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if i had a million hits..

what if what u wrote can make a difference? what if someone somewhere out there will read ur blog and suddenly becomes inspired to do something great. or maybe something u wrote can drive someone to do untold destruction and chaos. what if tomorrow, u gonna get a million hits, what would u say? what will u blog about?

the 'angau' guy..
as if the world don't already know. but i'd take the chance anyway. i'll write a love song to sing the night away. i'll tell them why i love u, and i'll tell them why i care, and i'll proclaim myself the luckiest man alive, so long as u'll have me right there by ur side. i'll open up my heart and my soul for all the world to see, that there's nothing but the thought of u, ruling the heart of me. mmuah :x

the budding politicianado (i bet that ain't even a word)..
there's always something wrong somewhere, somewhat for us to see. the roads are pricey, inflation rising, faster than how i want my paycheck to be…

everyone's doing it..

yesterday whilst blog hopping i came across this one blog which had a very simple and nice layout which caught my eye. nope i didn't just copy the codes. turns out it was a free (i think..) template which one can download here. i haven't actually gotten it to work properly. apparently there's suppose to be some blue colored background thingamabob that supposed to make it more aesthetically pleasing, but hey who cares right? hehe.

i'm still figuring out how to get haloscan to work again. it seems that the 'auto install' function doesn't work with blogger beta. well we'll see la how. in the mean time the 3-4 people who wants to comment can just use the blogger comments eh.

Ctrl Alt Delete - prepaid number registrations

control - why do all prepaid users have to register their number? well amongst others the reason is about control. u wanna know who sends what. u wanna track all the 'ah long' numbers pasted across all the billboards and what not. u wanna find out how many sms voters are really mawi fans. u wanna pin point who's sending all this nasty rumours.

alternate - still doesn't stop u from registering another name for ur phone number. my brother did it for my mom. easy peasy lemon squeezy. the previously blocked phone is no longer blocked and she can make calls no problem. hehe whats with hyping up the deadline and then allow u to register anyways? hehe the same thing happened with the mykad right?

delete - i for one use a postpaid line. so all this registration hupplah didn't bother me a bit.

see how they run..

the following is a sponsored post.

i told u guys about right? well they've come up with this brilliant idea of letting people know what they are all about reality tv style.

if u wanna find out more about the crazy group of people behind the company than is the place to be. when i say crazy, i don't mean it as a bad thing. u really need to be a little bit crazy to pull off this whole set up.

u can follow the progress the company is making through a series of episodes. from their humble beginnings all the way through making it in the big time.

i personally think that this is one crazy idea that might just work. for a company that positions itself as a consumer generated advertising network, the buzz created by should keep these guys firmly placed in the minds and on the computer screens of the masses.

well on top of that, we all know how much fun reality tv has to offer right? maybe we'll get lucky somebody would be caught on camera …


i'm so loving this feeling. what? what am i talking about? u know that feeling when ur in love, when the two of u are together walking hand in hand, and she says something which immediately reminds u of why u love her in the first place? and then u see that look in her eyes. the look that makes u go all gooey. weak in the knees. and for that one moment. u wouldn't want nothing more than to just kiss her.

hmm writing this, the first thing that comes to mind is that song from the little mermaid..
There you see her
Sitting there across the way
She don’t got a lot to say
But there’s something about her
And you don’t know why
But you’re dying to try
You wanna kiss the girlhehe imagine readying urself for that romantic moment only to have this mental picture of a red singing crustacean whispering in ur ear.. go on and kiss the girl. hehe. i love them classic disney cartoons. :)

being in love is all about living in the moment. what matters is what u have right there in front of u. and i can&#…

wanna make some?

money from the Internet? yeah sure there's a lot of opportunities out there. i remembered back in uni, a friend of mine got like $12 from surfing. clicking on websites links and ads. a simple enough idea when you consider it. easy money. but this has always been susceptible to abuse. i think these companies starts to wonder when people start to claim they have clicked and surf non stop, 24/7. come on, who spends that much time online anyways? its easy to download a program to automate this process anyway. so while you're sleeping the night away, you're computer is doing the hard work.

i never did pick up on it. there's still a lot of other ways to make money on the net. recently I've discovered this exciting new opportunity to make money via blogging. its called payperpost. the best part about it is you have control over what opportunity that you want to take part in and you decide if you want to take it or not. i mean, looking at the top earners I'm sure these …

Good morning sayang...

Heya. I'm talking to u. Yeah u. I know ur gonna read this. I know u always do. Just checking if i had thought about u. Of course i do. Ur the last thing on my mind before i go to bed, and the first thought that enters my head when i wake up. And that's not a stretch. U know that right?So here's to a wonderful start to ur day sayang, tonight promises an end to our longing. Well mine la mostly... I miss u so much... :x

life's like that..

we received our company diary for the next financial year. in the past, i've never managed to fully utilise the diary as i'm so dependent on my palm to keep me organized. i think i'm gonna try to use it more this time. i remembered when i was much younger (hehe like i'm THAT old laa now eh), i always carry a notebook around with me where ever i go. sometimes to jot down observations, or a quick idea for a song or some shit like that. being a prefect back in the days, u have to carry a notebook with u to take down student infractions. skipping classes, takpakai tie. funny how those seemingly serious things back then looks so trivial now eh.

anyways i've decided to convert the diary to a proper notebook la. since its the type of diary that can be refilled. i'm replacing the organizer bits out with some blank note pages from my 2004 diary to make the notes pages thicker. the lovely senorita had given me her company's corporate note book thingamabob which i thou…

how things change..

i was browsing thru some stuff in my pc. i made the mistake of deleting my blog the last time. okay la it wasn't all crappola i'd spewn the last time. there were some interesting reads. there was however a period where i used to write my drafts on notepad before posting. so there were some entries that survived the short period of madness. this particular entry was written on the 10th of January 2005. they say its a sign that ur really scraping the bottom of the idea barrel when u start reposting ur old blog entries ni. but humor me for a bit la.
of wishing wells and broken dreams..

there is someone for everyone. it is written. destined even. that man shall be made to wander the earth searching for their intended. it may be a rough journey, it may even be as easy as knocking on ur next door neighbors front door. but in the end we are comforted by this fact.

are we?

do we just rely on fate? i'm not questioning anything. no far from it. i've resigned myself to fate so often …

tiada lagi cinta..

we went to my colleague's wedding last sunday. its always good to go to weddings nowadays. get some ideas and all that stuff la. afterwards, for the lack of something better to do, the senorita and i went on and caught cinta. well it was either that or to wait for the 6.30 showing of happy feet. i figured it had been a while since we watched a local movie (hmm pernah ke nengok citer local together??) so cinta it was.

the movie as the title suggests is all about love. well the various forms of it la i guess. there's 5 distinct story lines, blah di blah.. is it any good? i thought the movie was okay. it has a mix of the ideal with a pinch of reality thrown into it. it touches enough on the human aspect of relationships without being too analytical. since the stories are pretty much scratched on the surface aje, the movie leaves much to the assumption of the viewers. hehe take the supposedly happy married couple. the wife left him because she was in love with some other guy. apesa…

happy birthday sayang..

tak sama tapi serupa..

age is just a number. the number of times we say we love each other. the number of kisses blown into the wind every time we say goodbye. the number of tears shred when we were apart. the number of words that transcended this virtual palette we call our blogs where we drew our hopes, and dreams and everything in between.

happy birthday sayang..

sex? yes please..

i have never (nor do i really want to) watch gay porn. i mean the whole awkwardness of two male bodies getting it on is just waaay beyond my comprehension. but then again i don't mind watching two chicks get it on la plak kan. how weird eh. hehe nothing weird about it pun. when guys see two chicks getting it on, the thought that's playing inside their minds would be, can i be filling in the middle of that sandwich?


sex is such a touchy subject kan. no pun intended. some find talking about it disgusting. others think otherwise. some think about it all the time. hehe in fact that on average men and women think about sex every 6 seconds. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. SEX. hehe probably because six sounds so much like sex eh.

i remembered this one treasure hunt we entered. the clue was ELAMEF? the answer was XES studio which was like a shoe company or something. when the gorjes senorita wrote the answer it became SEX studio, eju who was supposed to check oso didn't notice the mis…

Lesson in customer relations..

Okay i'm pissed now. We had dinner before the movie and we went up to TGV around 15 minutes before the show starts. When we got there they announced that the 8:30 screening of casino royale is cancelled due to technical difficulties. We were asked to queue at the last counter for our refund.While we were queueing, came another announcement. For all the participants of the 8:30 screening of the pan global casino royale movie please enter the hall right now the movie is about to start.I was like hello? What the fuck? I mean clearly this is a classic case of double booking but u dont have to be that obvious about it. Subtle laa sket. Those of us who were frustrated with having to waste our time, pay for parking and all that crap. Jaga aa sket ur customers. Some of us took the time to queue upfor tickets early in the day, lepas sembahyang jumaat, ada yang miss jumaat even - not me la kan we were smart enuff to book our tickets online. Still sucks gak aa. The only consolation that we …

la di da di da..

March 21 - April 19
You should really feel like enjoying yourself with your loved ones today. You're bound to be feeling very positive and won't be interested in anything that doesn't lead to a good time for all. You should be fairly confident right now and probably won't have much time for anyone who wants to try and rain on your parade.


hehe okay i'm feeling a little bit chippy today. got outta the shower (what shower? bilik mandi aa) this morning all singing and dancing even my mom was asking ape kena nya happy semacam aje? well honestly today rasa macam best aje. hehe catching casino royale with the gorgeous senorita tonight. wei hei buleh tengok daniel craig keluar dari laut all hot and.. hehe did i say that out loud?

some random guy just called me up saying he has a buyer for some weird sounding crude oil and he wants to know how'd he go about in securing the oil for export. like no introduction or anything like that. halo i wanna buy…