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there's always a lesson to be learned..

the monkees attempted, and would have probably done much better than the 14th out of 54th if not for some careless mistakes and just takde luck. well not la takde luck sangat la kan. muz menang lucky draw kasut. hehe i got myself a micro hi-fi system. but we were still a bit sore la with losing not winning. but fun was a lot to be had. another sore point was a rival company won first place. hmm but then again they had 2 masters in that team. ah well. tak pe takpe. next year cuba lagi..

apart from that, we all had a very good weekend. some much better than others. came home on sunday and the family planned to have a bbq. sempena man utd vs liverpool kinda thing. been a while since we did a bbq. the senorita dropped by after we had lunch. hehe showed her some picture from the not so 'sehat' days. she must wonder where the guy in them pictures have gone. hehe gues she's stuck with this hombre aje laa.

the senorita couldn't stay for the bbq. nabil and aidil came soon after along with my sister and brother in law. had loadsa fun la with the two rugrats. macam-macam aksi diorang berdua tu. at one point my brother had to literally pry them apart coz nabil didn't want to give his brother aidil this toy. aidil, more and more the biter that he is, almost got a bit of nabil. nasib baik tak kena.

with the bbq well on its way, we entertained my sister ana's friend. and later that night ahmad came after a full day of work. caught up with his recent developments. hehe i realized that my sister and my mom knew more recent stories about him than i did. hehe ah well kira dah part of the family la kata kan.

overall it was a very full weekend.

p/s man u 1 liverpool 0 if anyone's interested.


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