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erks.. where did my long weekend go..

well it was a truly fulfilling long weekend indeed. it started that friday nite. met up with the gorgeous senorita and her friend sue who were having drinks in klcc. we then went over to sue's place. she just moved in for like 2 months. has a nice view. we hung out for a bit, then sue's husband came back with her daughter. cute little girl. very playful. and u know la how i love kids. ended up entertaining the little girl by going thru a bunch of her favorite toys.

saturday was spent with the senorita. i got tickets to see ghost rider. well u know how the senorita is with ghost stories. i didn't really think ghost rider qualifies as ur normal cerita hantu terkejut-terkejut. i was wrong. it had its moments la. over all the movie itself was okay aje la. my benchmark for comic-to-movie films is still spiderman but i didn't get that same satisfaction from watching ghost rider. still its good entertainment la kan. a must watch for aspiring mat rempits? hehe yeah there are some nice tricks with the motorbike in there.

sunday was what i was really looking forward to. i was asked to join this trip to zoo. a friend from volunteering at rumah ilham was bringing some 33 kids from this orphanage in rawang and he needed people to just be there to help out with the kids. i thought it would be fun thing to do with the little munchkin. the senorita was okay with it. reluctantly sket la kot. i assured her that i'll do my very best to look after him.

so i picked up the little munchkin from the senorita's around 7.45 am and we drove to our destination. stop by my place to pick up my sister jannah who's on holiday (managed to ajak her along to help out also) and we were off to the zoo. yeay.

i had to come earlier to buy the tickets for the group. tickets were priced at RM 15 for adults and RM 6 for kids. u do get group discounts tho. RM 1 off for a group of 15 and RM 2 off for a group of 30 or more. with it being a sunday plus its the chinese new year and all, there was bound to be a lot of people.

i was playing tour guide. the kids had a lot of questions. maybe jarang dapat peluang pergi zoo kot. u know la kids and animals ni kan. nasib baik ade some help from my sister and the rest of the volunteers. the little munchkin (LM) also became my assistant la in a way. he'd be telling the rest of the kids what we would be seeing next, pretty much excited about a lot of things. he'd jotted down all the animals we'd pass by at first la kan but after a while (banyak sangat binatangnye) we just enjoyed the animals.

we then went to the multi animal show. LM was excited about this coz he saw the show featured on the chicky hour on telly. there were some birds shooting hoops, a very active sea lion and a pair of cutesy orang utans. they were asking for volunteers to 'beradu tenaga' with this 16 year old orang utan called manja. hehe. guess who went up? hehe i have a long history of coming up on stage and making a fool outta myself (that one incident with the clowns and the baloons in sg wang immediately comes to mind). so the challenge was to see who could open up a coconut using their bare hands. sounds easy enuff eh. far from it. i only managed to get a piece of the sabut off. manja went thru her's in record time. hehe 1 - 0 to the orang utan. for my trouble, i was given the opportunity to take some pictures with the orang utan once the show ended.

we then had our lunch break at the rest area. LM was holding out for some McD. i did say that we're gonna go home and pick up the senorita for lunch when we get back. anyways the kids were looking kinda restless so i thought of a riddling match with me and LM in one team and the rest of the kids in the other team. i was racking my brains out for those collection of riddles that i have la to tell the kids. surprisingly the kids also have a few riddles that i haven't heard before. dalam banyak-banyak pohon, pohon ape yang tumbuh setahun sekali? hehe the answer is pohon maaf zahir dan batin. heheh, u had to be there to see the funny part.

at 1.30 the kids had to make a move. we said our goodbyes. they were a very nice bunch of kids. LM made some friends himself. we stayed for a while longer coz i wanted to see the fishes and there was like a lion dance a bit later. we then made our way once it started raining. i told the senorita how well LM behaved during the trip and how we had a lot of fun with the rest of the kids. so next time we can all go together-gether hehe.

it was raining heavily that monday morning. i woke up a tad late, promptly called up the couple and told them that i'll be coming over for my cheap labour stint. their's was a really nice place. 23rd floor. got view of kl skyline from the master bedroom. nice. the task for the day was to finish the master bedroom and the study. ezanee came with ross and muz's brother was already there. hehe kitorang nampak betul macam tak professional labour. sket-sket took a break. 5 min ciggy break la. 10 minute donut break la. it didn't help la kan when eju's parents brought nasik lemak for lunch. hehe. started around 10 am and by the time me and ezanee left which was around 4 pm ish we managed to get the master bedroom done and (pretty much) the study. tinggal muz to touch up a bit la. u know what we could do? u get like a consortium (hehe big word) of friends who's either bought a new place or moving to a new house or anything like that la kan. and then take turns to ramai-ramai paint the houses together-gether. hehe. save gak on labor costs init? hehe but kalau tanak hassle upah aje orang ye dok..

later on that nite, the senorita and i came over the couple's place (in putra heights la kan) just to lepak. we watch this movie called trust the man. chick flick la kot. about relationships and stuff. tak tayang kat sini kot. david duchovny, julianne more, billy crudup and maggie gyllenhaal. okaay aje la citer dia.

so that was the long weekend la for me. tuesdays was spent resting and now i'm back at work. the senorita is still at home. taking an extra day off - well she really need it la, after such a hectic couple of weeks. hehe blog pun dapat update baper kali aje. so tengah relakz ni buleh la update kot. kan kan kan. hehe.
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