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Those who write blog are the saddest and lonliest pple on earth. Not surprise you are one of them!

ah the power of anonymity. how nice it must feel to be able to say what the fuck u wanna say without fear of repercussions. its like screaming "hey u u suck" in a dark theater whilst watching a fake hang tuah dance the jig in the pgl musical.

yes its ur right to express ur views and opinions. last time i check the internet still advocates free speech right. but as most bloggers tend to say, yeah we invite u to share this part of our lives, be it the truth, stretched fact, fiction or pretty much lame ass writing, ur invited to come along for the ride. if whats written bothers u, yes u can hop off the bus and just leave. not once did we ask for ur sympathy (although some may feel that the fact that we bare our souls out implies we're just hungry for attention) and not once did we ask for ur blessing or ur judgement. u keep all of that to urself. we're not interested to know.

no use trying to figure out why people do what they do. kalau dah memang tak puas hati dengan u, …

pause.. rewind.. play..

sometimes u wish that life comes with ur own personal remote so that when u wanna take some time off u can just hit pause. or if u wanna see what the coming attractions are u can just press forward.. fast forward even. but possibly the most useful button of all, wud be the rewind button. imagine being able to go thru life without any fire of making whatever mistakes because if shit happens u can always rewind and clean up ur mess. well technically the mess never happen la kan coz dah rewind.

imagine the many unpleasant incidences which can be avoided. opening a key lower to mr big's to be with you in ur school's talent competition. stop rewind and do it again. and yes those awkward moments of silence where u just don't have a clue to say to the girl sitting across u in that not so crowded lrt. pause, pikir dulu, and play. and those countless times where ur just that 5 minutes late or maybe 10 -15 lates for that important meeting or that important date. yeah life wud be m…

rants r us..

all this talk about malaysians not wanting to come home being unpatriotic and all is just getting a bit old. not wanting to come home is one thing, but citing the reasons why they don't want to come home, poor services, lesser pay, basically grass being greaner on their side kinda thing just bums me out a bit. the way the arguments are stated preety much implies that working in malaysia sucks. heck if sucked that much than there must be something fcuking wrong with the people who are working here then eh? why do we still work in a country where supposedly everything is thaat bad that most overseas graduate just feel like they don't want to come home.

personally i feel that people should be given the right to do what they want to do within reason la kan. for example, if ur bounded by scholarships u have to come back and serve ur term or if u want to breach u have to pay la what ever you owe. if ur not bounded by anything, then fcuk it la sukati aa u tanak balik ke tak. u don'…

world cup is coming..

okay since the world cup is just around the corner. i'm gonna make it a point to cover every match that the nederlands play here in this blog. hehe.. go the oranje. hehe the only time u'd expect to see man u's van nistelrooy featured on this arsena fan's blog la kan.. the netherlands is drawn in group C along with argentina, ivory coast and serbia montenegro. already dubbed the group of death the two that qualifies from this group are the ones to watch for. drogba, messi, hehe heck i can't name one serbian from the team. hehe have to do my homework later. so here's to the world cup and more late nights.. yeay..

pearl jam..

i was introduced to pearl jam by my friend ahmad. i think this was in form 2 or form 3. it was the vs album. ala gambar kambing ke ape kat depan dia. it had all the nice songs, animal, go, 'the longest title in the pearl jam catalog' i love that album! while purist would prefer ten la kan, i always loved vs more. i think i have all of their official release and some of the compilations, ten, vs, vitalogy, no code, yield, binaural and riot act. not to forget live on two legs, the lost dogs rarities and this latest self titled release (courtesy of mys sister jannah la kan). i bought their touring band dvd. which included some snippets of the highlight of my life as a pearl jam fan, watching them live in concert in 2000 at the manchester evening news arena. THEY FUCKING ROCK. sheesh, if there's anything that i would like to relive in the 4 and a half years in the uk dulu, seeing pearl jam live would rank amongst the top ones la.

so the latest album rocks. hehe well its a growe…

ps2 sebagai hantaran..

a friend of mind recounted that her future brother in law, who is a noted gamer got a ps2 as a wedding gift. hantaran la ni. ps2? waaah. ps2? i think this is a baad mistake. being a gamer meself. i actually think u shudn't give, as a wedding gift, a home games console. ps3 ke wii ke xbox 360 ke. nope. why? lets look at the following scenarios:

ur cooking in the kitchen and u want u hubby to help u with something, baang tolong belikan santan kat kedai mamak ni haa. possible answers would be along the lines of kejap eh yaaang sikit lagi ni ha nak kalah kan boss dia ni. final stage dah ni. nak marah tak leh koz ur the one who got them the damn thing nanti dia cakap plak eh kan awak yg bagi saya ps2 ni, hadiah kawin lagi.. hehe possible retaliation wud be hmm malam ni no sex la for u.. might be a bonus for him oso koz he can finish that last level of tomb raider. hehe. ur on the way out to visit some relatives. dah siap nak keluar dah ni. jom la baang cepat sket dah lambat ni. possibl…

bukan persoalan bukan sebab..

ketika itu dirimu hanya mampu mengenangkan apa yang telah terjadi. penyesalan? tentu sekali tidak. kesanggupan mu untuk meneruskan sisa-sisa perhubungan yang telah ditakdirkan untuk gagal itu cukup sekali menyucikan diri mu dari sebarang tanggungjawab. mungkin ketika itu kau dambakan penjelasan. tapi nyata ia tidak akan datang. dan ternyata penjelasan itu tidak kau perlukan. berserah dan terimalah.

ketika ramai yang bersimpati dan ramai juga yang memahami, hanya kau saja yang merasai. seberapa pantas kau berpaling, kesan yang terpahat kan sentiasa mengingatkan kamu tentang perkara itu. tentang apa yang telah, dan apa yang mungkin.

it is somewhat a common knowledge. relationships ain't easy. u have to sacrifice and u have to work hard for it really work. u compromise, find common ground and all that jazz. u do it all because u want to make it work. u lay all ur cards on the table and u do what u have to do, just to make it work. u have to be persistent, persistence and perseveran…


if the flying monkees improved on the sun motorhunt by one placing every year, it would take us another 33 years to get to number one. hehe, yeah right. it was a good outing for the monkees, regular monkee eju opted out from the hunt as she was preparing for her exams. in her place was another occasional monkee, ezanee and with myself, muz and the senorita we made up the whole team. this years participation was around 280 cars. 260 of which was in the open category. there were like 20 or 30 in masters category and a few in the closed category for the sun staff i think.

it was madness i tell ya. hehe. they tried to disperse the crowd a bit by having a leg one that sorta like sent the hunters in many directions. u basically had to go to 4 sponsors outlets and get a stamp and u had a treasure clue to break. but it turned out that it wasn't that tough of a challenge as i think most people completed leg one quite easily. we had to return to the flag off are at the national science cen…

sometimes sudden attack of the rindu angau feeling semacam yg tak bleh di explained..

i get this sometimes. i mean u get all angau and missing that special someone. for no particular reason. i can't pinpoint the trigger. macam pagi ni i was just transfering some pictures from my phone to the pc. i saw this one picture i took of her yesterday, when we were having drinks at this place while waiting to go to this wedding of a close friend of hers. she was just smiling and looking at me. her eyes, that lesung pipit mahal. at that moment, u kinda feel love. i mean, this is what love is all about. all captured in that look. the smile. sincere and without pretense. that somewhat longing look. i said it before and i'm saying it again.. i'm so gone laa..

and nope i'm not posting that picture here. :P

friday doodle..

ah well at least we tried..

poor refereeing cost us the game. it was somewhat of an ominous sign when u see henry talking with the barca players. but the interview he did afterwards semacam shown some glimps that he still cares about the gunners. hmm also ran lagi la this year. they only remember the winners aje la kan. despite bravely trying to protect a one goal lead for how long la kan.

lets try again next year aje laa..

selamat hari guru..

a noble profession. if i didn't get the job i got now, i would have loved to become a teacher. i did a stint as a replacement teacher a while back and i enjoyed it immensely. i guess that's why i still volunteer for all this teaching gig whenever i have the chance. the opportunity to impart knowledge. to shape and mould. if it weren't for them, we wouldn't have gotten where we are now. where ever that is la kan.

"waah cikgu pakai kasut converse aaah"

kids are very impressionable. i mean they look up to us adults u know. they look up to teachers even more. i remembered that one time when i was teaching this standard 5 kids. i was on my summer holiday leave when my mom told me that my old primary school needed a relief teacher. a teacher gave birth and they neeeded someone to fill in for some BM and English lessons. i was more than happy to do it. wasn't doing anything at home. plus i could use some extra income.

the first day, i came in all dressed up, smart …

must.. do.. work. must..

so twas yet another long weekend. the only downside to a long weekend is trying to cope with work the following monday. emphasis on trying. which i'm doing. and failing at miserably. pergh. plus there's no welcome distraction of "talking" to the senorita on google talk. she's on leave la plak today. ah well.

so the long weekend was a blast. what did i do? nothin fancy pun. pretty much doing nothing aje. nak elaborate further pun maleh. suffice to sum it all with the following conclusions..

the secret to a good tasting meal is to add lotsa love. singalongs in the car are always good fun.winning the race is not important, its finishing the lap in an f1 car while maintaining a smug confident look is what really counts.apart from 'naga', there's not a lot of animals that begin with the letter n. and nenek doesn't count okay..
adults are as afraid of static electricity shock as kids are.the only way to have fun in a corny 3d cinema is to really let ur h…

Expecting the unexpected..

Sometimes we just get stonewalled by behaviours and actions of people that we just don't expect. Sort of like actions not reflecting their supposed nature or some shit like that. Been hearing a lot of stories. How a seemingly perfect marriage is somewhat broken a third hand. A family man becoming a "families" man. Real tales of people not content with what they have or wanting more than what they really need. Hah. Who really knows la kan. The downside to all this is pretty much how it reflects on us guys. I mean come on la. Kalau laki yang baik, suami contoh pun buleh gi kawin satu lagi, what la hope on us normal guys ni. If we say that no la we're not gonna be gatal nak kawin lain la, sorang cukup la, its all just talk. U can't really do anything to prove it pun. Just have to hope that they trust u aje la. And u know je la kan the thing with trust ni. Hard to gain, easy to lose. Tah. Don't u just sometimes feel tired of having to prove something that can'…

boring stuff..

the state of affairs of malaysian politics sucks la. well maybe its politics in general kot. it seems that regardless of whatever the motion is u can't be supporting anything that comes from the other party. if party A proposes something then by default party B must oppose it just because they're the opposition. ape ke bodoh tak? i think in principle the fact that this is the case is for one, party A does not want to be seen as following whatever party B suggest because if they follow it people would see that eh if B's suggestion is good do we really need A? vice versa la kan. if the everything the govt do is right? do we really need an opposition?

entah la. i think the people that's deciding the future of this country is somewhat out of focus sket when it comes to concentrating on the issues that really matter. it should not be about who suggested what, it should be about the interest of the people. i'm not that of an expert on this whole politics, whip wtf crap.…

what laa u want..

i was feeling slightly irritated tadi. hehe ingat nak play that unreasonably jealous boyfriend role when i came to learn that some guy is bugging the senorita, calling her at ungodly hours and pretty much pestering her to do something for him. the thing is i nak get all riled up pun tak guna. its not a welcome attention on the senorita's part plus the fella is not eyeing my girl pun. still the fact that the person has no disregard towards others is just pissing me off a bit. mildly pissed aje la. not even worth it to even get pissed beyond that mild scale pun. (acat said as he called off the marauding troupe of assassin ninja monkees) i mean seriously la, i just don't get it.

so what do u do eh when u get like all this unwarranted attention? well having never received nor have i ever given any la kan, i'm definitely not one to talk about this. they say that in some instances u have to be persistent. but persistence can easily cross that line and becomes a pest. a persistent…

Farewell to highbury..

What better way to say goodbye to this legendary ground by trouncing the visiting team 4 - 2. Henry with his last hattrick at highbury (hopefully not his last for the gunners), and with spurs having been struck by a mysterious illness which left their team slightly disadvantaged losing at west ham, the gunners are at least guaranteed the chance to qualify for the champions league. All in all a good day for arsenal. The english premier league season is over but we still have the champions league final to be played come the 17th of may. But before the football widows can breathe a sigh of relief they have the prospect of the world cup to contend to. Now where did all the men go eh?Now i do love football, but given the opportunity to choose between spending some time with the senorita or watch a world cup match, of course la i'd pick the senorita. Hehe ajak senorita sokong nederlands for the world cup. Like that's gonna happen la kan. I bet she'd rather watch paint dry then w…

Midday musings..

1. Reciprocity should not mean to wait until someone does something before responding in kind.2. Looking sexy in a dress is always good enuff reason to wear one.3. Free refills doesn't mean u have to drink till ur bloated.4. Parents are always proud of their children, even achievements such as wanting to run whilst not able to walk properly deserves a special mention when conversing amongst friends.5. When u miss someone don't fret, be grateful u have someone to miss in the first place.6. Writing a blog update is not good enuff excuse to come in late from lunch.


Larut - Dewa 19

mungkin aku pernah juga.. Merasakan cinta..
tapi tak pernah..seindah ini..mungkin aku juga pernah
Merasakan rindu.. Tapi tak pernah… Sedalam ini
Mungkin kamu takkan pernah..percaya..
Bahwa sesungguhnya..aku telah terjatuh….

Aku telah jatuh cinta. kata-kata yang pernah ku ucapkan dahulu, tapi mungkin maknanya tidak ku fahami dengan benar. tidak ku halusi dengan tulus. hanya ucapan penyedap kata. tidak bermakna, sehingga kini.


i'm feeling very reminiscent today. somewhat nostalgic. read the senorita's archives. browsed through the pictures of her that i have. words can't sum up what i'm feeling. seriously. i'm struggling to even explain it. baah. not that i need to explain anything to anyone.

i think this is just me reacting to her absence. senorita withdrawal. well she is like a drug. i mean her whole presence is addictive. her laugh, her smile. the whole works. she goes all out in everything she does. no reservations and no half-hearted du da. i had been seeing her daily the last 4 days. saturday night, i listened to her intently as she recounted her futsal do. we went out with the couple everyone should have as best friends on sunday. and we hung out with her friend come monday. it was very eventful but all i could think about was just how glad i am for being with her.

we do a lot of things because of love. u learn a new language. u play a sport u never played. u learn how to surf. u …