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the this and that of bad investment..

u guys listen to hitz fm morning crew right? i think they've been at it for almost a year plus now but why do they still call themselves the 'all new morning crew' eh?? come on la seriously? or is there a joke somewhere that i just could not get?

anyways, i wanna talk about bad investments. the rules in dealing with bad investments are pretty much the same in both the corporate world and also in ur own personal life. its all a matter of judgement call. whether to stick with it and see it out through till the end or cut ur losses and dispose/give up. reading the newspaper today, there were some calls for proton to explain their decision on disposing their stake in mv augusta for one euro. the concerns raised were that having invested 70 million euros to buy the company, why suddenly sell it off for chump change? proton may see this as writing off a debt of 230 million euros, which begs the question if they knew the company was in serious debt, why make the purchase in the first place? was there a grand pland to expand proton activities into motorcycles or is it just one of those impulse buying thingy. just buying for the sake of having an international brand under our own proton. in the case of lotus, u might argue that it was a sound decision as proton had been capitalising on lotus' experties in improving certain aspects of their own production. plus having the lotus badge sorta brings an air of quality and what not.

but a motorcycle company? having not own any shares in proton, nor have i any interest in the company, one would probably right in saying what should i care la kan what happens to proton. as far as i'm concern, because of proton, prices of cars have been kept artificially high, relatively for the past 10-15 years. cue arguments of protection for sunrise industries and what not. but as any malaysian would attest to, there is a sense of pride in having a national brand amongst the many international players vying for the piece of the market. made in malaysia as they say. seeing a proton drive by in the uk back then always made me feel semacam. proud ade. bengang sket pun ade coz of the quality of exported protons is far superior than the local ones. the question next would be, how long do we have to defend the this national pride argument. even if the economics suggest otherwise?

bad investments as it goes are applenty. but none would be more sourly noticed when it comes to the government linked companies. ya la. there's public interest coz more often than not bad investments in this sector may well be covered by handouts and bailouts disguised as low interest loans. what am i doing talking about this hmm.

rules of bad investments can also be applied in relationships. some people go all out in the courting process buying gifts, presents and jewellery in the hopes of making an impression and clinching the deal as they say. at the first signs of trouble, some would buy more gifts, more presents because they believe that they could buy their way out. what people fail to realise is sometimes no amount of money can fix stuff. well unless la benda yang rosak betul hantar pomen ke buleh la money can fix kot. i'm digressing.

at some point kena accept la. burn la investment. hehe. burn laa. kalau jenis belanja hangus yang one off tu takpe la jugak kan halalaa. kalau jenis yang comes back at you every month tu. hehe. sabor je laa.

agak pointless la entry ni. macam tak menjawab langsung title.


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