its so boring without her around. i'm currently in the midst of an assignment that i'm suppose to complete by monday. wanted to stay up yesterday night but the cough meds took its toll and i was out like a log till morning. waiting to pick the senorita up from the airport in a bit. hehe now the prospect of that has already brighten up my day regardless.

and when ur bored u can always count on some blogthings to do..

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this is me.. looking like i give a $%&#..

i've always wanted to write a right ol angry ranting post. but lately i ain't got nothing to be angry about. i was angry for a bit because my wedding invites got delayed but that's over and done with. i was kinda angry with myself for failing to prioritize with regards to certain things but i'm not gonna elaborate here. yeah this is my own personal space and i can probably write whatever the fuck i wanna write.

people use that excuse a lot. this is my space so i can say whatever i want. saying what we want comes together with taking responsibility for the things we say. which is something that some of us tend to shy away from. in an ideal world. people make their own judgment after considering whatever input that they can gather. so ideally, regardless of what anyone say, people would make their own judgment. but in reality, we still can't run away from the mass mob mentality. following the popular vote or the popular trend.

why am i even talking about this?

a lot of …

there's always a first time for everything eh..

hehe thanks ahmad.. pagi-pagi dah dok gelak aku kat office..

spending my payperpost money..

the following is a sponsored post..

the top earning postie on payperpost so far has made $9,319.03 and where do i stand compared to that? hehe despite my lack of active opp hunting, i am still proud to say that i have made $73.50. yeay.. hehe.

looks like there's still a long way to go but bit by bit i think i'm getting there. so what have i been spending my hard earned money on? well the gorgeous senorita wants me to save up so i can get her some nice presents (a coach bag on ebay perhaps??). hehe well that's a thought. but so far i have been spending my money for my own personal benefit.

i bought a domain name which i have not started to use. i bought myself a pro flickr account because i want to start posting more pictures from my new phone (hehe sadly this one wasn't directly attributed to the payperpost money - wouldn't it be cool if it were!!) i also donated some to a couple of independent programmers who are working on some shareware software for palm. hehe thos…

Photographs never fade..

So i bought myself a pro flickr account from the money i got from payperpost. When you go pro, all the old pics you've uploaded automatically appears. So i've uploaded roughly 700 plus pics. Which is a lot considering i don't currently own a proper digital camera and i pretty much post all my pics direct to blogger nowadays. So i came across some pics of me and the ex. Now you would have expected some resentment or anger or whatever, but surprisingly i felt none of that. I think its indifference. Or its just that i feel so much better with myself now, that i just don't get all worked up anymore thinking about the past.

They say that unlike memories, photographs never fade, well you can always delete pictures but you can't take back whatever that has happened.

Now is the time to look to the future. And as i wait to turn another year older, i wonder, am i a better person now compared to when i was then? What does the future hold for me, my love and every one else aro…

Hectic is as hectic does..

The past couple of days have been really.. hmm busy. For starters we've been coming to the apartment after work to finish painting the place. The momentum is slowing down and we're finding it a chore to just finish with the littler details. The senorita being the perfectionist and consummate planner finds this a little annoying. It would ke great to just be able to come and just relax and enjoy the fruits of our labour. He he a well painted home of our own. Now even that's not really possible with me keeping on making the occasional errors, cat terkeluar line, border tak straight. If it were up to the senorita, i'm sure she'd wanna fix all that herself. Sigh...

So i've been like on a volunteering overdrive. On thursday we had like some kids from 6 schools coming over for a visit of the bmw pit lane park and aquaria. Some staff children were also involved. We had a lot of fun in the sun at the park and the kids had more fun watching the fishes at aquaria. Then on…

Sunday morning..

Well it had been a very interesting couple of days. Hehe for starters, that karaoke thingy that i had for the appreciation dinner, well i won. One of the judges was saying how i interacted well with the audience, hehe in truth i was pretty much concentrated on the gorgeous senorita all the time.

So we started painting our place up. Opting for cheap (read:free) 'skilled' labour. Which basically means we're doing it ourselves. We make a really good team. I'll be doing the tough bits while the senorita, will do all the little details bit that i just don't have the patience to do and she still can look all gorgeous doing it. Hehe cepat aje buat kerja.

So here i am, in the lrt on a sunday morning on my way to our new place. We need to really utilize our weekends so that we won't need to take as much leave as possible from work. It'll be a busy couple of weeks for us, work notwithstanding there's the wedding and the new place to spruce up. Hehe i know we'…