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there's still hope for everyone..

so i went to this wedding yesterday. the lovely senorita breaking from her normal 'don't wanna be going to any functions on a sunday' routine to accompany me. as any normal weddings go, this one went along just fine. the food was good and people were generally enjoying themselves. what i found amazing was how the couple met and subsequently decided that they wanna spend the rest of their lives together.

they met on friendster. the guy messaged the girl. the girl replied. and after like 3 months of online chats and phone calls, the guy decided to move across the sea to be closer to her. hehe okay la sarawak to kl is across the sea also right? i mean talk about knowing what u want and doing something about it eh? i really respect that la.

when fate presents u with certain opportunities, u need to be smart enuff to take a chance la. be it a chance encounter on an lrt. random comments on a blog. calling a number that ur friend gave ya just for the heck of it. or even coming across an interesting profile on the friendsters and the myspaces. when that opportunity comes - just take a chance. u never know where it can lead ya.


friday's vista hunt was a flop. hehe again? hehe its becoming like a trend plak for us monkees. suffering a dip in form kot. alas the top 4 winners were ur regular masters. hehe have to seriously buck up la to make any dent in their domination. i didn't even wait for the results as i had more pressing matters to attend to. the senorita came back from her trip. and i wanted to see her (having opted to enter a walkahunt instead of picking her up at the airport - hmm dah la tak menang plak tu). we had dinner and caught a movie afters. Babel. why? after all the buzz the movie created, potential oscar winner and what not. saja la nak tengok.

the movie is, for me personally is a big 'aah okay.. but what was the fuss all about again??' experience. there's like different stories interwoven together. of course there was a central theme to but u kinda got like a rojak feel to it then a properly crafted sequence of images and portrayal of emotions. apela aku merepek ni. tengok dvd aje la kot. hehe. but if u wanna see it for urself then by all means pegi ler.


aha lupa plak. that sunday also, i managed to relive my childhood dream of wanting to front a rock band by joining ahmad's project band rocking it out at this one studio dekat ss2. dok melalak lagu jeremy (pearl jam), like a stone (audioslave) and a bunch of other patched up numbers ranging from wings to gnr to ape kemende entah lagi. pearl jam tu buleh la makan lagi. tapi chris cornell dalam audioslave.. pergh. hehe semput pakcik. especially cochise. fcuk. hehe was like so in denial. hehe buleh.. buleh sampai. hehe. flat out screamed tepehape entah in the end.

ni kira macam side project abg ahmad kita ni. grouping some friends together to chill out and make music. hehe kalau dah confident sket nanti maybe we might just perform la kat memana. hehe. yeah. ada berani ke?


so sekian sahaja update untuk kali ini. hingga bertemu lagi di rancangan yg akan datang.

p/s congrats again to sherrie and reza.
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