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life, love and durians..

On my drive back home either from work or when y dad picks me up at the lrt station i will always pass by this one durian stall. And i always remember thinking that yep today i might just stop and get me some of them delicious thorny morsels. Well that was what i did. Bought me a few kilos and pretty much just satisfied my long standing craving for it. Boy was it worth it.

The taste was made much more sweet because of the whole process of opening up the damn thing. Berhempas pulas nak bukak hehe (i guess that's more down to the technique kot). And when finally u put it in ur mouth.. pergh.. immediately ur taste buds recognized the sensation that comes with eating it. He he heaven.

I wonder why some people just can't take them. Sampai jadi one of the supposedly gross delicacies in that fear factor show. Crazy. Its the durian we're talking about here, and they put it at par with like pig intenstines and cow's eyes? Crazy.

I guess the durian can be a good metaphore for life and love. Life is like a thorny durian, once u get past the thorns, only then can u taste the sweetness. Some may not like what they find in the end la tapi.

Incidentally, my brother in law who's away in davos switzerland has had a cameo appearance in today's paper. His picture was right there in the middle of the petronas' president shaking hands with the pm. Hehe. Glamer kejap.

Where were we? Life? Love? Durian?

now as forest gump rightly said, life is like a box of chocolates. u never know what u might get. i guess thats a fair statement. life is full of uncertainties. even when ur certain of something surprises are definitely abound. i always have this air of confidentsemacamness about something that it sometimes bugs people to bits. when i say people, i mean the senorita and when i say bug i mean annoy a bit la kot. hmm bug does mean annoy la kan.

i guess this arrogant attitude of thinking u can make everything work out no matter what ni is very the dangerous aint it? i mean its one thing to be confident at kicking someone's ass in pro evolution soccer. but to say that no matter what comes u'll definitely give 110% in making things work is somewhat takbur jugak la don't u think? can someone be THAT confident? or he's just saying things just because he knows its the thing that the partner wud want to hear? is it blind optimism or misplaced confidence. entah. ur only in control of ur actions. i've always maintain that. so is it wrong to tempt fate by saying the things u mean to do anyways. hehe entah. entah ler.

in truth sometimes it doesn't take much for ur confidence to be shot to hell in an instant. when u come into a relationship u have a certain expectation of how u wud make the lives ur entering into so much better, well u wish la at least. but in some instances, trying to have a change on something that has already been set, certain behaviours, habits, way of life, is not as easy as it seems. sometimes its not that ur being insensitive to the ways. being new these are the things that u need to learn. but the learning curve is not as forgiving as probably starting a new job. because when lives are at stake, the stakes are even higher.

so mrs oxymoron (ala the one person who supposedly clicked on that payperpost bit, registered but failed to indicate that i was the one who referred her hence denying me that $15 referral fee) messaged me on google asking for a favor. she was asking for a man. yes. since i also moonlight as a man pimp in my free time i of course obliged la kan. kidding. being happily married she doesn't need la another man to fix her plumbing. actually its for her friend. it seems that my apparently 'cool' behavior has made her deduce that all my friends are probably cool too and therefore if there's any of them who's single she can probably hook them up with this friend la kan.

i can only think of just one name. hehe proceeded to give the dude the girl's number and hopefully he knows that to do next la kan.

now this may be a stretch la. hehe what are the odds of two strangers meeting up and hitting it off over a cup of coffee. hmm.. why does that sound sooo familiar eh? hehe the important thing that we must realise, when ur single, u need to take any opportunity as it come because u never know, sometimes u spent ur entire life looking for that special someone only to find her just an instant message away. just an email reply away. the rules of the game has evolved a bit la i guess. entah ler..

the durian was marvelous. pergh. eerks.. hehe and that's all i have to say about that..
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