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sedang ingin bekerja..

setiap ada waktu..
untuk ku bekerja..
terdengar bunyi "senyap"
semua orang bercuti raya..

setiap kali aku,
menaip kekunci,
terpanggil untuk melayar,
melihat blog nya sekali lagi..

aku sedang ingin.. bekerja karena..
cuti sudah habis.. aku masuk.. office lagi..
aku sedang ingin.. bekerja karena..

duh who am i kidding. today is not a very good day to be starting work. i'm like the only guy in my department. well it was my fault also. who asked ya to volunteer to "jaga office" this time eh? smarty pants. although technically bukan la buat kerja sangat pun kan. i mean the drive is not there. takde push. hehe balik awal nak?

so anyways still in raya mode today. the first day was celebrated at home. my mom with her ayam masak merah and lontong. my dad went all out with his lemang and serunding. the first day of raya for us usually means staying at home at entertaining the regular visitors that come to our place every year. my arwah sister's old colleague, wai chu and her family, have been coming since afew years back and we all can see how much her son dean has grown by each year. my sister jannah had some friends coming in as well. i was doing what eh? hmm ya think all that ayam masak merah and lontong and lemang can cause temporary amnesia tak? hehe.

then on the second day of raya came the big (but not THAT big yet) day la kan. suffice to say that everything went well according to plan. both parties said what was needed to be said. and now we just have to sit down and execute the plan la. i for one am well chuffed. down that path again. tak ingat la plak, kalau bertunang kena bagi tau orang ke?

anyways lunch tadi, i noticed that klcc is pack with tourists la. hehe or maybe all those foreign workers still dok lagi bercuti kot? terasa hectic nya. ah well back to work la..
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