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sini raya sana raya..

Today - Smashing Pumpkins

Today is the greatest
Day I ve ever kown
Cant live for tomorrow
Tomorrows much too long
I burn my eyes out
Before I get out

I wanted more
Than life could ever grant
Bored by the chore
Of saving face

Today is the greatest
Day I have ever known
Cant wait for tomorrow
I might not have that long
Ill tear my heart out
Before I get out

Pink ribbon scars
That never forget
Ive tried so hard
To cleanse these regrets
My angel wings
Were bruised and restrained
My belly stings

Today is
Today is
Today is
The greatest day
That I have ever known

I want to turn you on
I want to turn you round
I want to turn you on
I want to turn you

Today is the greatest
Today is the greatest day
Today is the greatest day
That I have ever known
if anything, what life has taught me thus far is to always count ur blessings. that and to never eat yellow snow. okay the latter don't really apply but its a good tip nonetheless. last thursday,i had visited muz and eju at eju's parents' place. twas kinda like a raya …

sedang ingin bekerja..

setiap ada waktu..
untuk ku bekerja..
terdengar bunyi "senyap"
semua orang bercuti raya..

setiap kali aku,
menaip kekunci,
terpanggil untuk melayar,
melihat blog nya sekali lagi..

aku sedang ingin.. bekerja karena..
cuti sudah habis.. aku masuk.. office lagi..
aku sedang ingin.. bekerja karena..

duh who am i kidding. today is not a very good day to be starting work. i'm like the only guy in my department. well it was my fault also. who asked ya to volunteer to "jaga office" this time eh? smarty pants. although technically bukan la buat kerja sangat pun kan. i mean the drive is not there. takde push. hehe balik awal nak?

so anyways still in raya mode today. the first day was celebrated at home. my mom with her ayam masak merah and lontong. my dad went all out with his lemang and serunding. the first day of raya for us usually means staying at home at entertaining the regular visitors that come to our place every year. my arwah sister's old colleague, wai chu and her …

la di da di da..

okay, so my sister ana is in japan right now. my brother asyiq in moscow. and between the two of them, they have managed to do what i always wanted to do since eva. one is to go to the best thing next to E3, the tokyo game show. and the other is to watch the gunners live. bila cska scored semalam dia siap sms kitorang terus. siut aje. apparently ade 5 minute lag between the live game on espn dengan dekat stadium. the group he was with brought a perak flag which i swore i could see on telly. tapi tak la perasan nampak my brother or not.

so imagine la my surprise when i read about my sister's trip to that games exhibit. tobat jaki. dunno la if she managed to get her hands on the ps3 or not. drool aje la.

tapi la kan. lately i've been finding myself playing less and less la video games ni. oh ya ps2 pun busted kan kat rumah. down to just playing games on my pda and mobile phone aje. tapi itu pun dah cukup banyak. i installed this emulator on my palm, LJP, it sorta emulates a numbe…


when it comes to good ex behaviour, none can come close to how my ex is. since the break up, i have not heard from her at all. not even once. sure i do get some updates from friends and what not but she has never personally contact me or anything. which is not at all a bad thing. i mean a clean break will make it easier to move on and i guess in a way i'm thankful that i don't have to deal with any remnants of this past relationship.

now there are varying degrees when it comes to 'bad cases of the ex' ni. some just refuse to leave u alone. still calls u up every now and then. merayu-rayu minta second chance (second chance yang ke empat). some just lingers like the smell of ciggarettes in a cinema toilet. u can't see it but u know its there. still wanting to feel a part of ur life. they lurk in the background pretty much being a waste of oxygen aje. bugging anyone remotely associated with u. why? entah? maybe they feel obliged to become losers. sad ones at that.

we …

i dream in manga..

okay during sahur this morning we had animax on while having our food. there was this anime, windy tales. very nicely animated. it was the first 2 episodes i think. the story was about some kids trying to figure out how to control the wind or something like that la. well the anime isn't really the gist of this entry la kan. lepas sudah menonton itu anime. terus la terbawak-bawak dalam mimpi. hehe funny how u only remember vague details of ur dreams kan. well i remembered vaguely this one time i had a dream of doing it with some flying creature. alien ke? fairy ke? sheesh. and there was that time where i relieved my whole nikah but with some changes in personnel. now that was a blast. but this morning punye was somewhat weird. macam involved in some good vs evil battle weird flashy weapons. hmm i guess it didn't help la i watched starship troopers yet again oso.

so what meaning does our dreams hold?

i think dreams have some kind of 'portent'ial powers la jugak in a way. u…

try something at least once..

ok i'm off mcd. well at least for the rest of this fasting month la.

when they introduced the mcd buffet last year, i really thought that hey now this is interesting. but i never got the chance to try it out. well u pay RM 19.90 and u can eat mostly everything that's on the menu. hehe muz and eju tried it last year and they said that the after effects was like so bad. hehe that's what u get for trying to scoff down too much in too little time. buffet opens until 8:15 only. well there's only so much one can eat la kan. baper banyak big mac pun yang a person can gobble in one sitting??

so i've not met ahmad for quite a while. turns out he just got back from a 2 week stint in germany. he just arrived in klia when he called me. so i asked if he wanted to meet later for berbuka. plan was set. venue aje tak confirm. i called up my brother adi and invited him as well. well at first i wanted to go to chili's. but adi reminded that we have been talking about trying the …

Choices shmoices..

When i woke up in the morning, i'm left with a simple choice. Do i drive or do i take the lrt? Would i go with the black shirt or the brown? Do i stop for breakfast or do i just hold on till lunch? Okay la the lunch bit tak apply la kan now being ramadhan and all. Putting things a bit seriously, u'd think about ur job. Do i submit the report today or wait till the last minute of the deadline. Do u do this do u do that. Well u go through these choices everyday. No problem kan? Sometimes life throws u some choices that's a bit more difficult. When it comes to the choices that affect our own lives i guess we're pretty much in control. Well relatively la kan. But what happens when the choices we make will impact the live of others?Do we go with our gut feel? Hehe sometimes very dangerous la this one. Kekadang tu tak bleh pakai punye gut feel. Hehe encourages u to make decisions emotionally and sometimes not rationally. The worse thing is when u follow ur instincts tu, u wo…

ye lah.. saya minta maaf.. terima kasih la kerana menasihatkan saya..

u guys seen that ad on telly. this man was driving his family along the road (setiawangsa i think) when he came across this slow wira. he flashed and horned until the guy gave way. only for him to realise that the other driver was like his daughter's teacher. cue very fake apology.. and fake smile afterwards. hehe everytime that ad pops up, we all would be laughing like crazy.

now admittedly, we all could use a little more 'budi bahasa' or courteous behaviour. i guess that's why switching on the telly nowadays, u wud know that its acting when u hear corny sopan-santun lines being spoken. so macam tak percaya sahaja.

its not about the corny lines tau. macam kalau bercinta secara automatic u would change to this nice mode. no more rough aku kau. cue the softer saya awak. i u. sayang bushuk what not. mindset la kot. nothing wrong with being gruff. to me its all about the intent. sometimes kita tegas and may sound garang but the intention is good. bukannye marah tapi nasiha…

waah macam kena rush aje..

so i had a great weekend. went to a very nice wedding on saturday. buka puasa with some close friends on sunday. and played with my nephews all in between. the gunners made it five straight wins in all competitions and i have the love of a great woman to last me a lifetime.

the senorita invited me to this wedding on saturday. it was a close friend of hers so we kinda had to arrive somewhat early. i drove over to her place around 4:30 (plus minus - didn't account for the traffic). when i got there she was all ready in this lovely yellow dress - took my breath away. but tak sempat nak admire lelebih sebab i had to rush tak pakai my baju lagi. did a quick clark kent, parked my car, and we took her molly out. when i had more time to focus la kan. serious la. she looked gorgeous. hehe. ah well aiman tak kesah la kan..

we made our way to price hotel, where we immediately went to the bride's room. she was getting ready, photographers were snapping, family members were all around. i h…