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the virus and the cure..

 we watched snakes on a plane last saturday. it was a toss between watching superman returns or the samuel l. jackson movie. muz and eju had no preference. the gorjes senorita waived her movie veto rights as well. so we decided on snakes on a plane. this was to cap a day of food, food and more food. but more on that later. so the movie wasn't la oscar material ke ape. the snakes oso look cgi'ed. the plot of the movie was simple enuff. a mob boss wants to neutralize the threat of a witness testifying against him by rigging an airplane with like crates and crates of deadly venomous snakes. so it was up to mr lele jackson to rally the other passengers to safety by all means necessary. there were some 'terkezut' scenes in there la kan but i think that's mostly down to the extra sound effects provided by eju. there's a scene in the movie that somewhat answers the question of what would happen when a deadly snake meets a one-eyed snake. hehe in the end we all had a good laugh je la.

anyways, that saturday was pretty much filled with invitations here and there. earlier in the morning, the kids at that school i volunteered in had their prize giving ceremony and they all performed on stage. they sang 'i believe i can fly'. its really amazing how much these kids have developed. it was really a proud moment la for myself, the kids and also their parents la. to see them on the stage when for some of them ni, dulu dengan ultra shy nye. banyak perubahan yang they have gone thru.

afterwards, i had the pleasure of accompanying the senorita and co to this wedding in gombak. always a good thing to go to weddings nowadays. at least can compare notes la kan. planning weddings ni never is an easy job. it rained when we got there but by the time the groom was ready to proceed it stopped and the event was in full swing. sometimes u get to see some 'berbalas pantun' with 'kena bayar tol' and all. the last time i got to see all this pantuns and tolls was back when ahmad's sister got married which was in johor. kat mana lagi ade tol-tol ni eh? hehe so always make sure that ur best man is prepared la kan. luckily it was not that elaborate a set up coz i think diorang lalu dua tol aje. as compared to like four kot masa kakak ahmad kawin. in any case, here's wishing the bride and groom all the best.

after the wedding, we were off to cheras, for an open house. and then another one in puchong. makan tak ingat. i didn't binge or anything like that. in fact i thought i did well for myself by eating less than what i normally would have. hehe which by some standards is still a lot la kan.

after all that food, i wanted to end the night by just chillin. went to the local mamak and ordered some drinks. this dude selling fake dvd's came to our table and i asked whether they had talladega nights or not. bought a copy which he claimed was 'clear baik punya' and then i called to see if muz and eju were interested to watch. yeah la, me and the senorita asyik dok tergelak the two of us aje with the jokes, nak la share the joy. when we got there, the dvd turned out to be an out of focussed cinema copy yang malap semacam. hehe serves me right la kan. we ended up watching snakes on a plane instead.

which brings us back to the beginning. its funny how sometimes u find natures analogy describing life pretty much spot on. take snake venom for example. u get bitten, u die. but the venom that kills ya is the same thing that can help save ur life. okay la tak la drastic macam tu. when u miss someone, u ache, the thing u ache for is the same thing that would make the ache go away. missing someone, wanting them to be close. when they are gone we ache deep inside. when ur together it's like bliss in ur pocket. u want that feeling to remain with u, but ironically, u won't experience the feeling if they aren't gone in the first place. funny kan? hehe.. entah ler..
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