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remotely a vision..

i just realised that the league cup final between chelski and the gunners is on sunday nite. dang. same time dengan concert muse plak tu. hmm. bola ke concert. bola ke concert. siapa nak beli ticket muse 1? heheh yeah right.

takpela hopefully my going to the concert would not have any adverse juju affect on the young gunners.

this months must be like a movie month la for me and the senorita. we're watching music and lyrics tonite. hehe buat tebus tengok citer ghost rider the other day. citer cinta lagi. but okay la kot. i love watching drew barrymore. kalau cakap suka nengok hugh grant nanti kang ape plak eh.

saturday plak nak gi melalak dengan si ahmad. hehe he's got a new drummer. supposedly very good. oh and his sister naya pun also along for the ride. this time nak bawak some new songs. u2, rhcp. where la we're heading with all this eh. hehe for me it's like an extended karaoke session aje la kot. ahmad nanti dah cukup rockstar kena laa bawak grou…

have a nice day..

there are like 36 contacts online in my yahoo messenger. friends from mrsm, from work. from past lives (hehe that doesn't sound right) and the random people that u tend to add and forget over the years.

hehe lets try something. hehe. lets just message everyone on ur list and wish them a good day.

hehe okay outta 34 messages sent 15 (and counting) replied. hehe not that bad eh. spreadin the love.

hmm lepas ni maybe we'll have a look see at the ol phone book plak.

erks.. where did my long weekend go..

well it was a truly fulfilling long weekend indeed. it started that friday nite. met up with the gorgeous senorita and her friend sue who were having drinks in klcc. we then went over to sue's place. she just moved in for like 2 months. has a nice view. we hung out for a bit, then sue's husband came back with her daughter. cute little girl. very playful. and u know la how i love kids. ended up entertaining the little girl by going thru a bunch of her favorite toys.

saturday was spent with the senorita. i got tickets to see ghost rider. well u know how the senorita is with ghost stories. i didn't really think ghost rider qualifies as ur normal cerita hantu terkejut-terkejut. i was wrong. it had its moments la. over all the movie itself was okay aje la. my benchmark for comic-to-movie films is still spiderman but i didn't get that same satisfaction from watching ghost rider. still its good entertainment la kan. a must watch for aspiring mat rempits? hehe yeah there are so…

loooong weekend..

well it's the start of a very long weekend. happy chinese new year. ting tingtingting ting tingtingting ting tingtingting tingting tingting. hehe

the guys decided to visit a colleague at the office, his wife successfully delivered a pair of twins. yeah. i was like.. wooah.. instantly ade 2. overwhelming jugak kot. i mean first it was the two of u and now there are 4. hehe but i'm sure he'll be okay.

i'm looking forward to this sunday. a friend from the IEP program asked if i could join him to bring some kids to the zoo. its a test of sorts la jugak since i'm also bringin the little munchkin a long. and without the gorgeous senorita to supervise. hehe excited sebenornya. nevertheless, i'm confident things will be okay.

come monday, its manual labor time as i'm gonna go help the couple out painting their new apartment. hehe knowing muz la kan, i'm sure he'll be a little reluctant of just letting anyone do the painting. its not that hard u may think rig…

game for a laugh?

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i heart you big time..

so okay. it's valentine's day. and as i'm sure all of you are aware, its not the roses. it's not the teddy beaws, its not the fancy dinner, the winin and dinin. its the being with that special someone - just the two of you together not caring about anything else around you. its about enjoying that... wonderfully delicious banana split that has just arrived.. oops i'm digressing.

its a celebration. despite all the negative perception. all the economical capitalization.

its all about love..

happy moments caught on camera..

i... love... you...

Skinamarinky dinky dink, Skinamarinky doo: I love you.
Skinamarinky dinky dink, Skinamarinky doo: I love you.
I love you in the morning, and in the afternoon.
I love you in the evening, and underneath the moon
Skinamarinky dinky dink, Skinamarinky doo....I LOVE YOU
(I really mean it) I LOVE YOU TOO BOO BOOPY DOO

i can't get this tune out of my head. not that i've heard of it recently pun. maybe its just today kot. heh but of course la, u feel it everyday maybe its just more pronounced today then the rest kot.

ah well..

Am I weird meme

Got tagged by Adam, thanks.. (it was ages ago it seems).

The rules: Each player of this game starts with the ‘6 weird things about you.’ People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says ‘you are tagged’ in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

So here goes...
i love pink - maybe this is because when my mom was pregnant she didn't know if i was a boy or a girl so she had knitted two blankies one pink and one blue. hehe guess i'm stuck with the pink.i can make 'ktak-ktok' noises using my tounge and can pretty much do it to the soundtrack of that dig-dug game - or the tv pendidikan show depends on which one you remember.hehe i have this strand of hair that grows extremely long on my right leg. the fact that i just leave it there is what's weird.i have an extra skin growth near my right ear…

getting paid to review me?

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do wop scridilie do..

i fell asleep in the midst of updating this. i guess its my body's way of telling me that i need to exercise more la kot. why? well we'll go into that a bit later.

so the holiday turned out to be a very enjoyable movie. the review that the gorgeous senorita read before hand turned out to be crap. but i guess it all depends on ur personal opinion la kot. hehe this is a chick flick la kan? hehe i can't believe that i'm raving about a chick flick. ah well if a movie is good than its good la kot. tak kira la whatever genre the movie is eh.

the funny bit nye lagi, i keep finding more and more things in common with jack black. i mean apart from getting more 'fatboy'ish la kan. the senorita kinda agreed. that's why la when other girls are watching the movie for jude law, she's watching it for jack black. kelakar siut. tak payah la kita go into details about that..

seriously man, sore giler seluruh badan ni.

so yesterday i had my stint volunteering at this school. …

shaky toad drifting..

ever want something so bad that u pine over it u dream about it u imagine what it would be like if u have it, and then when u finally got it u say eh having it is not what its cracked up to be?


anyways friday is upon us yet again. seriously aa so quick la time seem to fly nowadays. the preparation for the big day also is gathering more steam. the other day, a friend of my arwah sister ima came by the house to see my mom. well it had been a while since she came by. anak pun dah besar. well they were talking and my mom told her that we're gonna have another kenduri come may nanti. turns out she also does catering and she offered to do it for us la. the last time we did it my dad cooked the food but this time i think we've had it la with all the hassle to prepare everything. better professional help. senang. can really relax and layan the guests aje. so kira the food is settled. tinggal nak finalize the details aje la. my sister ita is helping me out on that point.

then we&…

now if only the calls are free..

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there's still hope for everyone..

so i went to this wedding yesterday. the lovely senorita breaking from her normal 'don't wanna be going to any functions on a sunday' routine to accompany me. as any normal weddings go, this one went along just fine. the food was good and people were generally enjoying themselves. what i found amazing was how the couple met and subsequently decided that they wanna spend the rest of their lives together.

they met on friendster. the guy messaged the girl. the girl replied. and after like 3 months of online chats and phone calls, the guy decided to move across the sea to be closer to her. hehe okay la sarawak to kl is across the sea also right? i mean talk about knowing what u want and doing something about it eh? i really respect that la.

when fate presents u with certain opportunities, u need to be smart enuff to take a chance la. be it a chance encounter on an lrt. random comments on a blog. calling a number that ur friend gave ya just for the heck of it. or even coming acro…