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taking advantage..

the senorita related to me something that made front page news on the nst. something about fat malaysians. how for a man it would be considered as fat if u have like a waistline bigger than 90cm or 35.4 inches. last time i checked pants size aku dah 36! well i do feel that i could lose some weight la kan. wanting to look good in a baju melayu has nothing to do with it la kan. i just feel that if u don't start to look after ur health more sape lagi nak tolong tengok? so the other day i started. nak start main badminton balik at least once a week. nak watch what i eat some more (although yesterday's buka posa of nasik lemak didn't really say that la kan) nak start walk around more. heck maybe i can pick up cycling ke ape ke. like real onny. hehe.

why malaysians are fat 1. eating too much 2. drinking carbonated drinks 3. liking for fast food 4. lazy to use the staircase 5. lack of exercise

while i didn't bother corroborating the info by actually picking up the nst and read la k…

jalan-jalan cari acat..

on the 26th of august 2005, i saw this id blinking on my yahoo messenger, and i went ahead and said hi. i promptly met this lady after work that very same day and we talked for like hours (3 hours to be exact). we then had our first proper date on merdeka eve. a year has passed. we've been through a lot of stuff. i guess this can best be described by a crazy roller coaster ride. and i for one am always game for a thrilling ride la kan. u just don't want it to end.

so where are we now?

sexy geek proficiency..
now i must say that i'm really proud of how my techieness has rubbed on to the senorita. okay la i did introduce her to palm, but she had been toying with other geeky attributes long before i came into the picture. she uses a mac - all mac users are geeks ok, and that's not a bad thing. and now she went on and got herself a new linux based motorola smart phone. hehe the one thing i've learnt about the senorita is, once she made her mind about something she really …

black holes and revelations - muse

so i went ahead and bought that new muse album. black hole and revelations. without realising it i've been listening to these guys for a while dah. not the first album tho. i bought origin of symetry back in 2001. i think my sister got the absolution album and now this latest release. can't say i've really listened to showbiz. baah. but jannah sure tau punye.

one thing i like about muse, despite matt bellamy sounding like thom yorke of radiohead, is that unique sound. crazy experimental guitars. instantly recognizable. hehe. well may be confused with radiohead la kan but hey. the two can not be any more different.

the single from the album, supermassive black hole, catchy tune, crazy video. i'm still listening to the album, so review ni kinda premature. but the vibe i got from "plug in baby", "time is running out", "stockholm syndrome", everything is still there. hehe serious best. hehe

black holes and revelations
Take a Bow - 4:35Starlight - …

what a wonderful weekend indeed..

now i realy think that last weekend was a blast. hehe to cap everything off the gunners won their first premiership game, against united nonetheless. hehe last minute winner poached by adebayor. best gile. feeling rather smug today. the senorita has some training in kl, so her usually cute icon won't be flashing up in my google talk. hmm the only downside la kot.

so last friday we went and watch u, me and dupree. another selection by the senorita. so that leaves 7 more movies for her to pick. gara-gara her enduring two horror movies with me the last time. i can live with not picking anymore movies for us to watch since the senorita is getting better with her selection. so back to the movie, my take on it is it explores the boundaries of relationships la. friendship, marriage, the in laws, really knowing who someone is inside and out. its funny in parts and again there's loadsa take home messages that u can get from it. hehe what's with me and all this take home messages. he…

why u don update no mo eh?

the last week ni i've been really busy. hehe. okay aa not an excuse la kan. a lot of things have been happening. work. life. love. its finding the time to write things down yang problem sket. so where do i start eh..

lost love in translation..
so i think my lil sis is having guy problems. she's all the way in tokyo and the bf (or maybe ex??) is somewhere in kl. words were said. feelings were hurt yada yada. i think people can read it for themselves la kan. i felt like commenting and saying some wise words or some shit like that but i remembered something someone said to me before. sometimes we need to allow the ones we love the opportunity to experience making mistakes. we can't protect them all the time. so i guess the only thing that i want her to know is, its okay sis, sometimes shit happens for a reason. be strong and things will definitely get better. what don't kill ya, can only make ya stronger aight.

kenapa marah sangat hamdan..
so my brother saddiq is all into his…

Not another hunt..

Well the flying monkees are at it again. I think this would be the last month of active participation before we break for ramadhan. So for the next 3 weekends, expect us to try our luck at a few meets. Hopefully we can get lucky and actually win something nice eh.

Okay la not like we haven't won yet pun.

Anyways i think this whole hunting business is really picking up pace. I guess the more the merrier la kot. Betul ka spell merrier like that?

He he have a good weekend guys.

the flying monkees official pose

update: dapat nombor 7 outta 32 cars. we all got some money and hampers. hampers were donated to charity..

Audioslave - Revelations

so i was browsing tower records looking for the new muse album. it seems that they ran outta stock for that album. listened to that single yang psychadelic sket with the weird video tu. anyways browse punye browse i found out that audioslave just released a new album. revelations. gi test dengar sat and hehe i loved it.

beli yang original. hehe yeah yeah..

Release Date: 09/05/2006

1. Revelations
2. One And The Same
3. Sound Of A Gun
4. Until We Fall
5. Original Fire
6. Broken City
7. Somedays
8. Shape Of Things To Come
9. Jewel Of The Summertime
10. Wide Awake
11. Nothing Left To Say But Goodbye
12. Moth

having had the last two albums, i kinda like the direction the band is going with the current offering. tom morello and his crazy riffs. chris cornell's trademark vocals. it seems that the marriage between the ex frontman of the now defunct soundgarden and the rage against the machine sans zach de la rocha is really…

aim small miss small..

sometimes in relationships whenever u've gone through a rough patch, ur always eager to get things back to the way they were before the fight. but things are not that easy. a simple sorry, a nice dinner and some flowers don't instantly make everything alright. the damage has been done and only time will really heal the wounds. well time and a lot of hard work and perseverance.

its easy to get complacent and take things for granted. in a way when things starts to mend, u often get lulled into that sense of complacency and u think that everything is okay. u revert to the same patterns and in the end the cycle repeats again. but the next time things go awry, u may not be so lucky.

i guess we should always take it one thing at a time. i mean like me personally, i tend to over-analyse everything and more often than not i get stuck with all my assumptions up my arse. ooh and that hurts like a sonnavabich. don't they teach us not to assume? the whole ass out of u and me thingy? the…

Click me please..

So i drove over to the senorita's saturday night to pick her up for dinner, we were meeting some of her friends at this place kat the curve. On the way we had to pick up en loy (hehe what's with the encik eh) at kelana jaya lrt. The name of the place is Marche (betui ka eja?). Food court mahal. Hehe, okay la tak la mahal sangat. But mahal lagi dari food court biase. As far as places to hang out goes la kan, i think the curve has a really nice ambience to it. Nak chill out boleh. Nak tengok movies pun buleh. Nak makan macam-macam ada. Hehe well i guess itu macam semua shopping complex pun ada. After dinner i guess they all were stumped at what to do. En loy suggested we enjoy the open air music that was going around at the time. Something digi music, starbucks what eva. The night was kinda warm. Seeing that there was a cinema, i decided to check out what was on. The only thing that was worth watching (horror movies was a no-no, i still owe the senorita like 8 movies from the la…

Spirited away..

I can't stop thinking about her. The one constant that's been plaguing this mind o' mine. I wanted to tell her how much i miss her, how much hearing her voice gave me a sense of reassurance that yes the world is still turning. The slightest hint of her scent. Sometimes i can feel her presence like in a waking dream. Half expecting her to gently nudge me awake. And then i'll just realise that i'm all alone. Hmm. Enough of this melodramatic melancholic mumbo jumbo.So ahmad came over last night. I'm happy to see that he's doing pretty well for himself. Career wise, i think he lost some weight also. Hehe ahem single ladies out there watch out eh. Anyways the dude was raving on about how his performance at this librarian convention thingy was well received by the guest. So now he's like can't stop tinkering with his acoustic guitar.So he brought his guitar over and we started jamming along to pearl jam, and other ridiculously high pitch songs. I don'…

Giving something back..

One of the good things that came about the end of my marriage was pretty much the amount of free time that i seem to be having. I soon learn to put it to good use. On one hand i started to join the couple that everyone should have as best friends on their rampaging treasure hunts. And that certainly was a profitable venture. We won ourselves cash, holiday vouchers, stereos, hampers and we get to spend time, good quality time with the friends (and lovers!) that we love.On the other hand, i find myself pretty much involved with a few volunteering exercise on the recommendation of some friends. I always knew that i'm kinda good with kids. I think this appeal was what made my mother insistent on me becoming a pediatrician. Dunno la bout that kan? I mean there's more to becoming a child specialist than just being good with kids right?Anyways, before rumah ilham, the only kind of work that i had dealing with kids was that stint as a tutor for a neighbour's kid. Ooh and there was…