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shaky toad drifting..

ever want something so bad that u pine over it u dream about it u imagine what it would be like if u have it, and then when u finally got it u say eh having it is not what its cracked up to be?


anyways friday is upon us yet again. seriously aa so quick la time seem to fly nowadays. the preparation for the big day also is gathering more steam. the other day, a friend of my arwah sister ima came by the house to see my mom. well it had been a while since she came by. anak pun dah besar. well they were talking and my mom told her that we're gonna have another kenduri come may nanti. turns out she also does catering and she offered to do it for us la. the last time we did it my dad cooked the food but this time i think we've had it la with all the hassle to prepare everything. better professional help. senang. can really relax and layan the guests aje. so kira the food is settled. tinggal nak finalize the details aje la. my sister ita is helping me out on that point.

then we're probably gonna start looking for buying stuff for the hantaran decorations and the gifts that we're giving the guests. kak sue has offered to lend her creative touch on this and i really appreciate the gesture. she has been like a sister to me more so since kak ima past away. tengah pikir of some creative ways to do the hantaran. hehe. nasib baik dia banyak majalah pengantin. nak harap saya ni. hehe ferget about it.

bila tengah nak pakai duit tu macam-macam la plak mende datang. the other day baru renew my car insurance. road tax dah drop to rm 20. but that's nothing to shout about la kan. from 30 to 20. last time when it was 128 tu terasa la jugak drop bila it became 30. i considered swapping insurance company but decided against it in the end. insurance ni is such a passive business that i really think insurance company shud do more laa for their customer to attract/persuade them to stay ke ape. u pay ur premium. and then that's it. unless u have to claim la kan, u won't be having any interaction with ur insurance company anymore. that's why i think company macam panglobal yg have all that promotions for their customers to macam bagus la. cuma tak tau la about their claim process and what not tu. see la. maybe next year i tukar for sure la kot. rates pretty much fixed pun.

talking about cars plak, yesterday on my way to work, this car ran me off the road. the driver wanted to turn to the right. this jalan kat dato keramat ni is a two way lane but only after 9.30 am. i guess she wasn't familiar with the road kot. i was driving next to her when suddenly she turned and hit the side of my car. siap drove up to the curb. nasib baik tak langgar tiang. sian gak kat keter saya tu. turns out the driver lived nearby. i was relieved that nothing serious happened. my sister and this colleague from work dok numpang. nasib baik takde ape-ape. we decided to settle things, and today before going to work i dropped off the car at the workshop where the driver's dad gladly paid to fix the damages. so takde kereta la for the next 2-3 days ni.

the weekend starts today. the gorgeous (but slightly under the weather) senorita and i are watching the holiday. that kate winslet, cameron d, jude law, jack black flick about switching houses apekemenda entah. the trailer nampak macam best, tapi cik senorita kita cakap review macam slow sket. ah persetankan reviews eh. hehe then tomorrow we're gonna see the blood diamond. have dinner and really make a day out la kan. bila lagi nak dok memanja dengan dia yang tercinta ni kan.

and that's that la i guess.

ooh and in case ur wondering what the title is all about, its an anagram of ..

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