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allow myself to introduce... myself..

well its a tuesday. arsenal gets bolton again for the FA cup 4th round draw. we're meeting liverpool AGAIN for the carling cup quarter finals. after the win at anfield i'm sure confidence is running high. well kalau tak high pun at least its running some where. changes are set to be made from the side that beat liverpool 3 - 1. henry sure rehat punye. hehe apela bosan cerita pasal bolaa ni..

so last sunday i spent close to 3 hours queuing up for the muse 2007 world tour concert tickets. jenuh. i guess the 30% discount means that it was all worth it eh. so jannah dengan ana better be nice. hehe nanti saya auction kan tickets tu dekat ebay. hehe.

incidentally a friend of mine was a few place up on the queue. it was a looong queue okay. so he asked me to join him , effectively cutting the queue la kan. he sms'd and i said tak pe laa beb. i don't jump the queue. hehe macam bagus kan? dunno la if its a matter of principle ke ape. i just don't feel comfortable cutting queues. if only this applies in every aspect of life la kan. coz, masa memandu.. hmm dunno la if i observe that rule much la kan. although the gorgeous senorita can probably testify that i'm not that good at mencelah and mencilok. despite driving the nippy kelisa. my friend tu gelak aje cakap i'm like macam bagus. hehe. well what to do. i guess i just have some weird sense of logic aje.

well we just have to respect la people and their principles eh. yg kelakonya tadi masa beratur kat mcd, when i saw my friend at the back of the line, dengan tak segan silunya kita plak mengajak.. haa moh aa kedepan. bengong.

btw, tadi makan mcd saya order air melo. yaa. takde coke. lunch dengan my two colleagues who looked at me funny when i said i was cutting down on coke. ko ketagih ke? addict? with my hands shaking uncontrollably i said.. nnno. i'm not an addict. hehe kidding. no laa. i'm not dependent on coke. i just like to drink it. hehe. ade org suggest tuko coke light. hmph itu fake coke. mana best. hehe. when i'm at home its just water and the occasional ais krim msia. hehe anyone taking bets on how long acat can last tak? hehe put me up for a tenner. hehe.

aah dah pukul 5.37 pm. hehe such a productive day eh. hehe..
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