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karma police is on vacation..

buat baik berpada-pada..
kata orang tua..
buat jahat jangan sekali..buat banyak kali??
kita takkan rugi..

mulia dibalas syurga,
dosa kan sengsara
ini hukum karma..

the concept is simple. u do something bad, u get punished. u do something good, u get rewarded. i think this is a universally accepted convention. sometimes it's not necessarily as straight forward as that la.

sometimes u see people go thru all their lives, living recklessly, hurting people left right and centre, generally being bad, and u just see that they have everything easy, a well paying job, a big house, a fancy car, a beautiful wife. and sometimes u see generally nice people going through a lot of neverending crap. and u can't help but to wonder. wow, that just sucks.

i mean is it fair? u only have this one life to live so why is it that some have it easy and some just not? is it down to just pure luck? or is there something greater at play that's just too huge for us to begin to comprehend?

hehe.. heavy stuff init?

well i think i've experienced a little bit of both to be able to say ah just sod it ler.

fate is just funny like that. i believe everyone is a part of some grand master plan that sometimes the best thing for us to do is just to concentrate on the things that is important and within our own control - well technically within our control la kot. coz we're just gonna waste our own precious energy trying to think of the reasons why.. why did that philandering bastard end up with that nice girl? why do those irresponsible people be blessed with children only to leave them at dumpsters while others just can't seem to have any? why this.. why that.. why why why.. hehe

so i think i'll just focus on finding my own happiness with what i have, right here and now. regardless of what ever karmic confounding things that happen all around me, i'd be more than comforted by the fact that i have this one in a million opportunity to be happy with the one that i love. the one that loves me (first) even more. so as she flies off to bintulu for the next 4 days.. i want the senorita to know that these loving arms await her return. :x

now that just sounds so... angau.. hehe
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