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its a good day to die..

if i were to die today
than i would be satisfied..
coz i've experienced a love so true,
it was nothing that i've ever had..

if i were to die today, then i would be so lucky..

coz to live life without ur love,
to never again feel ur presence,
to never again drown in ur warm embrace,
is to be all dead inside anyways,


ur so passionate.of ur writing flair.ur a good conversationalist.u always have things to say.ur gorgeous.u make me feel real love.u make the effort to understand. let me love u.u gave me a chance.u don't care much of how i look.u never let things get to ur head.ur always in control.u make me wanna be a better person. <- macam as good as it gets punye line aje?? ur so considerate.u never fail to surprise me (or anyone else for that matter)ur so loving.u have a nice... (insert whatever that may apply here..)u have clear goals.u are loyal. u love with all ur heart.u laugh without restraint.ur my sexy geek.u know more about html coding than i do.u make the time to join me in doing things that sometimes i know u don't like. u listen.u look sexy with ur hair long.u can pull off looking good with ur hair short.u always smell nice.u don't look __ (insert number here.)ur one tough cookie.ur someone's idol.u let me hold ur hands.u know how to cheer me up.u can joke about stuf…

Ain't got no reason..

There was this boy i knew back in primary school. I was the new kid having just moved from back of beyond. He was quite a big kid. This was like std 2, and he was kinda big for a eight year old la kan. I think he never really liked me from the start. Call it whatever rivalry la kan. When i introduced myself infront of the class, i told everyone that i was from a big family, 9 siblings. This kid came to me and said that yo i also got 9 brothers and sisters okay. Wasn't that big of a deal la kan, biasak la kids. I learnt when he got married that he was actually and only child.Anyways throughout primary school we ended up sometimes in the same class. I always thought that i never did ever carik pasal with him ever. But we wud have had our run ins. In secondary school we ended up in the same class again. This time round he started to annoy more people not just me. With hindsight i really think that he means well but maybe no one understood or really cared at the time. People had nickn…

tis the season to be jolly..

ok christmas has not come early.. its the start of the epl season.. yeay.. yeaaay.. hehe after suffering fws (footie withdrawal syndrome) with the world cup finishing back in july, its back to business with the epl. first home game for the gunners tonight as we take on aston villa at the majestic emirates stadium. yeay. pre-season has kinda been frustrating with the lack of transfer activity coming in. apart from rosicky which was concluded well in advance, there haven't been any signings.

ashley cole and reyes are still with us despite the publicized 'yo i want to leave arsenal now' bits. dunno if they'll be starting tonights game tho.

i think the premiership is still playing catch up to chelsea. hopefully it won't be the third back to back title la for mourinho's men. come on laa takde orang nak kalah kan diorang ke?? hehe come on man city.. hehe

anyways whilst i'll be watching the footie tonight, my heart and my thoughts are with the senorita and her family…


Having wrote something on the reunion before this and having my ex-schoolmates popping in to check whats going on, it kinda makes little sense for me to write something angau jiwang la kan. Well it is my blog.. screw it ler..When do u really know? Is it that initial instance where the sight of her made ur heart skip? That instance when ur hands touched and u just felt that warmth that would last u a lifetime? The first kiss? The first time u shared a sunset? That time when all the elements seem to conspire to bring u that perfect moment, when time just stood still and all u can see was just her? When do u really know that she's the one? When..There's no hard and fast rule about it. U'll know it when u know it. If i were to pinpoint the exact moment that did it for me.. well lets just say that at that point in time i was exposed to this side of her that she rarely lets others see. I knew it then as strongly as i knew it now. She's the one for me, and i just wish that i …

izinkan saya berbahasa melayu, kerana saya akan nampak bodoh sekiranya saya berbahasa swahili..


A lot has happened since the last entry. Lets see..

We decided to drive to Pengkalan Chepa that Friday. Myself, Reza, Jeri and Pico. The four of us in reza's City. We congregated at my place first. Left after maghrib. The drive was kinda smoothed. Took the Gua Musang route. On the road at the same time as us were anas and safri all the way from johor and mat koi and bang chik from shah alam. We took a break twice, once at genting sempah and another in gua musang. The weather turned foggy for a bit post gua musang. There were cows crossing the road intermittently. Hehe there was this evo which was driving kinda slow. We all thought there must be something fishy going on when i saw the driver was kinda smiling by himself. Hehe tetiba nampak kepala a girl kinda leaning. U draw ur own conclusions la.

We stop for drinks half way to pc from kb. Makan keropok and minum-minum. Ingat nak beli towel kat 7/11 (kes tinggal barang la ni) tapi 7e tak jual towel plak. We arrived in peng…

The weekend of bad movies..

Okay "bad" is too harsh an operative word. Last weekend the senorita had to endure a "horror/scary" movie in the lady in the water. So i've agreed to let her pick the next 5 movies that we'll watch together. The first on this list was the break up. I had high hopes for the movie. Expecting it to be a "bust your gutt" laughing kinda affair. It had its moments la but that's about it la for me. The senorita thought it was okay. Realistic was the word that she used to describe it. Yeah in a way, there were some moments in there that u cud relate too. The whole dish washing bit, the video games. But it kinda fizzles out in the end. After the movie, we went to muz and eju's. Dvd night at the couple's has always been good fun. The second movie for us was final destination 3. I still cudn't believe i managed to persuade the senorita to watch this one. Gory. Terkejut-terkejut movie. I never actually watch the first movie. Saw the second one…

10 tahun..


i still remember the first time we met. u were wearing a black top, pink pants (did i tell you that pink IS my favourite color?). i was mesmerized. long black hair. a warm smile that can melt anyone. yeah. i was glad that i decided to ask u out for drinks that day. it didn't seem weird at the time. two strangers meeting after just that one casual chat on yahoo. well i guess we just have to take a chance.

we talked for hours. now history has taught me that i could easily be attracted to someone whom i can be engaged in conversation for long periods ni. so that was definitely a good start. they say, this characteristic is more important than say pure good looks. looks fade. but an engaging companion will entertain u for a lifetime.

we talked about everything. i always find it easier to open up to a stranger. plus the fact that she reaalyy could carry a conversation. (another point in my 'why i love her' list - she can talk about anything and everything and she's always pa…