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the lure of the temptress..

a cool title for ur entry is just cheap way of getting people's hopes up so that when they read u, they'll expect something flashy or brilliant. only to be disappointed coz they just spent the last 5 minutes reading crappola.


case in point. the title for this entry supposedly makes some reference to something scandalous or sinister. but in fact its just a title of an old game published in 1989 by the same people that brought u the broken sword series.

why? coz i'm so into retro gaming at the moment.

video games from the days of yore are sometimes much better than what u get nowadays. granted the graphics are not that fancy, but the important thing is the game play. that's practically the most i've used my pda for lately (well apart from keeping appointments and contacts la kan) using the free LJP emulator for the palm, i can play games for the gameboy, NES, SNES, sega genesis, game gear, neo geo pocket, wonder swan, sega master system and the vcs. well u need to have the roms for the games and u can find that easily enuff on the net. there are legal implications towards downloading these roms which i'm not gonna go into la kan.

the best bit is because i'm running these games on my more powerful tungsten the graphics are greatly enhanced. hehe i'm psyched. i haven't touched my ps2 for days now. its really good for those long lrt rides to see the senorita. or when ur just plain bored. hehe. so those people who have a palm and wanna know more about retro gaming on the palm can find out more here.


so the gunners were at anfield again yesterday for the league cup quarterfinals. i think liverpool has fast become my most favourite arsenal opponent. we trounced them 3 - 6 this time. after the 3 - 0 win in the EPL, the 3 - 1 win in the FA Cup. so that makes it 12 goals scored against the merseyside reds. hehe we have another match with them coming and i'm sure we'll fancy our chances for that one eh. 4 goals from the beast baptista, along with one from song and another from aliadiere. and that was supposedly the kids team. hehe well chuffed for that result. mickey mouse cup pun mickey mouse cup la.


so air asia is having their seats for peanuts offer again. the gorjes senorita highlighted an interesting point on cancellations and refunds that made me wonder a bit la. for starters, why haven't we heard anything about it being raised. is it because its a non-issue? or people just take for granted aje? my friend booked tickets to go to langkawi. tickets are free. u just have to pay the taxes and what not aje. his comment well book aje, kalau tak pergi takpe laa. forfeit aje la. kalau tax tu seringgit dua ringgit aje tak pe la kan. ke we're making the wrong assumptions here? how does the tax and surcharges really work? payment upon booking? or payment upon utilization? can we separate the two components of from the ticket price? pay directly the tax as u check in for example.


i think i'm down with something la. a serious case of angaurindumelampaumenitis. only one known cure. hmm

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