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More than meets the eye..

I love transformers. I remembered how cool the toys were. It was kinda expensive for me to get them so i use to make my own transforming robots using some paper and a lot of imagination. One can go a long way with a lot of imagination back in those days. Takde ps2. Takde toys. Dulu we could get by with just telling stories. My brother adi was very good with that. Skang ni sket-sket nak main game. Hehe ah well what to do eh. Times change.

Anyways, a 'real life' transformers movie is coming out next year. Hehe how cool is that eh. The original movie was great. The cartoon la kan. Real life action version? Get outta here,, its gonna be the shit! Hehe expectations tinggi gila. Jangan sucks sudah. Hehe

In other news, i took a day off today. Went to pick up some forms. Did my compulsory hiv test. Quick procedure with the test kit. Glad to get that negative result. Now all that's left is for me to complete the rest of the forms, get it signed and endorsed by the registrar of nikah before giving it to the senorita for her to fill up on her end. There are some changes to the procedure this time round. No kursus kahwin. Apparently i don't have to if i'm getting married in selangor, but i would have to go if i were to marry in kl. Hehe sijil kursus kawin tahun 2000 tu pun ade lagi if anything.

I guess everything boils down to this. Every decision, every choice that u make all ur life has brought u to this point in time. Everything that happen has been the best thing that can happen. No regrets and no remorse. I'd be lying if i say that i'm not scared. If anything, past experience have taught me that u need to be a little bit scared la. Jangan terlampau cocky and confident to the point of u misreading the signs and u thinking that u can change things on ur own. Nope i don't think i'm doing that. I have faith in her, in this relationship that we have. In this hope that this is it. This is our shot at happiness. And i can't think of anyone else that i'd rather have beside me.

Speaking of whom, the gorgeous senorita is away in aceh doing her thing. Hmm yeah i can go all soppy and write about how much i miss her and all that. I can also say how every time we're apart i feel like a huge chunk of my heart is somewhere wherever she is. I can say all that la kan. Hehe heck i just did. :)

Moving on to something totally unrelated. I connected with my inner ninja these past few days. Finished shinobido: the way of the ninja on the ps2. Tenchu set the standard for ninja games. Shinobido supposedly is produced by the team that brought u the first 2 tenchu games, joining forces with the guys behind the way of the samurai games. Its a 'fun' game. Hehe once u get used to the control, u'd be stealth killing people in no time. The missions are varied a bit but once u've familiarise urself with the surrounding things get much easier. U playa ninja who has lost his memories. Now in order for u to get ur memories back, u have to find pieces of them scattered about. U progress by completing missions from 3 feudal lords. The climax of the game pits u against the baddie that took ur memories away in the first place. Hehe i love it.

Ooh anyone have like RM 3500 to burn? The games shop at wangsa maju's carrefour has one ps3 stocked up at his shop. I just sat there and stared. Hehe bukannye dia pasang demo pun. It comes with one controller. 60 GB hard disk. Wi fi and all that shit. Supposedly to be released in this area in March 07. Hehe yet another sign of how much i've changed in terms of setting my priorities straight eh.

Cepat balik eh sayang. :x

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