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is it friday already??

nak citer pasal concert muse pun dah basi. the concert rocked. some issues on the ticketing but the show rocked. did i tell u that the show rocked? well the show rocked. i think its a well accepted fact that in a free standing situation, ur entitled to make ur way closer to the stage by jostling, jumping, squeezing urself thru. usually during the points where the music is loud and everyone is going wild. u don't however expect people to give way just because u ask nicely. the standing area at the stadium was divided into sections. the pitt and the rock zone. significant difference jugak between the prices. the only barrier between the two zones were made outta some flimsy red and white plastic tape thingy. so u can imagine la some of the frustration of those people who paid for the pitt tickets tu. by the end of the show, i over heard this dude telling his friend that he made it to the front from all the way back dekat the seating area. moral of the story. next time diorang buat gig kat stadium negara. tak payah aaa beli ticket pitt ke ape ke.

that aside. the show rocked.

and i found out that i'm too old for moshing.

nak kata pancit tak la jugak. lompat-lompat terkinja-kinja masa concert tu memang bersemangat. balik tu tak terasa lagi. monday kerja rasa macam okay. by tuesday kena amik mc. so that's it la for me. next time ade concert ke ape i'm just gonna get them seating tickets.

arsenal are outta both domestic cup competition. lost to chelsea in a tempestuous league cup final. lost to blackburn by a wonder goal during the last minutes of the fifth round replay. tough la kan. but hey for the most part they were punished for their profligacy. i think we're going to a period where we're just not getting the results swinging our way. dodgy officiating aside, they have the quality to finish off the opponents but it wasn't to be. the last three games that the gunners lost ni, all of them i didn't watch from the start. hehe macam ade kene mengena aje la kan.

we had a session with the kids at ilham on wednesday. saja aje jadi garang sket for that day. the kids were getting a bit 'tanak dengar cakap' sket. susah nak kata. i'm still trying to find that balance la. between fear and respect. i guess those experienced parents may have something to say about this la kan. my parents were never garang with me. i mean okay la i wasn't much of a 'budak nakal' growing up. i've always been the 'anak yg mendengar kata' kinda kid. so diorang tak payah nak threat/coax me to do anything. but kids nowadays dah macam-macam. information overload. pengaruh kawan. tv. the challenges for parents are greater. i know some parents want to be cool dad/mom. but being overtly cool nanti may lead to them stepping all over u. naik kepala. nak become strict enforcer plak, we get back to the whole fear or respect issue. the best thing is still having a balance la between the two. i once told the gorgeous senorita that i'm gonna be the cool dad. the thing is u can't really pull a good cop/bad cop trick with ur kids. u need to approach it as a team. so that u present a united front to ur kids. nanti kalau ayah marah tak kasi nak beli toy, takpe mak buleh belikan. susah aa itu macam. i dunno la. i have some ideas on how to approach parenting ni. crazy ideas tu tak la sangat. but my experience working with kids ni really helps la in a way.

anyways, it's already the weekend. ade a wedding to go to. kawan sekolah. ahmad's project band is on hiatus for the week. the last session rocked. hehe pity about the video coz the sound quality didn't come out right. hehe but we rocked. note to aspiring rockers who wanna video themselves jamming. avoid wearing clothes that'll make u look like a teletubby. emphasis on the word tubby.

have a nice weekend ya'll.
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