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do wop scridilie do..

i fell asleep in the midst of updating this. i guess its my body's way of telling me that i need to exercise more la kot. why? well we'll go into that a bit later.

so the holiday turned out to be a very enjoyable movie. the review that the gorgeous senorita read before hand turned out to be crap. but i guess it all depends on ur personal opinion la kot. hehe this is a chick flick la kan? hehe i can't believe that i'm raving about a chick flick. ah well if a movie is good than its good la kot. tak kira la whatever genre the movie is eh.

the funny bit nye lagi, i keep finding more and more things in common with jack black. i mean apart from getting more 'fatboy'ish la kan. the senorita kinda agreed. that's why la when other girls are watching the movie for jude law, she's watching it for jack black. kelakar siut. tak payah la kita go into details about that..

seriously man, sore giler seluruh badan ni.

so yesterday i had my stint volunteering at this school. we have new std 4 kids this year. very eager and excited kids i might add. showing much potential. it'll be challenge to come up with more interesting activities to cater for them.

afterwards it was out again for a big day out with the senorita. i was cutting it a bit late though. we were watching a movie at 2.10 and i was still on the lrt by 1.30. it took some tremendously good driving by the senorita for us to reach one utama just in time for the movie.

we went and saw the blood diamond. which is to me personally a very good movie. (macam semua movie yg kitorang tengok 'a good movie') the acting was brilliant. the story engaging (plus it was 'kinda' like a true story oso). a bit violent la kan. too much for the senorita's liking. there was actually a moment in the movie when i was all teary eyed. (hehe like jude law's graham who cries at the drop of a hat.. not) sensitive jugak acat eh.

after the movie, the senorita wanted to go for her hair treatment at atria. i love it when her hair gets straight after that. i spent the time checking out what the atria had in stored la kan. which was not a lot. its kinda like those quaint little shops where u go if u really want to buy something but not so much to browse around in. after that it was off to the curve for dinner.

dinner was at the shaky toad drifting. the food was okay la. then we went rambling at the curve. the senorita found some nice bargain for accesories at one of the stalls. i was just ejoying the company. we bumped into some familiar faces. hehe kl is only so big. (the curve tak kira kl kot) and time flies when ur having fun. i showed the senorita the new treo 680. she has this thing with palm eversince i gave her that z22. no other organizer can cut it. hehe terus masuk her wishlist.

it was already close to 10pm. we headed off to our usual watering hole in kelana jaya. had our drinks, talked. it pretty much rounded off a very fine day. despite the lousy start la. we said goodbye at taman bahagia lrt where the final ordeal started off la for me.

upon reaching wangsa maju. i waited for a cab la for a few minutes. taxi macam tunggu midnight aje for the double surcharge. so i decided to leg it home aje. for the record it took me more or less 30 minutes to walk from wangsa maju lrt to my house in lembah keramat.

ooh and i'm aching all over..
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