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So i played futsal last wednesday. This after almost a year of no sporting activity apart from winning eleven on the ps2. Still sore. Scored a few goals but the highlight must be when i did a dwight yorke at the world cup. I was more subtle than him la.

Getting a ball kicked at your balls is an experience you wouldn't want anyone to ever go thru.


there and back again..

the past few days was somewhat a mixed bag la for me. i've been mising the senorita a lot while she was away. seeing her picture change every few seconds on the photo panel of my google desktop only helped to make the longing even worse. nasib baik ada kerja. kalau tak, mau la dok angau alone, staring at nothingness waiting for her to come back.

but come back she did. took a cab from klia straight to klcc yesterday. lately the roads have been unusually jammed. the other day on the way to ilham, i was like stuck for hours heading to taman tun. on a tuesday. and it wasn't even raining. maybe there's just too many cars on the road. hehe well watcha gonna do about it.

the senorita was a sight for sore eyes. she wore this nice mng top (which i'm sure there'll be a lot more of these since she did her annual round of mng sales hunting). i couldn't take my eyes of her. geram. we made our way to the car and proceeded to have dinner at this yong tau fu place  in dato ker…

don't let them fall..

now that nederlands are out of the world cup, there's actually nothing to look forward to anymore. well maybe not la kan. there's still that osim ad. hehe. now u guys no what ad i'm talking about right. hehe.


my lrt ride to work was somewhat delayed today. unexplained technical difficulties from damai to wangsa maju was the official excuse given. we had to endure slower trains and longer stops. when i got to klcc, this girl standing next to me gave me this strange woozy look before she promptly fell unconscious. smack dab on the floor. i thought it was like some seizure or something coz she twitched for a bit. i pressed the button to notify the operator. people were jostling to get in and out of the train and before i knew it i found myself out of the train. some passengers managed to lift the girl up and sat her down. i don't really know what happened in the end. was already late for work as it is.

now the decent thing to do …

F in the A..

I bet ya engerland is laughing in their boots.

Yet again personal disputes in the team causes the oranje another shot at the big time. Pity nistelrooij didn't have the opportunity to change the game. Ah well.

4 red, and like a few hundred yellow cards. It was more like watching wrestling. Not much the violence but more of the acting.

F in the A..

No more footie for me then.

the hardest word..

yeah that song is playing inside my head the past few days. that and this one classic scorpion number.

so why is it hard for people to say their sorry? me personally i think people don't say they're sorry because they don't think that they're at fault. or they don't think that they are wrong. or maybe they feel that they can argue/justify their way outta any pickle that they feel yeah so what, why should I say i'm sorry.

sometimes its not that u don't want to say ur sorry, but since u were to busy contemplating whether or not to say it, the other party has premptively appologize first so now, any appology that comes from u may be construed as insincere. so why bother?

most of the time its just pride talking la. ego. u feel that if u appologize then ur agreeing to their point of view and u just can't lose la kan. so u stall. u argue. u try to make them see things ur way. in the end u end up hurting people more than if u have just said ur sorry.

thing is yea…

footie shorts..

i actually missed hollands game again argentina. nasib baik. it was a bore 0-0 draw. that result meant that argentina tops the group and will face mexico while the oranje will face portugal. replay of the match they had in euro 2004. portugal had a good game against mexico. they won 2-1. elsewhere ivory coast won 3-2 against serbia & montenegro and angola drew 1-1 with iran.

i don't think it is healthy if i keep this up.

the one to watch tonight would be the czech republic vs italy. hehe sorry muz but i think this one i'll go for the czechs. hehe. ghana vs usa will also be interesting. the group is wide open and every team can still qualify if the results go their way.

japan v brazil and australia v croatia will be the 3 o'clock matches. i honestly think that i'm not gonna watch these matches la. but then again see la how.

now back to work eh..

footie shorts..

so i stayed up for two consecutive nights partly watching footie and partly thinking about life in general. won't dwell much on that la kot. noticed that the background is orange? hehe hard not to notice la kan. i will sport this color as long as the nederlands are still in the tourney.

so yesterday we had the german/ecuador game which germany won convincingly enough by 3 goals to nil. germany's polish strikeforce of klose and podolski did the business up front and germany's defence was as stingy as ever. the other match in the group saw poland winning 2-1 against costa rica. must be a disappointing world cup for the polish. they were tipped to go thru but i guess luck wasn't on their side.

that result meant that engerland needed to at least draw or win to be top of the group and avoid germany in the second round. their start was marred by owen's injury. he fell awkwardly whilst passing the ball. end of the world cup for him? we'll see how things develop. rooney …

death by solitude..

hehe i sure can come up with dramatic titles eh.

sometimes things happen for various reasons. i know i subscribe to this. well what with the many unexplained events that just decidedly happen in my life la kan. the good thing about shit happening for reasons unknown ni is that ur able to learn a lot and hopefully u won't be treading down that same path again and again and again. now this may seem like a walk in the park, but us humans ni we tend to forget. i mean when every thing seems okay, we're lulled into that sense of complacency, and we immediately fall back into that same old habit. that same old trend.

ah fudge it la. lets talk about something more interesting.

so last saturday the flying monkees and friends entered the football walkahunt organized by the sun. twas a free event where i think nearly 50 teams participated and u guessed it we won. hehe. yes the prizes were okay la but a win is still a win right. plus we were then interviewed by this reporter and we got our 1…

seen in the paper..

the flying monkees strikes again..

more pics here..

empty promises..

as far as being a good boyfriend/husband/lover goes i think my report card must suck big time. nope this ain't no 'wallowing in self pity trip'. based on the facts and figures of the whole thing i guess i've never been good at any of my relationships. yes there are good points. hmm are there? the first time it ended we were just kids and i guess studies took centrestage back then. the second time, it never got going plus she was on another continent. i'm still unclear on why the third one ended but that's probably because of family interventions. the last one was because of another guy.

i'm sure there's a lot that can be learned from past failures. we fail because if we didn't we will never learn. but what can we learn from all this? well to me what i gathered is no matter how hard u try to be perfect u can never be. no matter how much u think u love someone, nothing is for certain. no matter how high u hold someone in regard, they can potentially le…

footie shorts..

so the world cup matches have been so so la so far. there have been some tremendous mathes that showcased skills and dogged fighting spirit. i loved watching the czechs with their attack and the two goals by rosicky. spain was also good in their match agains ukraine. for me the two england matches was a drab affair. sure last night's one had some late drama to it. plus that image of dwight yorke clutching his crotch after that rocket from gerrard. hehe the things u go thru for your country eh.

i'm hoping that the oranje will step up their game in tonight's match against ivory coast. it definitely won't be easy as i believe that the ivorians are more than a match for any side. lets see if robben can continue his form but hopefully he'll be more mindful of his team mates when in attack. hehe kalau org tamak ni kita tak kesah sangat as long as u score eh.

elsewhere, argentina vs serbia & montenegro shud be fun and the morning game, mexico vs angola. heh dunno if i&#…

long overdue..

waah the past few days have been really hectic. where do i start eh..

The Pick Up..

well i was never good at picking up people at the airport. i have a history of always fucking up when it comes to picking people up at the airport. so it was with great trepidation that i offered the senorita that i'll be there to meet her at the airport welcoming her home and what not. the first two games of the world cup started that friday night. i spent the night at muz's coz we wanted to do a world cup kick off thingy at his place what with him having subscribed astro supersports just for the said event. i watched germany played and remembered how the senorita just adores michael ballack. hehe i wanted to stay up for the second game but i was waay to tired. i told myself dude u have to wake up by 6 coz u have to be at the airport by 7.

woke up and it was 6.58. i was fucked.

checked my handphone and i got and sms from the senorita telling me that her flight was delayed and she'd only arriv…


ok so the world cup starts tonight. germany's opener against costa rica. no michael ballack tho. he's out injured. i need to get a pic of him for the blog. the senorita has implicitly demanded that if i were to write any footie related entry, i have to start every entry with a different picture of michael ballack. now if i did have a vast picture collection of the german captain u'd probably ask a few questions la kan. hehe.

and with the world cup being held in europe, the prospect of a many sleepless nights and lesser productivity is bound to occur. but that's just an excuse la kan. at least its better than not being able to watch the games due to it being held during working hours like it was in the last world cup.

incidentally, i'm picking up the senorita at the airport come saturday morning. her immediate reaction to my offer was, buleh bangun ke. hehe now i'll reserve any comments till i've completed the task first. hehe don't wanna be jinxing it la …






                .. right here and now..


now today wud have been a nice day to be born, get married, propose, hehe if ur like into the whole number thing. 666. mark of the beast. hehe they actually remade that omen movie. i actually liked the trilogy. well the fourth movie was a bit outta wack la kan.

what is it with this fascination over numbers? 01.02 03/04/05, 08/08/08 <- guess how many'll get married on this day. its a friday btw. next year wud be 07/07/07 which is a saturday! now that wud be a fun date to get married kan? hehe u think the senorita wud agree or not? still lama lagi plak tu. hmm.. kira kira kira..

some numbers are luckier than others? well i think that's debatable. take 13 for example. 13 is always associated with bad luck. why? entah. friday the 13th. black 13. 13 May. 13th floor. bad luck aje. is it? my brother is born on a friday the 13th. he turned out okay aje. tengah dok study nak jadi doctor lagi kat russia. he'll be coming back for the summer holidays. so sape sape nak pesan mail ord…


okay its not like u'd be seeing he every day of the week pun. but u could if u wanted too la kan. if u ever feel that urge to see her u could always just come to her. yeah. but not when she's 2250 km away. lima kali isi full tank kelisa ko. and thats assuming u can drive a straight line from kl to mumbai kan. hehe. which is ridiculous la.

u know what they say about how absence makes the heart grow fonder? no matter how true that may be, i'll trade absence for good old fashion presence anytime.

i pick door number 2..

is it possible to go through life not having to decide anything, pretty much just following the flow and leave ur life to fate and chance? would u embark on that if it were possible? why?

the thing is, not wanting to decide on anything is already to make a choice.


towering shadows..