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rasa semacam ..

hmm i'm feeling a bit iffy. sleepy. tired. like something's missing. hmm. its that time of the month again i guess. another one of those angaurindumenitis caused by SRS virus. senorita withdrawal syndrome. yep ladies and gentleman, the senorita is away.

hmm does that mean its time for acat to come out and play? uhuk uhuk uhuk sadly not. alas we just have to keep busy with things to do eh.

so tonight we're having another session of IEP. there are more kids than last year and we're gonna try our best to make the sessions as fruitful and enjoyable as possible for all parties involved. naz is coming up with the lesson plan today. the last session i sorta went with the birthday calendar bit, cud probably improve a bit more on how that was delivered. we also told the kids that if we would be publishing any work that they care to share on the IEP blog. so lets see if anyone is taking that challenge tonite.

kl people rejoice for tomorrow is a holiday. woot woot.

so i have my week…

monday, manda, mandi, manda..

ah yes. monday. what a very interesting day it is, yes monday.

the organization is migrating everyone from using lotus notes to microsoft outlook for our email needs. well it effectively means we're switching from domino based to exchange based. whatever that means la kan. so i spent the whole morning migrating my old email archives from notes. took me a little less than an hour to do that. and i still have another archive which i'm not gonna do as yet la kot. 2-3 GB worth of old email from the last 5 years i've been working here. its always good to keep ur document trail eh. u never know la when that'll come handy.

the lovely senorita was in the vicinity during lunch time. she had to run some errands so we took the opportunity to have lunch together. hehe dating eh. i love how her hair is at the moment. straight macam masa mula-mula kenal dulu. well there i go again with my fascination with long straight jet black hair. hehe. okay la its not jet black anymore but at lea…

tis the season to get married.. tralalala la la lala..

the weekend is upon us yet again. i have a wedding that i have to go to. i hate getting invites to weddings that expect me to come alone. well for starters what if i don't know anyone else at the wedding? like what happened during this one wedding i went to ni. takde langsung sorang pun kawan yg kita kenal. ended up sitting by myself with a bunch of strangers. kita orang melayu ni one thing nye kalau jemputan tu cakap sorang, tak gheti plak nak buat selamba and bawak date ke ape. ye lah kalau kenduri kat rumah ke ape lain la kan. buleh aja lah datang. tapi when it comes to seating events ni. hmm ala next time tak yah gi aje la kot. dating lagi bagus.

tapi this one wedding i definitely have to go la i guess. my student advisor from my student days in the uk is having the reception for their eldest son. hehe actually muda-muda dah kawin. hehe look who's talking la kan. hehe if they were to do a traditional kenduri org masak-masak semua i tell ya'll i'd be the first one to…

tech, tech and everything tech..

the following is a sponsored post..

now i consider myself a techie. well at least i wanna be. now no techie worth his salt would want to find himself left out from the latest trends and news about gadgets, tech etc. this is where Techzoogle comes in.

Techzoogle is a brand new site tailored to bringing news and reviews about anything and everything tech. and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand how things work because they give their views in a simple and non technical way.

take this review on the new alienware computer. now just by reading this review.. hehe i'm already salivating. granted, its a bit too pricey for me but hey the review gives you all the info u need without overly exaggerating on the technical specs of the machine.

we all could always use another tech site. hehe.

life, love and durians..

On my drive back home either from work or when y dad picks me up at the lrt station i will always pass by this one durian stall. And i always remember thinking that yep today i might just stop and get me some of them delicious thorny morsels. Well that was what i did. Bought me a few kilos and pretty much just satisfied my long standing craving for it. Boy was it worth it.

The taste was made much more sweet because of the whole process of opening up the damn thing. Berhempas pulas nak bukak hehe (i guess that's more down to the technique kot). And when finally u put it in ur mouth.. pergh.. immediately ur taste buds recognized the sensation that comes with eating it. He he heaven.

I wonder why some people just can't take them. Sampai jadi one of the supposedly gross delicacies in that fear factor show. Crazy. Its the durian we're talking about here, and they put it at par with like pig intenstines and cow's eyes? Crazy.

I guess the durian can be a good metaphore for life …

Its always nice to come from behind..

It was looking rather bleak for the gunners when rooney did what he always does against us which was to score, with 20 minutes to go, wenger brought on van persie, followed by baptista. Van persie's introduction proved the spark that the gunners needed to push for the equalizer. Rosicky's cross found henry who cleverly flicked the ball to the path of the oncoming van persie who couldn't miss from a few yards out.The gunners kept piling the pressure. And in the last minute of added time, eboue's cross found henry and he duly obliged with one of his rare headers. 2-1 to the gunners. Yeay.So all in all it was a good weekend. Not for the flying monkees though, we barely made it in the top 30 of a 168 strong entry for the Putrajaya Flora Hunt. I guess we're bound to feel a bit rusty. Well its only the first hunt of the year. Better luck next time eh.So the senorita is away travelling. Uhuk uhuk uhuk uhuk uhuk. Pretty much explains my lack of focus for the treasure hunt.…

there are no Fucking postcards!!

i guess thats what shopkeepers in Fucking, Austria have to say when tourists ask to buy postcards eh..


break ups are never easy. well i guess it depends on which side ur on la kot. the breaker and the breakee.. the dumper or the dumpee.. but then again there are cases where the dumper becomes all tak senang menyesal regret and there's also cases where the dumpee just can't seem to get their ex out of their minds. there are thousands of reasons for this. sometimes its unique to that situation. other times its those 'been there done that' kinda thing.

i guess we all handle it in our own way la. recently a friend of mine dumped her boyfriend of just over a year. i can't say much for the guy except for the fact that i didn't like him much despite not knowing him all that well la. met him a few times. but that was about it. susah nak explain. kenapa kita tak suka seseorang tu. hehe i guess technically i'm a bit biased la kot. the things i've hea…

the lure of the temptress..

a cool title for ur entry is just cheap way of getting people's hopes up so that when they read u, they'll expect something flashy or brilliant. only to be disappointed coz they just spent the last 5 minutes reading crappola.


case in point. the title for this entry supposedly makes some reference to something scandalous or sinister. but in fact its just a title of an old game published in 1989 by the same people that brought u the broken sword series.

why? coz i'm so into retro gaming at the moment.

video games from the days of yore are sometimes much better than what u get nowadays. granted the graphics are not that fancy, but the important thing is the game play. that's practically the most i've used my pda for lately (well apart from keeping appointments and contacts la kan) using the free LJP emulator for the palm, i can play games for the gameboy, NES, SNES, sega genesis, game gear, neo geo pocket, wonder swan, sega master system and the vcs. well u nee…

allow myself to introduce... myself..

well its a tuesday. arsenal gets bolton again for the FA cup 4th round draw. we're meeting liverpool AGAIN for the carling cup quarter finals. after the win at anfield i'm sure confidence is running high. well kalau tak high pun at least its running some where. changes are set to be made from the side that beat liverpool 3 - 1. henry sure rehat punye. hehe apela bosan cerita pasal bolaa ni..

so last sunday i spent close to 3 hours queuing up for the muse 2007 world tour concert tickets. jenuh. i guess the 30% discount means that it was all worth it eh. so jannah dengan ana better be nice. hehe nanti saya auction kan tickets tu dekat ebay. hehe.

incidentally a friend of mine was a few place up on the queue. it was a looong queue okay. so he asked me to join him , effectively cutting the queue la kan. he sms'd and i said tak pe laa beb. i don't jump the queue. hehe macam bagus kan? dunno la if its a matter of principle ke ape. i just don't feel comfortable cutting qu…

blah blah blah..

okay its 4.35. friday. methinks the head is not screwed on straight. must be the meds. the throat is irritated. the nose wants to run everywhere. but i think its getting better. yep it's getting better and better. alls i got to do is just get some rest. yep. than a whole lotta lovin. hehe.

so i bought myself the new incubus album. its been a while since i bought a cd. my sister ana (yes she's back from japan folks) said that she has the whole album downloaded on her laptop. kelakar. when i said that i always buy cds, dia pakat gelak. ye la kot, dvd, ps2 games semua takde guilty conscience tapi cd lagu segan-segan plak. hehe. entah. can't justify my weird sense of logic. baah who cares anyways.

the songs on the album are quite good. i especially love tracks 4 and 5. ana molly and love hurts.

Love hurts.....
But sometimes it's a good hurt
And it feels like I'm alive
Love sings
When it transcends the bad things
Have a heart and try me
'Cause without love I won&#…

new year.. new u.. new me..

still in the new year's mood. spent the new year's eve at the curve with the lovely senorita. it's a change from last year's stay in. the curve served up some local artists, the likes of jaclyn victor, reshmonu, and a few indie rock outfit i don't care to name. we stayed on to watch the fireworks. and then stayed a while longer trying to get out of the car park. but it was good fun none the less.

so as new years go, its the time of resolutions and goals and stuff like that. i've pretty much narrowed down my resolutions to 5. hehe ambitious? hehe see laa. can't remember my track record as far as resolutions go la. well here they are in no particular order..

1. drink more water..
i wanted to say i'd stop drinking coke. hehe yeah. acat without coke. the longest i've goe without coke was like 6 months kot. hehe back in uni due to a health scare. but then, why stop at coke? why not all carbonated drinks? so lets just focus on drinking more water. hehe playi…