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Appreciating what you got..

Tonight the group is having an appreciation dinner for all of its staff. They have this committee of people to plan for the whole do. My dept gave my name up to represent us in this singing (read: karaoke) contest. So that's gonna be interesting. Not.

I asked the senorita to come along. Its kinda cool that she always makes it a point to accomodate my whims and fancy. I guess when you love someone you just wanna be with them no matter what the occasion is.

The days keep getting shorter and shorter. Its already nearing the end of march and before you know it may will be knocking. I'm excited about the future. I long for the time when the senorita and i will be together. I know that there will be more challenges ahead, but be that as it may, there's not a better person that i can have fighting in the same corner.

I always talk about how lucky i am, and she shares the same sentiment. In a way i guess we're both lucky. To meet each other at time when we weren't even lo…

Morning drive...

Well i'm not driving today. Taking the lrt instead. There's just too many cars on the road its not even funny. No matter how safe you think your driving is some random person could just as easily crash into you just for fun.

Well not la for fun but shit just happens. I got into one of those things again. Sian my car. Its making all sorts of funny noises now. But the good thing to remember is at least nothing bad happened to me the driver eh.

I wanted to comment more on saturday's hunt win. It was good to note that the coc noticed our slow improvement over the years we've been hunting. It had been fun all this while, and i would recommend it to every one. Not just to those yg frust bercinta aje. :)

Anyways, the new phone is really great. He he. I love it. I always wanted to get the k800i since it came out last year. He he it's really worth the wait la i guess. Will be posting more pictures la after this.

Have a nice day everyone.

Sent using a Sony Eric…


I finally managed to convince the gorgeous senorita to go 3g. So hopefully we'll be able to be more connected after this.

On a more happy note the flying monkees under the guise of the corporate monkeys have managed to win the 2007 sun corporate hunt. He he despite strong competition from some of the more masterful teams, our luck had it that it was to be our day.

So don't forget to catch monday's copy of the sun. He he.

15 minutes of fame..

karma police is on vacation..

buat baik berpada-pada..
kata orang tua..
buat jahat jangan sekali..buat banyak kali??
kita takkan rugi..

mulia dibalas syurga,
dosa kan sengsara
ini hukum karma..
the concept is simple. u do something bad, u get punished. u do something good, u get rewarded. i think this is a universally accepted convention. sometimes it's not necessarily as straight forward as that la.

sometimes u see people go thru all their lives, living recklessly, hurting people left right and centre, generally being bad, and u just see that they have everything easy, a well paying job, a big house, a fancy car, a beautiful wife. and sometimes u see generally nice people going through a lot of neverending crap. and u can't help but to wonder. wow, that just sucks.

i mean is it fair? u only have this one life to live so why is it that some have it easy and some just not? is it down to just pure luck? or is there something greater at play that's just too huge for us to begin to comprehend?

hehe.. heavy stuff ini…

the most luckiest en khalid..

u guys watched that toyota vios ad right? the one where the guy was like having the worse day of his life kinda thing, stepped on some paint, got knocked by someone opening the doors of a lorry, getting splashed by a moving car. after all that crap, when he got to his vios, the people watching were saying that he was very lucky? ala you know the ad i'm talking about kan?

i feel like that all the time.

no i don't own a vios.

what i have is much better.

i have her.

better than any car..

always look on the bright side of life..

so the gunners are out of 3 cup competitions within 2 weeks. another season without silverware. time to take stock and try to finish as high as possible. a lot of positives to be had this season but alas talking about it while the trophy cabinet remains barren is kinda pointless. ah well. life goes on.

it had been a positive week, personally and professionally. i finally completed my consent to marry forms. funny thing happened on the way to doing it la kan. i was supposed to get a confirmation from the penghulu on my residential status. sampai kat situ kena interview sat on some basic questions la kan. tergagau kejap. tak dapek jawab. heh kena laa lecture sekejap, which i took in good heart la kan. at least u get some reminders for the future. nasib baik dia validate jugak the form. nice man. afterwards i went to the penolong pendaftar nikah. to get his confirmation and sokongan. the same ustad i went to the last time la kan. explain la sket ape jadi. dapat la ceramah sket on marriage…

come on big money..

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I love u..

Walking to my car i realised that the moon was kinda full. Full moon always makes me go a little bit angau. I can't remember if it was a movie or some story i read about how the moon was like the common thing uniting a pair of lovers who were apart. Seeing the moon so bright and knowing that she'd be watching the same moon thinking of u.Well unless ur like in a different timezone la kan.I had to work a bit late. The lovely senorita kept me company at the end of a million crossed wires and cables. Her avatar on google talk would always bring a smile to my face. My very own samuwai kitty. Its amazing how far we have gotten. From that moment when i said hi and she said yes to my offer of a cuppa. Now we're getting busy by the day. Planning for the big day. Planning for the future. Anticipating what fate has in store for us. What the future may bring. We watch the pursuit of happiness over the weekend. Well i think the gorgeous senorita will have to credit me for this movie. I…

mcdeliveries, can i hepchiu?

so i went to the wedding in record time. surprisingly the pasangan pengantin was already having their wedding lunch. sempat la say hi. congrats to aishah and her brother hadi. senang for their parents to have both to have the event serentak. the gorgeous senorita told me yesterday that she was moving office. she was already there since morning. tolong belikan her lunch. mcd plak tu. bukan selalu nak dapat dia makan mcd. i didn't get any la kan. dah kenyang.

so here i am typing away while she kemas her stuff. she still has a nice view of the lake from her new place. maybe lepas ni dari delivery boy kita jadi buruh kasar plak.

is it friday already??

nak citer pasal concert muse pun dah basi. the concert rocked. some issues on the ticketing but the show rocked. did i tell u that the show rocked? well the show rocked. i think its a well accepted fact that in a free standing situation, ur entitled to make ur way closer to the stage by jostling, jumping, squeezing urself thru. usually during the points where the music is loud and everyone is going wild. u don't however expect people to give way just because u ask nicely. the standing area at the stadium was divided into sections. the pitt and the rock zone. significant difference jugak between the prices. the only barrier between the two zones were made outta some flimsy red and white plastic tape thingy. so u can imagine la some of the frustration of those people who paid for the pitt tickets tu. by the end of the show, i over heard this dude telling his friend that he made it to the front from all the way back dekat the seating area. moral of the story. next time diorang buat g…