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and that was how the weekend went..

it had been a while since i bought any books (gasp shock horror.. he reads??). so last friday after having dinner and whilst waiting for our movie to start, the senorita and i went to kinokuniya. one can just get lost there. i know my mom for one can just come to klcc and just stay in kino. anyways, i'm kinda limited in the genre of books that i often buy. i can't go wrong with stephen king, but his latest book, the cell is still not out on paperback. hehe i realised that i don't read anyone else that much. its a pity la since there's tonnes of good authors with good stories out there.

anyways, browsing thru the isles i was attracted to this one book by dean koontz. velocity. crazy and calculating serial killer, blood, gore, fast paced action. what else do u need for a good read? finished the book in almost one sitting. i think this will be the first of many koontz's book that i'm gonna read. now the senorita has this quirky way of selecting books that she would…

this and that..

okay the senorita has a thing against watching horror movies in the cinema in fact for almost year that we've been going out, not once has she ever agreed to watch a horror movie with me at the cinema. the one time that she agreed pun was when we were watching some korean horror dvd at the couple's place many moons ago. so imagine my surprise when she reluctantly agreed to watch that new m night shyamalan movie, lady in the water. okay la, the movie that she wanted to watch wasn't available. hehe nak gi have dinner dulu la katakan. so the only one showing yg somewhat okay is that movie je la. the reviews are not that good supposedly, but i've learnt not to trust reviews that much la when it comes to movies ni. very subjective.

so kira macam nak appease the senorita i also agreed to eat japanese food la tonight. hehe okay how la this is appeasing to the senorita when as we all know that acat eats almost everything? well there's this open secret la that i don't ea…

macam-macam ada..

so the gunners had their inaugural game at the emirates stadium. a sending off to one of the club's all time favourites, dennis bergkamp, who retires after 11 solid years at arsenal. it was a very interesting match. arsenal b team vs ajax first 11 in the first half and arsenal legends vs ajax legends in the second half. bergkamp was unlucky to score, he had a few chances and the one at the last minute was saved by the opposing keeper. the highlight of the match was the introduction of marco van basten and johan cruyf into ajax's line up. those dutch master just don'e seem to age. hehe. van basten showed that he still got the touch. in any event it was a good day for the gunners. now officially moved in from highbury. the first epl match would be against aston villa. lets hope the stadium can help push arsenal to greater heights.

ooh and it just feels so wonderful to be in love.

it's already the 24th of July. less than 3 weeks till the supposed date for our high school re…

can you see me now..

she watched him pass her by. he looked ragged and unkempt. doubt if he noticed her. well its his loss. she ain't gonna fret about it anyways. even if she was curious to how he'd react if he'd seen her. nope. not bothering her the least bit. she drank her coffee and chatted with her friends. yes. life goes on.

setiap ade kamu

so the last weekend was somewhat of a blast. hehe. the monkees embarked on a treasure hunt ending up in melaka, the summary of which can be read here. melaka as a city itself was quite peculiar. i mean u can see a lot of cars but it felt somewhat dead. it didn't help that, that night the drive to the famous jonker street was kinda blocked because the police diverted traffic because of a fire. it was blazing! i mean i kinda thought that it would have spread further but the efficiency of our firemen must've kept it under control. read in the news paper in the morning that it took the bomba 90 minutes to control the fire. we could still smell it when we drove past on our way back to kl.

so the senorita and i both took leave on monday. it had been a while since we caught a movie together. so we went to gsc ou to watch pirates of the caribbeans 2. dead man's chest. dada lelaki mati? hehe. the movie had its moments. the last movie left me couldn't stop speaking piratey, t…

some updates on the pc trip..

Okay so i'm back from the trip. I guess it was all good. Sorta like a stroll down memory lane. The three of us, myself, mael and rozaimi reached pengkalan chepa around 3 am. We figured we just sleep in the car since it was late anyways. The nice pak guard came knockin and i told him that we were there for that program the councillor had in the morning. The pak guard told us to park the car inside and we could sleep at the musalla. Better than being cramped in the small kelisa. Hehe. So we went in and slept in the surau.

A few hours later, twas time for subuh. Back in the days, it was like compulsory for all the students to berjemaah bersama-sama. But i guess it being a saturday there's only that half a saf for subuh. We continued our sleep for a bit and got ready around 8ish. I called the councillor, cikgu yunus and he said he'll come and fetch us for breakfast.

On the way we made a pit stop at the airport to pick up the rep from nottingham university malaysia campus. we…

road trip

okay so i'm planning to drive up to kota bharu tomorrow. picking a friend up in kuantan before we head to kerteh to pick up another friend on our way to kota bharu. all part of the 'yes dok menggatal nak tolong organize 10 year reunion initiative". the school is having their minggu aktivity and they've slot in a careers talk or something like that some time this saturday. killing two birds with one stone i figured i can go there talk to the teachers and check availability/feasibility of doing our get together at the school. while they are quite receptive to the idea, i think we still need to finalize the little details. well not so little la kan in the sense that number of people who can confirm to come oso needs to be finalized. no point getting all worked up but in the end only 10 people aje yang nak datang. so far misi jejak kasih agak perlahan perkembangannya. masa dah suntuk, hehe for shizzle aje can pull this off eh? hehe see how la.

been a while gak tak balik p…

pour some sugar on me..

ok now whats with this whole sugar shortage eh? my dad went to giant and carrefour they don't have any stocked. this was two days ago. so yesterday i had to buy some down at cold storage in klcc. imagine buying sugar at klcc. is there a world wide shortage of sugar going on? or is it just unscrupulous behaviour by some people wanting to make a profit out of others.

but then again this whole shortage is a good thing also. gives u the opportunity to cut down on ur sugar intake. problem is for those who rely on sugar for a living la. nak meniaga. ak buat aiskrim msia pun pakai gula. kedai makan. mamak. restoran. kena stock up on sugar la kot to avoid disruptions.


i was on my way to work, listening to fly fm. the topic for discussion was should a guy make a move on a girl who's already seeing someone. some background, girl is seeing guy A who is a nice guy. guy B falls for girl. shud B go for girl regardless? callers were mostly in the opinion that all is fair in love an…

so what?

so mawi nak putus tunang? so what? on one hand i'd say its good la he takes the initiative to end everything before it gets worse. well for starters he can marry the girl only to ditch her later. or send an sms on the wedding date cakap tak dapat datang. or pretty much do anything worse that we can imagine la kan. to me its only natural la one would have a change of heart. dulu masa kat kampung the girl sorang aje la yg paling cute ke, sopan santun berbudi bahasa yada yada. bila dah masuk big city, terbukak la mata sket. maybe u feel that there's like better choices out there. better options. heh. fudge it la i mean its their prerogative la. dia maybe dah sangkut kat some hot sexy chick ke. hehe sukati dia la. maybe the ex can consider her self lucky jugak. at least she can see his true colors. cakap semua takde makna. biar la si mawi terjun dengan labu-labunye. can't help but feel a little sorry for the guy jugak. losing his dad and now being scrutinized by his fans and n…