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always look on the bright side of life..

so the gunners are out of 3 cup competitions within 2 weeks. another season without silverware. time to take stock and try to finish as high as possible. a lot of positives to be had this season but alas talking about it while the trophy cabinet remains barren is kinda pointless. ah well. life goes on.

it had been a positive week, personally and professionally. i finally completed my consent to marry forms. funny thing happened on the way to doing it la kan. i was supposed to get a confirmation from the penghulu on my residential status. sampai kat situ kena interview sat on some basic questions la kan. tergagau kejap. tak dapek jawab. heh kena laa lecture sekejap, which i took in good heart la kan. at least u get some reminders for the future. nasib baik dia validate jugak the form. nice man. afterwards i went to the penolong pendaftar nikah. to get his confirmation and sokongan. the same ustad i went to the last time la kan. explain la sket ape jadi. dapat la ceramah sket on marriages and what not. afterwards terus pergi pejabat agama to submit my forms. everything was approved yesterday so dengan penuh semangatnya terus gi bagi kat the gorjesh senorita.

tak sabo-sabo, macam la tak jumpe dia hari ni kan. so dah approved ni means that i have 3 months to nikah. sheesh, macam lama lagi aje tapi now dah march. nak nikah in may?? semalam jugak before meeting the senorita, i went to this local wedding card printing business dekat giant taman permata tu. pilih la a design i thought was nice. kena come and review the setting next week before printing it. i'm still not finish sorting out my guest list. learned my lesson la. tanak miss plak some of ur closer friends right. date's already set. hehe formal announcement of dates tak buat lagi though. hehe nanti kita buat proper entry on that. hehe.

the senorita told me about she was roped in to problem solve on a situation at work. she's very the capable la. i love that about her. never shies away from taking charge and asserting herself. but she's very good at getting on top of things and getting things done. cuma kesian la sket bila dengor kena travel here and there. but i guess she loves her job la which is good la kan. was listening on the radio, fazilah kamsah ke ape said something about how work was like 50% of ur waking time spent already. so kalau ur not happy at work, just imagine how suck ur life can be. tah ler.

it was funny la reading her last entry. i was tagged (and again) but i think i've already did that one before. but reading on her weird traits tu, i really think that they're not THAT weird. weirdness is what makes up part of our character. hehe well weird yang not creepy la kot. creepy weird nanti freaks people out plak. looking at what she's written, the thing that struck me at first was how much we were so dissimilar in terms of the whole time management and punctuality thing. hehe it did cause a few arguments la how i was so laid back when it comes to time. don't get me wrong, its not that i'm predominantly tardy or anything like that. it's just that i love leaving things so tight that if anything goes wrong then i'd be late. example, i know it normally takes me 45 minuts to get to the senorita's place. so if i'm meeting her at 8.30 i'll leave la at 7.45. habis kalau ade jam ke. accident ke? pregnant lady crossing the road in the rain ke? terus kaco aa plan.

but we do what we have to do la kot. i'm learning to plan my time more la nowadays. i guess this probably had a lot to do with me being a spontaneous person kot. i never make plans to do anything. kalau nak buat terus buat aje. pikir kemudian. the senorita is someone yang plans things to a t. we both need some adjustments la i guess. and there are a lot of improvements la kan. the last 5 weeks ni all movie reservations was done by moi. hehe takde lagi alasan alaa tickets dah habis laa. thank you internet bookings la kan.

i was surprised about the stuttering bit tho. either i'm to engrossed with her that i overlook everything or she just doesn't do it when we're together. funny how i was telling her how i never noticed this only for her to have written the exact same thing on the blog as i was reading it. hehe. well no matter what her quirkiness is i love her all the same. hehe lets hope the feeling's mutual la kan when she discovers more about mine eh. hehe

have a good weekend ya'll.
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