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temubual dengan cinta..

there are so many questions that need to be answered. the fact that lately ur behaviour has been very mysterious and unpredictable. u came at a time where people least expect and when they hope that u stay for a while longer u decide to disappear. u once were the common bond between two people and now with ur disappearance many a relationship have faltered. what have u to say about all this?

well the problem is people fail to realise that i never come uninvited and i never leave if i was still wanted. people seem to forget that i'm not just some fanciful words u say to woo someone, nor am i a sweetener to broker the deal. i am what i am. as hard it is for people to understand me, it would be much easier to accept that i am, period. love is full stop.

that's a bit philosophical don't u think? maybe it would help people to understand u better if there was a clear cut definition of what u are?

well, there's not much you can do about that i suppose. love is totally subject…

apa itu sexy..

a fit mak cik sporting a snug kebaya - SEXY
+ kain batik belah sampai peha - SEXY
+ nampak hairy legs - NOT SEXY
+ not really a mak cik - DOUBLE NOT SEXY

sleaveless top - SEXY

visible bra straps terkeluar ketepi - SLUTTY (hehe)

a smart lady wearing a nice white shirt - SEXY (for me la)

long hair aflowing - SEXY

knee length skirt - SEXY

tight pants - SO SO

vpl - NOT SEXY

non vpl - KINKY

actually sexy is very subjective. a friend once said that a girl in tudung and baju kurung can also be sexy. i say yeah-yeah you perve. but seriously sexiness is not in the dressing or lack of dressing. sexiness is an attitude. how one carries oneself. sexiness is in how u communicate. how u present urself. sexy smile. sexy laugh. sexy this sexy that. u just exudes that appeal no matter what.

sexy in the fashion sense, to me is not about how much u show. its about making the most of the little that u do show. playing peak a boo is way sexier than full on free viewing. coz u can easily cross that line between sexy…

needing you...

at the moment, nope not just now, slightly before that, yes just then. i felt it. that sudden missing feeling. that sudden wanting. wanting to have u near me. wanting to feel u close. wanting to touch ur face, and see into ur eyes. what do i expect to see?

i expect to see me, wanting you to want me to want you,

i expect to see you, seeing me wanting you to want me,

i expect to see love,

i expect to see hope,

i expect to see dreams,

i expect to see us.

Another day at the office..

The technician is having a look at my pc.. again. This time it seems that my operating system is having a conflict withb my spreadsheet application causing it freeze every 3 minutes. Being a certified number cruncher i just can't live without my spreadsheet right. I think the suggested remedy involves a clean reinstallation which might take some time. Hmm nak balik la ini macam.So here i am tucked in some corner with my palm and keyboard (thanks sayang), attempting to write yet another blog entry. The day seems bright enuff, my colleague had to pull down the shade to avoid excessive glaring. So looking forward to the weekend. I know there's a kenduri that i have to go to. That's saturday morning sorted, i'm sure i have to have my fix of the senorita somewhere along the line. See how la.Anyways, i think i've said it before that a relationship is not about playing games. If u like/love someone than u like/love someone la. Ur subsequent actions should reflect ur actua…

jangan jeles..

there are ways to show someone how much u really love them. some shower gifts. some write poetry. some sing with all their might and some just spew 'i love you's'. some declare that their love is the truth and some just say ditto. some will go to the ends of the earth just to be with u where ever u go. some will write long mushy blog entries, some will write coded mumbo jumbo. but all of them know in their hearts that they do love u so.

but what of jealousy? is it just another form of showing love? or is it just that sense of proprietary ownership that we just feel for that person whom we love. she belongs to me. semuanya saya punya. we just can't bear the thought of them being with anyone else. subsequently we feel the need to not share. tamak.

the thing about being jealous is, sometimes it is necessary. shows that u care. hehe, i remembered my ex once said that since i wasn't spending as much time going out with her because of her 'work' requirements, i …


sedang ingin bercinta

Setiap ada kamu.. mengapa jantungku ini
berdetak lebih kencang..seperti genderang mau perang
Setiap ada kamu..mengapa darahku mengalir lebih cepat
Dari ujung kaki ke ujung kepala
Setiap ada kamu..otak ku berpikir
bagaimana caranya untuk berdua bersama kamu

The nonexistent man and the underaged girl..

When  i was walking around giant kelana jaya, i came across this booth where the hasil dalam negeri people were promoting the e-filing system for ur taxes. Intrigued, the senorita and i decided to just register our names. They gave us this slip with an id and pin number and then told us that we can only register after a week, giving them some time to key in our details in the database.

Well a week has passed. I have sinced already submitted my tax returns manually. But i figured why not register my id on the online e-filing system anyways. So i keyed in the necessary details. And pressed enter. It turns out that the id (my IC) doesn't exist and also the tax number also doesn't exist. The senorita also tried to register and she got 'pemegang kad pengenalan baru belum cukup umur 18 tahun' hehe i always thought she looked kinda young for her age :P Well i figured the cause is one of two things la kan. Either we have not been registered into the system, or hehe by some st…

Ni nak tulis laa ni..

Spent the friday nite attempting to play the new tomb raider game. Having never played any of the tomb raider game before i didn't really have any expectations. Ahmad being a tomb raider fan was called in for back up. Hehe we ended up playing until morning. Before anyone asks what the heck am i doing playing video games on a friday nite, the senorita had company futsal and i didn't really felt like joining muz for pool. Once a gamer always a gamer eh.Anyways here's a quick review. I think the game has basically toned down lara croft's trademark assets. Yes. Those gravity defying boobies. >:) well its still there la but toned down sket. As ahmad put it la kan. If u were to spend how many hours playing a video game might as well u have something nice to look at. Graphically the game is superb. Well compared to the other tomb raider games la kan. Gameplay wise, according to ahmad there were some changes. Controls pun ade sikit tukar. The puzzles so far are okay aa,solv…

cepat la weekend..

The day is moving kinda slowly la today. It is a friday and fridays usually move a tad faster than the other days. But today its crawling. Slow sangat nampak gayanye. Yesterday, for the whole day our servers decided it was time to go kaput. Didn't do any work pun. Was hoping that they still haven't fix the problem. Hehe after friday prayers can terus go home la kan. No such luck. Came in and everything was back to normal.

So slow i even decided to have my hair ala nerd just to shake things up a little.

So here i am, attending to a few information requests. Preparing for a major submission sometime next week. Have to start looking at South Korea next. Japan was done. Hopefully it was sufficient for whatever usage they had in mind.

It had been a while since i bought any cds. So yesterday i got myself the new Dewa 19 cd. Republik Cinta. A few friends were saying that the new album was not as good as the previous few outings. To me, it sounded good. I'm hooked on Laskar Cinta…

sama masa sama sama..

So i'm on leave today. A short stop to the office to sort out some stuff. And i went home around lunch time. Had a terrific birthday do. Spent some time with the senorita and then had my usual hanging around time with ahmad at our local mcd. I'm kinda happy to see that ahmad's progressing along well with his current interest. From the things he's been telling me, i have a feeling that this one may not be all that bad la for him. Which is good la kan.

Anyways, i couldn't have guessed what the senorita have gotten me for my birthday. It truly was a pleasant surprise. I'm working on it as we speak. A gift kinda reflects how much the giver thinks about or thinks of the receiver. Yes u can play it by giving something safe, standard give. It doesn't even have to be something pricey or anything like that. No it justhave to be some thing personal that reflects the person receiving it. Something that tells ya hey she did her homework eh. Hehe, well whatever it is, i …

that time of the year..

the senorita has found another way to shut me up. whilst having dinner yesterday, i was trying to enlighten her on the exploits of the Chinese government on how to strike that balance between consumer demand and the ever increasing oil prices. yeah not la that exciting a topic kan. usually when i want to derail her train of thoughts i just interject with a carefully placed 'i love u baby' at the end of her sentence. she has gone one better. i think i'll call her approach as 'the look'. how does it work? well i'd be all excited trying to recount what iread and what not. this is usually noted by a change in intonation, slightly business like no nonsense tone that i reserve for meetings and discussions. the senorita then would turn on 'the look'. totally made me lose my concentration. u have to see la to really appreciate it la kan. i can't even put two sentences together. terus. out. gone. hehe terus tukar topic. camna nak buat.

anyways, the time of …

Happy birthday eju..

okay, the first time i heard eju's name being mention was during the easter 97 holidays. us scottish (yeah rite la perasan orang scots) scholars went down south for the break. i stayed with muz and some other friends in london, portman square ke? sheesh can't even remenber the place. i know it had a lot of mirrors in the living room. hehe. anyways, i seem to remember that the guys were mentioning eju's name a lot la at the time. hehe okay la maybe i'm exagerating kot. eju this eju that. but it seemed at the time that she wasn't around. i think she went back to msia or something.

birthday girl

then i think the following raya. i came down to london again. this time tound we were shacked up at putra hotel. this was the first time i met eju. (la ni la eju) hehe. understood la what the fuss was all about. ;P. that was back in 97. pejam celik pejam celik nak masuk 10 tahun dah kawan.

eju has always been a good friend. well she is one half of the couple that everyone shoul…

deconstructing rindu..

i'm looking at this computer screen. typing. waiting for the google talk tab to blink. waiting for the tab to blink. blink la. blink. hmm tak blink blink jugak. looking down plak at my phone. ring la. ring why dontcha! tapi still it is silent. same goes to my gmail notifier. zilch. nada. zero activity.

i miss u.

why do people, when in the moment of missing someone, always feel that, wouldn' t it be great if the subject of our forlorness would just answer that psychic calling, would sms us, call us, text us, yahoo us, etc? maybe because we just need some justification for our rindu. well if at that moment we're missing that person, and lo and behold they call, it sorta tells us that yep, they're thinking about us too. this rindu is not mine alone.

if everyone needed that for assurance, no one wud be doing the calling.

when u miss someone, go ahead and give them a buzz. u don't have to wait for them to call ya. a simple text, a short message. just to let them know that t…

man to turn bullshit into oil..

i was reading the paper this morning when my friend alerted me to this piece of news. due to the ever increasing amount of refuse generated in selangor, the powers that be are looking into converting all that rubbish into fuel to power vehicles mainly for public transportation. refused derived fuel they say. at the moment applications of rdf's are mainly in the power generation sector, examples given were the success of the rdf complex in semenyih that could produce up to 10 megawatts of power from 100 tonnes of refuse material.

now this is an interesting development. i mean considering the high petrol price, wouldn't it be great to be able to just turn ur rubbish into fuel to power ur car. remember back to the future part 2? when doc brown powered the delorian by just processeing organic du das that he found in the waste bin? yeah. while it is not as farfetched as it may seem, making bold claims in the newspaper about the feasibility of such project is preposterous.

the techno…