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la di da di da..

okay, so my sister ana is in japan right now. my brother asyiq in moscow. and between the two of them, they have managed to do what i always wanted to do since eva. one is to go to the best thing next to E3, the tokyo game show. and the other is to watch the gunners live. bila cska scored semalam dia siap sms kitorang terus. siut aje. apparently ade 5 minute lag between the live game on espn dengan dekat stadium. the group he was with brought a perak flag which i swore i could see on telly. tapi tak la perasan nampak my brother or not.

so imagine la my surprise when i read about my sister's trip to that games exhibit. tobat jaki. dunno la if she managed to get her hands on the ps3 or not. drool aje la.

tapi la kan. lately i've been finding myself playing less and less la video games ni. oh ya ps2 pun busted kan kat rumah. down to just playing games on my pda and mobile phone aje. tapi itu pun dah cukup banyak. i installed this emulator on my palm, LJP, it sorta emulates a number of classic consoles so i never actually run out of games to play la kan. gameboy color, super nintendo, game gear macam macam ada. just have to have the rom file aje la. olden games actually best best gak. tak la as graphically pleasing as now la kan but heck its still playable and enjoyable. hehe retro.

so tinggal 5 hari lagi nak raya. sebuk jugak ni sebenornya. need to sort out a number of stuff. nak beli tu beli ni. dalam kesibukan posa nak beraya ni sempat jugak the flying monkees pergi memburu harta karun. pulangan yang agak okay la jugak. coz dapat la nombor tiga. if not for some mistakes la kan, silap-silap could have gotten higher oso. but heck at least we all had a good time la kan. the gorjes senorita drove for the first time. she tried her best to maintain cool under pressure la but at times the signs were there. hehe sometimes reminiscent of that iklan sopan santun that i was talking about before.

so reading the paper lately, there has been a lot of calls for all this "bahasa rojak" to cease. i mean we need to stop using bahasa rojak, menjaga kedaulatan bahasa yada yada blaa di blaaa. like hello. language is always evolving. if u wanna remain stagnant aje u better off be dead la kan. itu pun kalau dah mati pun kita still change oso. rotting process what not. i mean seriously la. kita ni macam terlampau shortsighted sangat in a way. macam tak de benda lain yang kita nak focus. the only downside to bahasa rojak ni yang i can see is if ur monolingual. hehe heck okay laa. right now internationally everyone speaks english. but not all speak malay. so rojak melayu-english mebbe la tak semua paham. same with rojak mandarin-urdu ka, french-jawa ka. but if ur comfortable in voicing out ur opinions and ideas in whatever form u want, by all means buaat aaa. why do we need to have restrictions la ape laa. hehe sheesh.

hehe macam-macam i tell ya. the gorjes senorita was telling me how she feels that guys ni kan, the more unavailable the girls are the more they wanna show their interest. heheh entah, from experience la kan, i have to agree hehe. but personally, the closest i got to wrecking some one's relationship was just thinking about it aje. is it the challenge? maybe. kalau dah tau orang tu dah bertunang ka, dah ade boyfriend ka dah kawin ka, lagi beria nak cuba. why eh? masa tengah single takde plak nak masuk line. hehe maybe i need to try oso. hehe announce my inavailability to the world and watch the phone ring. all the ladies will flock to mee .. mee .. mee .......................... tak bunyi bunyi pun phone ni?

hehe i'm really looking forward to this raya. really. tak pernah pernah nak look forward for raya, well apart from that one time in scotland when we all went down to glasgow to berkampung kat rumah our student advisor pak brahim. best gila. first time beraya abroad but still ade suasana berkampung tu. hehe best. this time round it'll be a bit different la kot. the anticipation is about something else. hmm..

i'll be on leave from tomorrow untill thursday. so.. in light of this celebratory mood i'm in, wanna wish those celebrating it, eid mubarak and shub diwali respectively okay.. peace.
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