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Safe bets..

Every now and again you feel like taking risks. To in with something different. Something unbecoming of your normal self. You really wanna break the traditional mold. But after a while you just succumb to the whole 'ah fuck it' attitude. And you just revert to the tried and tested.

I have this thing with ordering food. I mean yeah once in a while i'd go for something i haven't tried. But more often than not its the usual menu. You know that the nasi goreng is the shit so you won't be ordering nuthin else. Same with drinks. Limau ais aje. Its not like you're not adventurous or some shit like that. You're comfortable with what you have and you just don't wanna bother with changing. Like finding a perfect formula or a perfect method. Why la would you wanna be changing things unnecessarily?

Then again, would you really want to just be stuck with the same thing forever? Like finding that one move that would make your partner go all weak in the knees and st…

More than meets the eye..

I love transformers. I remembered how cool the toys were. It was kinda expensive for me to get them so i use to make my own transforming robots using some paper and a lot of imagination. One can go a long way with a lot of imagination back in those days. Takde ps2. Takde toys. Dulu we could get by with just telling stories. My brother adi was very good with that. Skang ni sket-sket nak main game. Hehe ah well what to do eh. Times change.Anyways, a 'real life' transformers movie is coming out next year. Hehe how cool is that eh. The original movie was great. The cartoon la kan. Real life action version? Get outta here,, its gonna be the shit! Hehe expectations tinggi gila. Jangan sucks sudah. Hehe In other news, i took a day off today. Went to pick up some forms. Did my compulsory hiv test. Quick procedure with the test kit. Glad to get that negative result. Now all that's left is for me to complete the rest of the forms, get it signed and endorsed by the registrar of nikah…

i'm so excited.. and i just can't hide it.. i know i know i know i know baby i want you..

cam tu ka how the lyrics go?

anyways, the day started off somewhat ominously. i asked my brother to be the extra alarm clock coz it seems i just can't wake up to 'galvanize' anymore on my mobile's alarm. there's a big meeting that starts at 9 and i just wanna come in earlier just in case the boss wants some back up or something like that. woke up early enuff but as usual my dilly dallying means that i left the house only around 8.

so i took my car keys, flicked the alarm off, opened the doors, put my bag in, went to the garbage bin in front of the house to throw away some stuff from the car. went back in and i couldn't find my car keys. searched frantically for it. checked the bin again, lo and behold, my keys are with the trash. duh. nasib baik itu lori sampah sudah miss angkut itu tong,

so i drove to work. sampai kat datuk keramat, this green myvi did that 'iklan jalanraya' on my ass with the horn and the flashing of the lights bit. kita pun ketepi la. …

I love..

Standing in line in an lrt station with music blasting loudly in my ears and i'm rocking to the beat oblivious of my surroundings.

Singing out loud in the shower wishing for some imaginary talent scout to come in and ask 'eh abg nak buat album ka'

Getting that goosebumpy feeling every time i think about how much i love the gorgeous senorita.

Listening to pearl jam and be instantaneously transported to manchester evening news arena back in 2000 for the best gig of my life.

The fact that if everything should crumble down i still have her love to guide me.

the virus and the cure..

we watched snakes on a plane last saturday. it was a toss between watching superman returns or the samuel l. jackson movie. muz and eju had no preference. the gorjes senorita waived her movie veto rights as well. so we decided on snakes on a plane. this was to cap a day of food, food and more food. but more on that later. so the movie wasn't la oscar material ke ape. the snakes oso look cgi'ed. the plot of the movie was simple enuff. a mob boss wants to neutralize the threat of a witness testifying against him by rigging an airplane with like crates and crates of deadly venomous snakes. so it was up to mr lele jackson to rally the other passengers to safety by all means necessary. there were some 'terkezut' scenes in there la kan but i think that's mostly down to the extra sound effects provided by eju. there's a scene in the movie that somewhat answers the question of what would happen when a deadly snake meets a one-eyed snake. hehe in the end we all had a g…

Good start to the day..

I was running late to the office today. Felt lethargic, 'i don't wanna get out of bed'menitis kot. But i got up anyways and took the lrt. Had my dad drop me off. There was this car behind this bus. Okay la when i say behind, i really mean terperosok belakang the bus. Maybe it was too fast is couldn't stop? The bus didn't signal when it was stopping? The possibilities are endless.

Funny how things go kan? One minute you're driving away thinking about whatever it is that's on your mind, the next thing you're kissing a bus' behind.

the plunge..

its strange kan how just when u decide to get married and everything, people everywhere are getting out of theirs. malaysian artistes notwithstanding, u get britney spears filing for divorce, a close relative, friends and what not. scary kan? hehe macam some weird signs. but hey i'm not swayed pun. hehe the funny thing about me is i have very strong resolve. that and my unflinching optimism. the gorjes senorita says sometimes i'm too optimistic for my own good. macam when i say that i can be there in 20 minutes. confident aje cakap can. takde hal. tak take into account pun other external factors macam traffic jam ke ape ke, hujan ke. i guess in that she has a point la kot.

i feel that in some cases we have to be optimistic. realistic with an extra hint of blind hope and faith. okay la kan, granted that past lessons should have taught me that sometimes it is not enough la kan. its like some dude standing in front of an impending wave about to hit the shore and saying that u won…

Patience is a virtue..

Your queueing up to take the lrt. Its a exceptionally long queue. A lady just nonchallantly cuts in front of the queue. U start to curse. Oi! Bitch! She turns around and you notice that she's like way pregnant.

How eh?

Shooting blanks..

I can't remember that many attempts on goal without any going in. Seriously cska moscow ada letak toyol ke apa.

0-0 on the day. 3rd in the group now with two games to go.

Why la footie fans go through staying up and everything just to see your team draw?