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trust as a matter of fact..

now why would i wanna write about this oh so very subjective topic? well its almost inevitable, the question of trust has been plaguing the news, interspersed with fake billionaires, hanky-panky in the corporate world, artiste turn gang leader for some organized car theft gang, moral policing snoop squads and a host of other related stories.

trust is something that u need to earn. to have this integrity of someone that can be trusted. a guy that most parents wouldn't mind going out with their daughters. a homeless person who returns a wallet filled with cash to the authorities and doesn't expect any reward. the circumstances on which trust is conferred is somewhat subjective. some are less obvious than others.

when someone pledges an amount of money for charity. we would just trust that they would be good to their word and pretty much not question their motives. people give donation for various reasons, some out of the kindness of their hearts and others perhaps for the commercial benefits of tax deductions. when do u start question people's motives with regards to this? when ur some obscure billionaire (supposedly) with dodgy connections la i guess. why do some people do that eh? draw unnecessary attention to themselves. making bold claims that could easily be verified and rebutted. now the matter is under police investigation. more claims have surfaced on how ur not who u say u are. false this false that. i pity the people who have fallen victim to these conmen. u would think that in this day and age of free flow of information one would be more mindful of all this cons floating about. do our homework check or what not. hehe how many more african despots who have died without any heirs or some third world leader who's been assasinated after syphoning money from the nation coffers kinda thing. tah la.

there's also this issue of lack of trust in people. the whole someone is innocent until proven guilty kinda thing. when speculation become more than that. just because ur questioned by the police immediately people assume that u've done something wrong. i know that in malaysia, when the police 'tahan untuk membantu siasatan' that's like a euphemism for 'yes we've got our suspects already'. but we should exercise some judgement on our own behalf la before we condemn people as being guilty. have to be more responsible la. just because nak sell a few newspapers along the way. tah la.

i thought i didn't want to go to putrajaya anymore. just don't want unnecessary confrontation with the snoop squad la kan. ya laa since i for sure memang blantantly show 'pda'. french kissing dalam shopping complex, make out dekat kfc, and stuff like that. yeah right. but the thing with things which is forbidden ni the more u larang the more u wanna do. i remembered somebody told me that when they were abroad fasting always come easy because no one would care if u didn't fast. tak kena tangkap naik black maria like in malaysia. so puasa aje la. same goes to the whole snoop squad thing. one would understand the public outcry over the thing. jalan pegang tangan kena tunjuk surat nikah. i understand the need for us to exercise some restraints la. the thing that we see is only the tip of the iceberg aje. problem with us ni, we pretty much don't like other's to meddle in our own personal life. sukati aku la aku nak buat maksiat ke ape ka, aku gak yang kena jawab. but it doesn't work like that. so instead of having uniform clad skodeng squads, why don't we start with self policing. hehe cam real only eh. nak tegur orang kena tengok diri sendiri la. tau takpe eh. but i'm sure we can go by 'if its wrong, than it would be okay to say something about it'.

hehe banyak songeh aa acat ni..


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