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new year.. new u.. new me..

still in the new year's mood. spent the new year's eve at the curve with the lovely senorita. it's a change from last year's stay in. the curve served up some local artists, the likes of jaclyn victor, reshmonu, and a few indie rock outfit i don't care to name. we stayed on to watch the fireworks. and then stayed a while longer trying to get out of the car park. but it was good fun none the less.

so as new years go, its the time of resolutions and goals and stuff like that. i've pretty much narrowed down my resolutions to 5. hehe ambitious? hehe see laa. can't remember my track record as far as resolutions go la. well here they are in no particular order..

1. drink more water..
i wanted to say i'd stop drinking coke. hehe yeah. acat without coke. the longest i've goe without coke was like 6 months kot. hehe back in uni due to a health scare. but then, why stop at coke? why not all carbonated drinks? so lets just focus on drinking more water. hehe playing it safe? naah. i think its a manageable goal don't you think?

2. be more organized..
i guess this is a bit vague. it could mean a lot of things right? more organized how? financially? personally? more organized by having a more tidy cubicle? more organized by shaving more regularly and lose that whole gruff look? well i think i'd wanna be more organized in terms of punctuality and keeping up with plans and stuff. don't wanna be losing that spontaneous streak, but it doesn't hurt to be a bit structured la with things.

3. the perfect who for the gorgeous u..
i'm actually counting the days now. the anticipation is building. some sense of familiarity, but i'm not gonna take anything for granted. i know we all have it in us. the capacity to be the better husband. the perfect father. the funny thing is, well not la funny ha ha kinda way, i have this belief that i can be all that i wanna be because of her.

4. learn another language..
been meaning to do this since ever. and nope, fake tamil and pseudo french doesn't count.

5. take up a hobby..
the gorgeous senorita suggested we do ballroom dancing. hehe if those videos of me doing that crazy dance ever get released i'm sure she'll think twice la kan about this. but hey its an idea. well there are a few other options. knitting? cross-stitching? hehe.

hehe i'm still good on all of the above. i took my sisters, ana and jannah to watch a movie at one utama with the senorita. we wanted to see that night at the museum but it was full. so we caught confessions of pain instead. the girls were entranced by takeshi kaneshiro. hmph. anyways, i didn't order any coke. hehe. and when i got home, despite there's like some vanilla coke left in the freezer, i chose to drink plain ol h2o. hehe. yeah yeah.. lets see how long he last eh? hehe.
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