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wanna know something freaky? when someone asks la kan the obvious answer would have to be yes la kan. who wouldn't want to know something freaky. freaky scary? freaky weird? juicy gossips? coincidental du das? well it turns out that the freaky bit was a little tale of human triumph over temptation. this friend of mine was saying that there's this guy that she fancies la, good looking and all but supposedly a bit of a player la kan. the guy has been trying to get her to go away on a trip kinda thing. from what she told me i thought the guy was just trying to get lucky. said to the girl don't la make it easy for the guy. let him work hard la for it. so she rejected his advances (invited her to spend the night in genting - how 'yes i wanna score' is that eh??) and has attributed her strong resolve and determination not to capitulate to what i have just said.

she feels good. yeah having dated a string of losers she doesn't need to subject herself to another one right. yes ur good looking, yes u have a big schwang so what? it doesn't mean that anyone would just gladly bend over for u. hehe. somewhere out there there's a pissed off guy ruing his missed chance of getting laid all because somebody decided to listen to acat for once. hehe.

maybe i should start like an agony aunt column and charge people for giving advice. yeah right. that ain't happening la anytime soon. advice is always free. because its just an opinion, ur entitled to follow or ignore at ur own peril. u should take in people's advice, weigh everything in before decide what's the best course of action for u.

for example a colleague of mine was surprised a bit when i told her that i was younger than the senorita. she opined i need someone that is much younger seeing that she feels that i don't have that dominant personality to kinda 'control' an older woman. ya la since the x was also older slightly, but in my defence we all know that one ended not because of the age difference la kan.

the thing is i disagree la with her opinion. to me every relationship has an equal opportunity of success or failure regardless of there being age differences, or any other for that matter. there are past lessons to be learned but we should treat each relationship individually and not generalize indiscriminately.

i have no problems with age. its not a preference of mine for the one i'm with to be older or whatever. its how i feel when i'm with her. people go on all their lives without ever getting the opportunity to find someone that 'fits' the bill. and now that u have found that someone, u wanna be rejecting the whole thing just because they're older/younger? i don't think so.

so i guess some advices u can take, some u just have to be courteous enuff to just listen to. in the end its ur call no matter what.

entah ler..


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