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public display of affection..

the whole department was geographically shifted on friday. came in to the office this morning slightly disoriented because of the new place. office real estate is getting more expensive. our cubicle has been decimated in size and everything is pretty much cramped in. no use complaining pun. at least i got a place to go to work everyday.

life's been great la lately. i'm quite impressed with the senorita la. i mean she's fast fulfilling this role that i imagined her to be. my sexy geek. i got her this pda the other day. twas kinda like a belated valentines gift cum advance birthday cum whatever la i wanna name it present for her. i always believe that gifts should reflect the one giving the gift. was contemplating getting her a pen and write something corny on the card like 'so that we will always have words'. bagi lingerie ke and say 'as much as i'd love seeing u put this on, i'd rather see u take them off'. or even get her this cutesy monkey doll, we…

A tiger by any other means still is..

I wanted to write another title. Something longer but nonetheless still as cryptic. But the email program on my phone can only accept a limited amount of words. The considerate tiger and the spoiled rotten man. What the heck does that mean eh?

Well lets just say that the spoiled rotten man is yours truly. Yep. I'm spoiled rotten. Never before in my life, have i ever felt so spoiled. I'm spoiled with love. Yep that's right. I'm so spoiled its not even funny. Or maybe this is what being in love is all about eh. Spoiling your lover with love. Making them feel so special, and pretty much loving without any reservations, giving yourself freely and totally. A man can only be so lucky.

The Senorita had this course she was attending last monday. Somewhere close by. Said i was more than welcome to come and meet her for lunch. I don't need no second invitation. Made my way to sg wang, and there she was. She saw me first. And from the moment i saw her i just felt all, for lack…

bestnye bercinta..

the weekend came and went. spent saturday night having dinner with the senorita's friends at their home in setiawangsa. very near my place. played the anak dara and waited to be picked up by the senorita. waah that's the life eh. hehe tunggu aje kena jemput ;p. we were greeted by the whole family. the fa cup match between liverpool and man u was on the telly and the whole house apparently supported liverpool. suka la diorang. :) dinner was good (rubs stomach and say GOOD) hehe. mee sup ala shirin. kudos to the chef for the brave effort.

the senorita was having her ibook serviced by the resident mac expert. at the same time someone popped the 'baik punya cilok' vcd. that movie is funny dude. stylish. rasa macam tengok citer guy ritchie. lock stock. snatch. kelakar bangat at times but not la bodoh punye lawak. aku gelak tak ingat. hehe the senorita fell asleep next to me. was way too tired i guess. she woke up to some coffee + nutella. best giler. we hang out for a bit.…

not the be all and end all..

the traffic today sucks. in fact the past few days traffic has sucked big time. i'm seriously contemplating just taking the lrt to work. yep. i'm gonna do that la. just drive only if i have anywhere to be after work. that's pretty much just Tuesdays and Fridays  i guess. can also save on gas and parking. the usual parking place has gone up by RM 1 since the start of February. rough estimates would suggest that taking the lrt is much more economical. have to think economics now. don't wanna incur unnecessary expenditure.

valentine's day came and went. we didn't actually planned for any celebration whatsoever. having came back from the treasure hunt and what not, plus the fact that i have that stint with the kids of ilham that night. but we did manage to meet up for a bit afterwards. i was hungry. she was quiet. at first i thought she could be wondering why la on valentine's day her boyfriend is bringing her to this mamak place to eat. turns out she was just…

flying monkees strikes again..

the flying monkees notch another hunt victory under their belts. this time for the misc hunt. the second placed team apparently was also very good. they just missed 2 questions as compared to our one. it shud also be noted that this is the second time the monkees have won it with the senorita as the fourth monkee. good luck charm la ni. hehe. damai laut was breathtaking. the scenery was nice, the environment was peaceful. pity the service was not up to mark. improve sket on the interaction with the customers is all i have to say.

so don't wanna be working after that holiday. but alas u just have to i guess. the good thing is my nephews are in town. their dad is off away in johor for like a week. this morning when i was about to leave for work, aidil was hugging my leg wanting to come along for the ride. tekan aje itu remote dia sudah bising nak ikut. so cute la that boy.

nak ikut buleh?

anyways, its valentine's day today. i personally feel that you don't need a special day to…

Somewhere only we know..

Sometimes all you really need is some time. Time with the one you love. Time to finish all the pending work in your in tray. Time to catch your breath. Time to hug your mom before leaving off to god knows where. Time to enjoy that song that you finally found. Time to just let everything sink in. Time to tell her that you love her for everything that she is. Time to feel alive. Time to be grateful. Time to just .. well you catch my drift.

The thing is, even if we were to have all the time in the world, it would never be enough to do every little thing that we want. So you're pretty much left to just treasure the moments that has been presented to you.
Entah ler..

Menanti sebuah jawaban..

I've been looking for this padi song for ages. Even downloaded it from the sony playnow postal only to find out it wasn't the full song. I just can't get the tune out of my head since the first time i heard it in that indon movie.

Anyways, i use to find myself constantly waiting. Waiting for the right time. Waiting for the right person. Waiting for something to come along. Not to say that i don't take any initiative or not proactive. Sometimes there's a comfort in waiting. I'd rather wait until i'm really ready before i do something. Why? I dunno.

But sometimes you may think that you're ready. Dead sure even but in truth you're just fooling yourself.

I believe we will never know if we're ready or not until we take that leap. Surely its a double edged sword kinda thing? I mean you won't do anything unless you're ready but you won't know if you're ready unless you do it. Chicken and egg is more like it i guess.

What's the poin…

better to have loved and lost (or i should be so lucky..)

i am one lucky guy. why? because i am in love. i'm lovin the whole 'i'm in love' bit so much that u'd wonder how much i've changed since the whole divorce episode. it was as if the whole thing never happened. well it did happen. and seeing how things have worked out, it was probably the best thing that could have happened to me. to think that out there, people are still looking, still searching, still wondering whether or not there's anyone for them, pining over lost love, the what ifs, whats not and what could have beens. and here i am, enjoying every minute of this. of being in love. of having that someone say 'i love u'. seeing her just takes my breath away.

hi :)

i'm not trying to rub it in. no. far from it. if anything this experience have thought me that we should never close the door on love. to never lose hope. to always remember that things do happen for a reason. maybe the news that ur ex is getting married is just the thing u need t…

long overdue..

the thing about long holidays for me is after a while, u just run out of things to do. because of the way the dates were aligned, taking one day off meant that i could enjoy 9 uninterrupted days of no working. how many movies can u go on watching, how many game of scrabble can u stomach before going bonkers with the realization that the tiles just aren't going ur way. how many bottles of coke can u consume just because it seemed like just the leisurely thing to have. and how long can u put off writing something just because ur not used to not staring at a monitor to be able to come up with anything resembling a half decent entry?

entah ler.

anyways, sitting here now, 4.35 am on a thursday trying to think about the things that u did the last few days is not really healthy. can't remember much, except for the fact that i spent a lot of time with the senorita. we caught a movie, hang around fiddling with blog templates, sat around doing everything and nothing at the same time, enjo…